7 Easy Ways to Encourage STEM at Home with Your Kids!

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Encouraging your STEM at home, not only helps kids learn and grow in a whole new way, but it helps them develop a passion for learning. Check out these 7 ways to encourage STEM at home this summer. 

Promoting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through sports and other activities is a great way kids can be involved and actively engage themselves in learning while having fun doing it. 

What is STEM

STEM is a curriculum created to educate kids in four specific areas which are: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These areas are important because it makes up every part of our daily lives. If you look around, science is everywhere. Technology is continually growing and changing. We are constantly using engineering as we develop our counties such as building new bridges and roads. And mathematics is in every occupation and every activity our kids do. 

STEM activities provide an opportunity for kids to have hands-on learning activities. This creates a fun and exciting way for them to learn through science and mathematics.

How to Get Your Kids Interested in STEM 

No matter how old your kids are, it is the perfect time to get them involved in STEM learning. There are STEM learning activities that even toddlers can do. 

By allowing your kids to ask things like how something works, and why it is the way it is helps promote STEM learning. 

STEM helps create learning opportunities as kids actively play and explore. As they do this, they are becoming passionate learners. It is important with STEM that we allow our children to dive into their passions and let them fully explore them. 

Why Is Sports Important in STEM 

When kids are involved in sports they have a chance to experience being a leader. As kids learn leadership skills through sports and being physically active, they are expanding their cognitive thinking. This helps develop problem-solving and leadership skills. As kids expand these skills they begin to use these same skills in their education as well as future careers. 

Being an athlete is more than just about how fast you can run or how strong you are. Being an athlete means you are able to take on challenges, solve problems quickly, and make important decisions that will arise at a moment’s notice. Using sports in STEM is a game-changer in education. 

7 Ways to Promote STEM at Home

Promoting STEM at home does not have to be elaborate. Reading books, cooking meals together, building with Legos, and going on nature walks encourage STEM inside the home and not just at school. 

You can even consider planning day trips to museums that promote your child to learn and grow through STEM activities.  You can even encourage fun experiments that do not need a lot of supplies like mixing vinegar and baking soda together to see what happens. 

There are also websites and online camps that you can use as resources to help promote STEM at home. You can find STEM activities online or even virtual camps that promote this fun way of learning.

Interactive Football Virtual Camp

This year things might look a little different and kids might be missing out on football camps that they normally attend. 

There is a great option this year, Interactive football virtual camp

Signing your child up for a virtual camp this summer can help get your kids off the screen and outdoors and give them a full-body workout! 

Interactive Football Virtual Camp was developed to help bring STEM to your home by taking your child from the computer screen to the field. As your child goes to Interactive virtual football camp, it will take them through physical and mental activities during their camp sessions. 

These camps run for 1 week, 3 hours a day throughout the summer. 

Spots are filling fast so you want to make sure that you sign up soon and take advantage of the early bird pricing as well! 

Interactive football is a whole new way to play non-tackle football. It uses wearable technology to help provide kids a safe non-tackle experience as it utilizes lights and sounds 

Card Games

Did you ever think card games like War being one that promotes STEM learning? It’s true! War helps build math skills. 

How to Play War

To play War you will divide the deck of cards in half and give each player an equal amount of cards. They then each flip over a card at the same time. The player with the highest card wins. 

If each player flips over the same card, then a “war” happens. Each player then lays three cards facedown and flips the 4th. The player with the highest card wins all the cards from the war. The game ends when one player has acquired the whole deck of cards leaving the other player with no cards left. 

Looking for a fun 2 player card game? Well, we have the ultimate list of the best two player card games and all you need is a single deck of playing cards!

There are many other 2 player card games that help promote at home learning through STEM. 

Longest Paper Plate STEM Transformation

This is a really cool STEM at home challenge! The challenge is to see how long they can make a paper plate without cutting it into pieces. 

You will want to give your child a few paper plates so they can do trial and error with their cutting ideas. This is what you want! You want them to try one way and then see if another works better. Also, if they fail and accidentally cut the plate you want them to realize it is ok to fail and that trying again helps them learn!

Once they have mastered their deisgn it is time to see who can make the longest paper plate. 

Build a Balance Scale

Building a balance scale at home can help your child learn about weights and measurements. This is easily done at home with a clothes hanger, some string, and little dixie cups. Once your balance scale is made, have your child gather objects to measure. Let them experiment with which objects are heavier than others by placing them in the dixie cups to way them.

This is a great way at home STEM project that teaches basic physics as well as measurements to your child!


Coding is a great way to bring STEM inside the home and help your child learn technology and programming. There are numerous online programs that can teach and keep your child’s interest depending on their skill level. 

Check out code.org where you will find different coding activities that will engage and challenge your child. 

Yardstick Launcher

Hurling lightweight material at a target across the room can be so fun for kids (and educational)! To create this activity you will need a clean metal can like a coffee or peanut can. You will also need: 

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Tape
  • Yardstick
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue
  • Four plastic party cups
  • Rubber band
  • Various other small objects.

First, start by letting your kids paint the yardstick. Let them be as creative as they want! 

Once the paint has dried you will then attach the plastic party cups to the stick with hot glue. Next, take the metal can and secure to the middle of the yardstick with a rubber band.

Once complete it is time for the real fun to begin! 

Have your child place a small object in the can. 

Then they can stomp down on the free end of the yardstick to launch the small object across the room! 

Let them measure which objects go further and why. 

This yardstick launcher is a simple machine that is teaching them about how different forces can change where the objects fly to. 

Your kids will spend hours playing with their yardstick launcher I am sure of it! 

Stop Motion Video

Kids love technology these days, so why not let them explore it even more with stop motion video. 

With some simple props, a smartphone, and a stop-motion video app you can help your kids become directors of their very own movies. They will learn the technology that is required to make movies as they create their very own masterpieces. 

Encouraging your kids to do STEM at home is a great way to open up a whole new world of exploration and creativity to them. Through  STEM activities kids will never get bored because there are so many layers of exploring and growth. 

What STEM activities do your kids like to do? Share in the comments!

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