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I Screw Up as a Mom!

Life UnEdited #8

The other day I was driving in the car just thinking. I was thinking about all the times I had screwed up that day. That morning I accidentally overslept and Chase woke me up, telling me it was time to get up so that he could get on the bus on time. Then there was when I forgot to put the laundry soap in the washing machine. This leads me to have to do ANOTHER load of laundry. The best was when I THOUGHT I could leave TJ in the living room for 5 seconds… Boy was I wrong! I found him chewing on Talie’s training potty (BLAH!)

I screw up EVERY SINGLE DAY, A LOT! Do you?

I have always felt guilty for all these screw ups, I think it is only normal, but as I drove something happened. I actually started to be THANKFUL for every time I had screwed up.

I am thankful Chase was responsible and got out of bed and loved me enough to come check on me. I am thankful I have a washing machine to help me do the endless amounts of laundry. I am thankful that I have fewer diapers to change and my living room is the “pee station” for Talie.

It is so easy for us to always feel guilty for all the things we don’t get right, but why do we do this? Why do we make ourselves feel so guilty for the mistakes we make? EVERYBODY screws up, and we forgive EVERYBODY else, but yet we have such a hard time forgiving ourselves!

Let’s make it a goal this week to forgive ourselves for our screwups and be thankful for the life lessons we learn from our mistakes!




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