Summer Bucket List for Couples

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Summer vacation isn’t just about your kids! Add a little fun into you and your spouse’s summertime with this summer bucket list for couples.


Summer Bucket List for Couples

Summer is approaching and you are probably trying to decide what to put on your schedule. If you are looking for some fun bucket list ideas for couples, you are in the right spot!

The focus of summer is usually on the kids since they are off of school, but don’t forget to spoil your relationship too!

Here are some good ideas to add to your summer bucket list for couples. You may need to get a sitter for some of them, but many you can include the kids or do after bedtime!


Go to a waterpark

When was the last time you went to a waterpark without spending time in the kids’ section or racing around making sure all your little ones have water, sunscreen, and everything else they need?

Take a break with your spouse and go to a waterpark, just the two of you!

It is so relaxing to go have no responsibilities and be a kid again. Bring back some fun into your relationship and enjoy the park together.


Watch the sunset

So romantic!

Put the kids to bed and enjoy the beautiful sight of the sun going down at the end of the evening.

You could watch from your porch or yard if you can see it from your home, or get a sitter and make a special night out of it!


Ice cream date

Ice cream isn’t just for first and second dates! Go out to the local ice cream shop and get a few scoops of your favorite flavors.

Date nights are always a good idea, especially when they include delicious treats like ice cream!


Take a mom & dad only trip

A mom and dad only trip is a must summer bucket list for couples.

Go on a mini-honeymoon away from home. Leave the kids with grandparents or other trusted babysitters and get some much needed time away.

Kids are wonderful and add so much to a relationship, but relationships also need some time alone together to rekindle sparks and have some good relaxing time.

Even if you can only swing a night away from the kids, it’ll be well worth it!


Do a service project

Come together by helping those around you! Find a local organization or cause that you can help with and spend some time serving others.

Service is not only helpful and a good thing to do, but it’s often enjoyable and brings joy! See what you can do in your community to brighten someone’s day.

This would be a good activity to use some little helping hands if your kids want to tag along!


Have a board game night

Ditch your normal routine and grab a few of your favorite board games or card games!

Don’t be afraid to get a bit competitive and have fun together playing some games. If you need ideas for some 2-player games.

Summer vacation isn’t just about your kids! Add a little fun into you and your spouse’s summertime with this summer bucket list for couples.


Take the kids to the beach

There is nothing more fun than taking your kids to a beach! Yes, it’s a bit of work to pack everything up and keep everyone safe and happy, but it’s always worth it.

Fly kites, make sandcastles, play some beach gold, and play in the waves together.

Memories like this will be treasured by you and your kids.


Movie night

Snuggle up and watch a movie together!

Pop some popcorn or make your favorite snack and enjoy some alone time watching a favorite or a new movie.

Make sure you turn your phones off or set them aside. Take the time to just be together and make the night special.


Do a DIY project

Have a project you and your spouse have been putting off? Maybe one of your fun bucket list ideas for couples could be completely a DIY project.

Working together, especially towards a goal you have been wanting, is super fun and rewarding.

Check something off your list and enjoy the time spent together doing it!


Make a summer playlist

Especially if you have a road trip or a project coming up, you could prepare a playlist full of some of your favorite songs!

Add songs that you have always loved, and some new favorites that will get you pumped up for summertime!


Read a book together

Grab a new book or a known favorite and start reading! Even better, take your book outside and read together on a lovely sunny day!

Take turns reading to each other from a good book. It is so fun and relaxing to do this! It’s something different from the usual routine, but it’s simple and easy and can be done anytime.


Go to a concert

Festivals and outdoor concerts are all over during the summer. See what bands and singers are playing locally and pick one of your favorites.

Concerts are so high energy and tend to bring out the child in everyone.

Leave the kids with a babysitter and enjoy a fun night out together!


Have a stargazing night

Build the romance with an evening under the stars. Go simple and sit on the porch while you chat at night, or make it special with a blanket, snacks, and some late-night snuggles.

Just soak up the evening air and enjoy being together and talking about your life and relationship together.


Go camping

Bring the kids along or go out for a couples retreat together. This trip may take a bit of prep but it’ll be lots of fun.

Summer is a great time to camp because it’s warm enough to be comfortable at night and enjoy time roasting things over the fire.

Don’t forget your bug spray!


Go to a baseball game

Summer is baseball season! Go to a major league game or a local one for a special date or family outing.

Hot dogs, nachos, mascots, games, music, and baseball. It sounds like a great day!


Take a walk

Don’t forget simple things like taking a short walk together around the neighborhood.

Summer may be a vacation for the kids, but it often can get busy with different activities and outings. Take the moment to relax together and go for a walk.

Holding hands and breathing in some fresh air does wonders for the soul!


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Summer vacation isn’t just about your kids! Add a little fun into you and your spouse’s summertime with this summer bucket list for couples.


What are your favorite things to do as a couple during the summer? Share in the comments!


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