The Simple Joy of Noise and Chaos

As a mom, we always want peace and quiet in the home. I reflected on the Simple Joy of Noise and Chaos and how this noise and chaos changes us.

The Simple Joy of Noise and Chaos

Life UnEdited #19

The Simple Joy of Noise and Chaos

I have always been one who likes a calm and peaceful home. I love to be able to hear myself think. With 5 kids ranging from 13 to 9 months, those moments are few and far between. There is always something happening!

Last week, I was sitting in my living room just thinking about the kids as I listened to them play! I thought about how well they play together. How much they love each other and how I could not imagine any of them not in my life. Isn’t it interesting how life works out like that? When Chase was born (2006) I thought he was my last one, but then life gives you curveballs! And those curveballs gave me two amazing blessings that changed me even more as a mom.

As I watched each of these blessings play, I realized that this noise and this chaos I was watching is what makes me exactly who I am. My kids have made me compassionate. They have made me more loving and kind. And overall they have made me know what selfless service is all about. The noise and the chaos that I try so hard to drown out has made me a better person.

So I am Deciding to Embrace the Chaos.

I am choosing to let the forts be built in the middle of the living room. When the voices get loud, I won’t tell them to be quiet. I will actually listen a little more. Listen to the two-year-old boss the 13-year-old around and tell him “it’s not fair.” in her little voice. I will laugh at the blow kisses Tony does on the kitchen mat rather than make him stop and telling him it’s yucky.

We realize that these are the moments we will miss. The noisy chaotic musings of children. These are the moments that we will look back on and say, “remember when…” So while our houses are a little noisy and a little chaotic, embrace it. Becuase one day all too quickly,  it will all be a distant memory.

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4 thoughts on “The Simple Joy of Noise and Chaos”

  1. What a wonderful article! I know I struggle with wanting more quiet (my kids are 10, 12, 15, & 17). But I have to remind myself that one day they will be grown and my house will be quiet…. and I’m going to wish that I had more noise. ❤️

  2. I had a moment like this today. I just decided to “embrace” the craziness and let her buildings blocks be everywhere, rocked her a little longer, and so much more. But 5 kids–whew! Kudos to you!


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