How To Save Money on School Lunches

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School season is here which means it is time to pack brown paper lunches! We have 10 great ways to save money on school lunches to help you save!

10 Easy Ways to Save Money on School Lunches

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Back to School season is here. You may have noticed how the costs of new clothes and school supplies quickly add up.


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And now you need to pack lunches five days a week, maybe even for multiple children. You want to send your child to lunch with a healthy lunch, but you do not want to spend a ton of money. What if I told you that there was a way to do both, pack a healthy lunch, but also save money on School Lunches!


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Here are 10 Easy Ways to Pack Healthy Food AND Save Money on School Lunches


10 Easy Ways to Pack Healthy Food AND Save Money on School Lunches


1. Divide Food Into Single Servings Yourself

Having chips, crackers, fruits, or veggies already prepared in single-serving packages is extremely convenient. If you’re looking to save time? Yup, toss those in the lunch bags. But you’re going to pay a pretty penny–even double–for that convenience.

So if you’re instead looking to lower your grocery bill and save money on school lunches, then skip the individually packaged items and buy a large quantity instead.

This includes things like:One way to save money on school lunches is to buy in bulk and then separate them out at home.

fruit cups
slices of cheese and meat
veggies and hummus
trail mix

It takes a little extra time, but if you’re willing to create single servings in individual baggies and do some slicing and dicing yourself, you can save your family a lot of money over the school year.


2. Have Your Child Help Pack School Lunches

Looking for someone to help you with the above process?

imageHave your child help you divide yogurt and applesauce into smaller containers, put crackers in individual baggies, and sort out the chopped fruits and veggies for the week.

Your child helping to pack his lunches teaches responsibility, and it’ll be some extra bonding time for the two of you, in addition to saving money and packing healthier lunches. Talk about a win-win-win-win!


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3. Invest in Reusable Containers for Lunch

Reusable containers for lunch are a great way to save money and are also better for the planet. Instead of buying box after box of Ziploc sandwich bags, you can invest in a few reusable snack bags at the beginning of the year. You can use these few bags throughout the entire year. Not only is this better for the planet, but it’s also better for your wallet too.

Likewise, reusable lunch bags or reusable containers like Bento boxes can save you money on school lunches in the long run. Be creative in your search for reusable containers for lunch. No need to buy a $25 lunch bag either. Branded lunch bags are given away free at some events or sold super cheap at rummage sales or secondhand shops. Investing in reusable containers for lunch is much less expensive than buying bags that just get thrown in the trash every day.


4. Buy Meat in Bulk

Meat is usually the most costly part of a meal. So I’ve discovered ways to buy meat in bulk to save lots of money.  One way to do this is to buy a large or family pack of meat at the store.  When you get home divide the package into smaller packages, and put in the freezer.  It takes a bit more time at home, but it saves money in the long run.

You will usually save money per pound when buying meat in bulk or in larger packages. If you divide your meat into meal size portions you are not only saving money when you make your purchase, but you also won’t waste large portions that you forget about in the freezer.  Another great hint is to create an inventory of what you have in the freezer.

If your child loves ham sandwiches, buying ham in bulk and slicing your own meat for sandwiches will be much cheaper than purchasing deli ham.


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5. Let Your Child Pick

The biggest waste of money is to buy healthy foods for your child’s school lunch only to have them throw it away at school. As someone who worked in a school for five years, it made me cringe to see all the food kids threw in the trash can without a second thought.

The best way to get your child to eat the food you pack is to offer a few healthy options, then let your child decide which one she wants.

You can give choices like:

banana or pear
carrots or peppers
ants on a log or trail mix
applesauce or yogurt
chicken or turkey

When given some say in the decision, your child is more likely to eat the food that’s packed and less likely to throw it away.


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6. Meal Prep on Sundays

The most common reason for blowing our monthly grocery budget is not being prepared. We need something to feed our hangry framily like 20 minutes ago, so we grab something convenient–and pricey.

The solution? Meal planning.


10 Easy Ways to Pack Healthy Food AND Save Money on School Lunches-2For my family, part of our routine is to meal prep on Sundays. Meal planning is one of my many tried-and-true frugal living tips. It saves us a ton of money on groceries and stress throughout the week because we always know the answer to “What to eat?”

Not sure how to get started? Check this out for a beginner’s guide on how to start meal planning (free meal planning printable included!).

We also send out weekly emails with a menu planned for you. Yep…you read that right! Save yourself some time and money and take the stress out of trying to figure out what to make your family for dinner every night.

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7. Pack a Reusable Water Bottle

Skipping the bottled drinks and juice boxes is an easy way to pack a healthier lunch and save money on school lunches.

Instead, pack a reusable water bottle filled with fresh, filtered water.

Using a reusable water bottle, will help your child be more hydrated, consume less sugar, and you’ll save money too.  Let your child pick out their reusable water bottle, it may help with the transition away from sugary drinks.  A cute reusable water bottle might want them to drink more water!


8. Model Healthy Eating

We as parents are our children’s biggest influence. They absorb everything we do and say–including how we feel about our bodies and our healthy eating habits or our not so healthy eating habits.

It didn’t take long for my toddler to pick up on the differences between my meals and hers. I quickly learned if I wanted her to eat cucumbers for snacks, I had to eat cucumbers for a snack too (or face a battle). And if I didn’t want her to eat chocolate…I had to eat it after she went to bed.  I needed to model healthy eating habits, by healthy eating.  

So while you’re eating meals together and even packing your lunches together, model healthy eating.  You’ll be in for an uphill battle if you pack your child’s lunch full of broccoli and hummus, but yours has cookies and chips.


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9. Go Meatless

Dedicating 1-2 days per week as meatless is another way to save money on lunches.  Try Meatless Monday!  Each Monday you try a meatless meal.  You could even try Meatless Monday for dinner!

Here are a few Meatless Monday ideas for you (or your child) to choose from:

Meatless Monday Ideas


tomato soup
veggie sandwich or lettuce wrap
meatless spaghetti
lentil soup
baked potato with toppings
tomato, hummus, and avocado toast
salad with greens and veggies
black bean quesadilla
stuffed sweet potatoes

Basically, include things with veggies, lentils, beans, and grains to replace a meat meal. Of course, if these are better served warm, using an insulated container will do the trick.


10. Send Leftovers in a Thermos

A great reusable container and insulated container to use is a Thermos. Send Leftovers in a thermosThings like lasagna, chicken noodle soup, spaghetti, or veggie mac-n-cheese can be prepared on Sunday or double a recipe you cook for dinner during the week, and are great to store in a reusable and insulated container.  Using a reusable and insulated container that keeps leftovers warm, might also help your kids look forward to eating school lunches!

Here is a guide for using insulated containers and awesome hot school lunch ideas. Or try this list of easy meals that can make lunch packing easier for you.


You see, packing healthy school lunches doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. Try these ten tips for packing healthy yet cheap school lunches instead.



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School season is here which means it is time to pack brown paper lunches! We have 10 great ways to save money on school lunches to help you save!

School season is here which means it is time to pack brown paper lunches! We have 10 great ways to save money on school lunches to help you save!,/div>

School season is here which means it is time to pack brown paper lunches! We have 10 great ways to save money on school lunches to help you save!
School season is here which means it is time to pack brown paper lunches! We have 10 great ways to save money on school lunches to help you save!

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