Remembering Those Who Have Gone Before Us

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I love to think of our ancestors! Those who have gone before us. These people are heroes to us! Remembering where we came from is so important!

Remembering Those Who Have Come Before Us

Life UnEdited #14

Remembering Those Who Have Gone Before Us

This time of year always makes me reflect on those who have come before me. I remember as a kid dreading listening to “another story” Grandpa would tell us about being in the Navy. One year we even got his life on CD! That was probably the joke of Christmas.


Looking back now, I find it to be a huge blessing that he loved us so much to want to share these life-changing stories with us. The story when Grandma and he met. Or the story where he burnt his feet in the boiler room on the ship. My Grandpa is a hero. He served his country loyally!


We talk about how important it is to write our history down. But, do we ever do this? I know I don’t! The thing that holds me back is the thought that my life is boring! No one will ever want to read about it! But guess what I am discovering? I am discovering no matter how boring you think your life is, your family won’t think so once you are gone!



I can still hear my Grandpa telling me the stories he once did in my head. The sound of his voice brings me comfort. In the final year or so of his life, he was in the hospital for a while and I got the pleasure of spending some time with him.

He could no longer remember his stories, but I got to help him tell them.



We should never discredit our lives or us and think, “No one will want to hear these.” Because I promise you there will be a time when they do. If you don’t currently write down your stories start because in future generations they will be looking back thinking of you like we think of them.

Every day I miss my Grandpa! But I am grateful for the stories he told!


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