5 Ways to Shop Smart with Your Online Cart this Holiday Season

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Holiday shopping can get a little crazy! Shop Smart with Your Online Cart this year to save money, time, and your sanity!

5 Ways to Shop Smart with Your Online Cart this Holiday Season

5 Ways to Shop Smart with Your Online Cart this Holiday Season

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While my two children are making their list and checking them twice, I am also preparing for the holidays with some list checking of my own.


The season of giving is much more enjoyable without the impending doom of opening your credit card statements in January. Finding creative ways to save money on gifts is one way I make the holiday season less stressful.


I have peace of mind knowing while the children are enjoying their new toys or video games, and the extended family heads back home with their gifts in tow, I am not bringing in the New Year with icky of financial stress.


So in the spirit of giving, this holiday season my gift to you is this list of 5 ways to save money by shopping online from the comforts of your home! You will most certainly want to check this list twice.



1. Cash-Back Programs


Did you know that you can make a percentage of your money back when making purchases online? It’s true!


Many websites and programs offer this glorious option so that you can actually make money while spending it. It’s a win-win, right? The answer is always yes when you consider the alternative of just spending the money and getting nothing back.


For the best cash back programs, check out Ebates and Mr. Rebates to take advantage of these super easy money-saving opportunities.



2. Coupons for Freebies


As a mom, I can admit that I will click on just about anything with “freebie” in the title. Who said the gift of giving had to be expensive?


Don’t forget to give yourself a gift by making sure you utilize all the savings, money-makers, and freebies available to you this holiday season. A few of my favorites are:



3. Money Saving Apps


These days you can shop online from just about anywhere! For moms who are shopping online via phone this holiday season, saving money is definitely on the never-ending list of things they’ve created an app for.


My collection of money saving apps includes Ibotta, Target Cartwheel, and Walmart Savings Catcher. Curious about my other favs? Check out 10 more of my favorite apps that give you free money through rewards, coupons, promo codes, and gift cards. Your apple wallet will thank you later.



4. Buy “Secondhand”


Just because a gift has been taken off one shelf and placed on a second, does not diminish the quality of the gift. This can be a goldmine because you can get gifts that are new, never-opened, sometimes even with tags still attached for a fraction of the price.


I recently saw brand new toddler Ugg boots, unicorn bedroom decorations, activity books, and slime kits that were brand new being on sold Facebook for a fraction of the price tag in the store.


Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, and Amazon are awesome places to find discounted gifts that for whatever reason didn’t get love from the first set of hands.



5. Promo Codes


You can find an abundance of promo codes for just about anything online these days. With a little digging, you can score discount codes for discounts, BOGO deals, and free shipping.


I’ve also stumbled upon some gift inspiration for those relatives that have just about everything by browsing promo codes listed on RetailMeNot and Groupon.


Merry Shopping & Happy Savings!


We’ve heard it over and over: giving to others makes us happier people. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a boatload of money.


The key to saving money while online shopping this season is to do some quick online research and utilize the awesome apps, websites, and marketplaces out there! These 5 tips will bring back the enjoyment of checking off your children’s wish list while also bringing a Christmas miracle to your bank account.


I wish you Merry Shopping and Happy Savings!


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