3 Simple Home Improvement Projects to Take on This Summer

Trying to get home improvement projects done can feel like a huge task! We have 3 simple home improvement projects you need to take on this summer to keep your home in tiptop shape!

3 Simple Home Improvement Projects to Take on This Summer

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Trying to take on home improvement projects during the winter can be tricky! Cold, rainy weather means you can’t really do anything that involves painting or staining.  The rain, snow, and cold are all going to undo all of your hard work within a few minutes. But even if it isn’t raining, nobody wants to be stuck outside in the freezing cold doing work on the house. And working on your heating unit? That’s not really doable because it’s in use!

Summer is the time to get the most home improvement projects done. It’s warmer and there is more daylight to fit all of your home improvement projects in. 

Here are 3 simple home improvements you should be ready to take on this summer.

Paint the Outside of the House


Do you have an itch to freshen up the color on the outside of your house? Perfect! Keep in mind though, painting the outside of the house isn’t just about making it look nice, it’s also about protecting it from the rain and other weathering during winter.

If the paint on the outside of your house is starting to flake off, the brickwork or woodwork underneath is exposed. This can make it vulnerable to weathering over time. If you neglect it, you might end up with damage to the brickwork and have wood rot, which will need fixing. There’s also a chance it may cause a horrible draft in your home, which nobody wants!

Obviously, you can’t really do this during the winter because you need at least a few days of guaranteed sun so the paint can dry. That’s why it’s best to do it now because you won’t get the chance when it starts raining regularly again. When you come to paint your house, make sure that you spend a little more money on good quality paint that offers protection from the bad weather and lasts a long time. Cheap paint is likely to wear very quickly and you’ll find that it needs doing again in a year or two while good quality paint can last a decade or more if applied properly.

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Service The Heating


It’s difficult to service the heating during the winter when you’re using it a lot. So, it’s definitely best to do your heating maintenance in the summer. A lot of people find that when winter rolls around again, they switch the heating on and it doesn’t work properly because it hasn’t been used all summer.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get professional plumbing services to come in and check it over for you. That way, you can make sure that there aren’t any nasty surprises when you come to use it again in the winter and if repairs need doing, you can do it while the weather is warm and you aren’t relying on the heating.

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Fix Windows


Frames on the windows of your home can get damaged over time. This is a huge problem in winter because it makes it very hard to heat your home. All the hot air your pumping through your house is just escaping through the weathered frames of your windows. That is super frustrating!

That’s why fixing the windows is one of the best ways to make your home cheaper to run because it will drastically reduce your heating bills. It’s tough to fix windows in the winter because you will need to fill cracks and let it dry, then paint over it, so unless you have a few days of dry weather, you’re really going to struggle.

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If you get these home improvement projects out of the way during the summer, it’ll be a lot easier and your home will be better protected next winter.  


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