Summer Boredom Busters For Tweens and Teens

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Summer boredom busters for tweens and teens can sometimes be hard to find. We have compiled some ideas to help those bored teens and tweens out. 

Summer Boredom Ideas

When we first think of summer, we think of a lot of great things. We tend to sometimes overlook the hardships that summer brings, and the way the kids quickly get bored! Having a good list of summer boredom busters for tweens or even just boredom busters for tweens will be a great list to pull out when you start hearing “I am bored” from you tweens. 

Keeping your kids busy, entertained, and off their phones sounds almost too good to be true, but with this list of boredom busters for teens will make you believe differently. 


Summer Boredom Busters for Tweens

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Have a Pool Party!

One of the best boredom busters for tweens is to have a pool party! At this age, tweens are eager to be with friends, especially when they don’t get to see them every day. You could make this party really fun by making invites, grab a fun new pool toy such as this inflatable volleyball net and basketball hoop, and let the kids go wild!

Plant a Tree

If you find something your tween is  passionate about you can get them to really dive all-in on a project. With the right information, you can help your tween be passionate about plants and trees. Set aside a time that you can plant a tree in your yard together. 

This is a wonderful way for you and your tween to spend time together and bond over hard work. I find that work tends to help me and my children talk better with one another.

Plus, if you keep your tween on a passionate project they can start to build their own garden in a corner of the yard. Beating summer boredom for tweens can be as simple as planting a tree!

Go for a Bike Ride

Another one of my favorite summer boredom busters for tweens is the option to go on a family bike ride! However, you don’t have to make this a family bike ride. It can be just your tween and their friends, or just you and your tween. 

Don’t forget those helmets! I love this Retrospec helmet for boys and this Thalia helmet for girls.

Bike rides are some of the best summer boredom busters because they help keep your child active, moving, and thinking. This activity will keep your tween off their phones and out soaking up some much needed sunshine. 

Have a Water Balloon Fight

All tweens are sure to love this activity. Schedule a water balloon fight for your tween and their friends or with the neighbors!  If you choose this activity, I highly suggest this product from Tiny Bailer. It fills AND ties up to 440 water balloons in 60 seconds! It makes for less hassle and more fun.

You can make this a full-blown water fight by adding in some water guns! I like this 3 pack from MOZOOSON. Your tweens will too!

Play a Board Game

If it’s too hot to play outside, don’t worry! Our boredom busters for tweens aren’t limited to the great outdoors. Consider giving your tween and their friends a board game to play. This is an awesome way to keep everyone engaged with each other, laughing, and having fun!

My favorite tween board games are Exploding Kittens, Kids Against Maturity, and Not Parent Approved

Be Creative

Give your tweens the tools they need to write a song, make a movie, or direct their own play. Tweens now love creating jingles and music videos so let them script something new and help them buy the simple props they may need to have some creativity. With the right idea and the right tools this is the perfect boredom buster for tweens.

Learn How To Paint

Tweens, especially the girls have this innate sense of desire to draw, craft, or even paint that can be expounded upon with the right tools. If it’s too hot to be outside, consider this boredom buster for tweens! Get a watercolor kit and a great YouTube tutorial and your tween will be painting in no time! You might have your next decoration!

Boredom Busters for Teens

Host a Movie Night

This is one of my favorite boredom busters for teens! Summer is the perfect time for hanging with friends and relaxing. You could take this to the next level by hosting the perfect movie night at your house. 

If the weather is awesome, you could use a small projector and show the movie on the biggest wall inside OR outside of your house! Throw out some bean bags or blankets and pass around some popcorn for this fun activity!

Have a Backyard Camp-Out

This is another one of those awesome boredom busters for teens. They can spend the day planning and preparing for this backyard camp out. Get a tent, sleeping bags, and maybe even some marshmallows and then let your teens sleep outside under the stars. 

Visit Your Local Library

If you are worried about your teen losing some of the things they learned during the school year, this idea is perfect for you! Make visiting the library a weekly activity with your teen. Let them choose whatever book they like and they will naturally fall in love with reading and learning. You could even challenge them by getting the same book and see who reads it faster!

Go Hiking

Finding a local hiking trail is relatively easy. With some help from you, your teen will be able to beat boredom this summer by exploring the local hiking trails with you or with a friend. 

Learn a New Sport

Summer is an excellent time for learning and growth. My husband and I recently realized we both had never learned how to play tennis. So, after watching some YouTube videos and reading a few blogs, we got some equipment and started playing! It was so fun to learn and so challenging. This is another one of those excellent boredom busters for teens. 

Ideas for new sports you can learn include tennis, basketball, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, golf, or water polo!

Learn How to Grill

Along with summer comes some really yummy food! I absolutely LOVE when my husband grills. Teach your teen how to grill hot dogs and hamburgers and let them serve the family dinner tonight. 

Start a Pet Sitting/Walking Business

What better boredom busters for teens than one that keeps them busy, responsible, and active? Plus they can learn to make money and use it responsibly. This is something that teens will really benefit from as they learn to do something they’re passionate about. 

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