My Daughter has the bladder of a Camel

Potty training stinks! And my daughter seriously has the bladder of a camel! Here’s my real life unedited opinion on potty training!

I promised I would give you life UnEdited each week, I am beginning to wonder if that was a really good idea because it is making me get really real with you with my adventures of Parenting and Marriage! If you are just joining us, click here to find out just why we are giving you Life UnEdited!

My Daughter has the bladder of a Camel
Real Adventures in Potty Training


My husband decided it would be a great idea if we potty trained our 2 ½ year old before our upcoming family vacation, AKA Michele Potty train Talie while I am at work! He claims it will be easier while we are on vacation. As if I don’t have enough to do in a day I have now added potty training to the list to the MOST STUBBORN two and a half year old I know.

I have read the books guaranteeing success in just three days, but I am here to tell you they LIE! I mean seriously what child really potty trains in 3 days with these 5 Awesome Tips!

Talie and I started off the day talking about how big she was and how in order to go to school she needs to use the potty, so of course, she was excited and she was MORE EXCITED when she got to wear big girl underwear!


That’s when the training began… Dragging her to the potty every 15 minutes for her to tell me she was all done. ALL MORNING LONG! Never once did she actually use the bathroom or have an accident. Naptime was upon us and she still had not gone to the bathroom, even after 12 ounces of apple juice! I begged, I pleaded, I bribed, but to no avail, she wouldn’t go….

I knew at that moment I would be doing laundry after her nap (because I have heard not to confuse kids by putting a diaper back on them after going to underwear). She fell right asleep and after her nap, she came into my room with a sad face saying, “I wet…” Yep! Potty training was going awesome and now I have even more laundry!

We went into her room took the sheets off the bed to get them washed by bedtime got some new clothes on and began sitting on the toilet every 15 minutes…Yep! You guessed it at 4:45 she still had not used the bathroom or had an accident since naptime! I mean seriously where is she keeping all this juice? The older kids wanted to go outside so off we went!

Yes, you probably guessed it as soon as we were outside for 30 seconds I had more laundry to do! Crying inside I took her inside changed her clothes and sent her back outside to play!

After many more attempts to try to get her to go to the bathroom she still hadn’t gone. We were sitting watching the Olympics and she was bouncing around the room and all of a sudden she ran to her toilet sat down quickly went number 2 and then began dancing around the room again! SHE DID IT! WE DANCED! CHEERED LOUDLY! ATE CANDY! WE DID IT ALL to make her feel so good about what she did! It was a victory that perhaps she understood where to use the bathroom!

At bedtime, we tucked her in and kissed her goodnight… Soon after she came to our room saying her room was “scary” which really means I want to sleep in your bed she climbed up snuggled in and peed…. Thanks, Talie! I wanted to do more laundry at 10:00 at night! Let’s hope tomorrow doesn’t result in two peed beds, one being mine!

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