90 Best Summer This or That Questions

Last Updated on July 25, 2022 by Michele Tripple

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summer this or that printable with pink border

Ready to have some fun this summer? Grab this awesome list of summer this or that questions to get you thinking, laughing, and having fun with friends and family!

Summer This or That

Summer is here and I couldn’t be more excited! The kids are home we are hanging out more and just sharing laughs and creating memories with one another.

It seems like my kids have been extra chatty this summer which I love so I decided it was the perfect time to pull out these summer this or that questions that are all based on summer.

Not only do these summer this or that questions help me learn more about them and their interests it also helps us connect, bond, and really share some laughs together.

What is This or That?

This or That is the perfect way to pass the time or to really share the laughs with your friends and family. It is a non-competitive way to play games, find out about one another, and really just have fun! You can use this or that questions over the phone, on a road trip, by text, or of course in person. No matter how you incorporate this or that into the fun you are sure to really get some great laughs.

The great thing about this or that is that you can just relax and have fun with zero pressure. It is also a great ice breaker to get to know someone so anyone can play. The best is when my little kids play with the older ones and just spit out a random answer. It always makes us laugh!

How to Play Summer This or That

Playing this or that is easy! You basically read both options and then everyone chooses which one they would want to do. You can go around in a circle or you can print our summer this or that printable that is available in two sizes for everyone to make their answers on. If you do this, you can have a moderator gather up all the answers, and then the room can guess who chose what for a fun twist on how to play!

For more this or that fun, be sure to check out fall this or that, this or that for teens, and our this or that for kids.

More Summer Games And Activities

If you want even more fun summer games and activities for kids, grab these as well! These have been a huge lifesaver this summer because my kids always have something fun to do! These are easy too! Just download, print, and play! Perfect for every busy family!

The Best Summer This or That questions

Grab your summer this or that questions now so that you can play with all your friends and family!

  1. Ice cream or popsicles?
  2. Tropical trip or camping trip?
  3. Ocean or pool?
  4. Bikini or one-piece?
  5. Strawberries or watermelons?
  6. Summer reading list or summer playlist?
  7. Straw bag or straw hat?
  8. Summer fling or long-term love?
  9. Sandals or barefoot?
  10. Outdoor movie or outdoor concert?
Summer This or That Question: Outdoor movie or outdoor concert? on a yellow background
  1. Sun-bleached hair or freckles?
  2. Sundress or shorts?
  3. Summer in an RV or in a fancy hotel?
  4. Summer camp with friends or stay home with family?
  5. Fishing or Waterskiing?
  6. Live on a boat for the summer or live in a tree house?
  7. Be a lifeguard or a carnival ride operator?
  8. Summer on a farm or in the big city?
  9. Get really bad sunburn or get stung by a jellyfish?
  10. Float in the pool on a giant unicorn or a giant dragon?
Summer This or That Question: Float in the pool on a giant unicorn or a giant dragon? on a blue background
  1. Watch the clouds during the day or see the stars at night?
  2. Wear a snorkel on your face or flippers on your feet?
  3. Crowded beach or a deserted island?
  4. Ride a rollercoaster or a waterslide?
  5. Walk barefoot on grass or walk barefoot in the sand?
  6. Surf the waves or read a book?
  7. Run through a field of sunflowers or paddle down a river?
  8. Seashells or starfish?
  9. Make friends with a dolphin or with a llama?
  10. Hamburgers or watermelon?
Summer This or That Question: Hamburgers or watermelon? on a pink background
  1. Bee or mosquito?
  2. Water balloon fight or Piñata party?
  3. Bouncy castle in your backyard or a movie theater?
  4. Mountains or the beach?
  5. White water rafting or zip lining?
  6. Ice cream or s’mores?
  7. Wear your swimsuit to school or carry around a large beach umbrella?
  8. A one-week vacation anywhere in the world or a month-long vacation within 200 miles of your hometown?
  9. Travelling or camping?
  10. Forget your beach towel or your sunscreen?
Summer This or That Question: Forget your beach towel or your sunscreen? on a green background
  1. Disneyland or to a beach with lots of fun activities?
  2. Have a lemonade stand or working very hard?
  3. A long hike in the woods or a day at the beach?
  4. New bicycle or a new set of clothes?
  5. Independence Day parade or Independence Day party?
  6. Outdoor community swimming pool or the beach?
  7. Choose your teacher or your classmates for the next school year?
  8. Lake or Swimming pool?
  9. Bee or butterfly?
  10. Be a lifeguard or a summer camp counselor?
Summer This or That Question: Be a lifeguard or a summer camp counselor? on a red background
  1. Highest roller coaster or longest roller coaster?
  2. Rainy day in an amusement park or summer day at home?
  3. Beach volleyball or frisbee golf?
  4. Goggles or flippers?
  5. Boat or airplane?
  6. Fruit salad or ice cream?
  7. Pineapples or watermelons?
  8. Rollercoaster or waterslide?
  9. Grass or sand?
  10. Surfing or kayaking?
Summer This or That Question: Surfing or kayaking? on a yellow background
  1. Campfire or sandcastle?
  2. Parade or treasure hunt?
  3. Fly a kite or climb a tree?
  4. Baseball game or an amusement park?
  5. Zoo or museum?
  6. Camping or Disney World?
  7. Rollercoaster or bungee jump?
  8. Horseback riding or fireworks show?
  9. Coconuts or watermelons?
  10. Pineapple or coconuts?
Summer This or That Question: Pineapple or coconuts? on a blue background
  1. Cannonballs or waterslide?
  2. Snow cones or popsicles?
  3. Ice cream or snow cones?
  4. Tent or cabin?
  5. Fishing or sandcastle building?
  6. Beach chair or inflatable raft?
  7. Tent pitching or hula hooping?
  8. Surfing or hot air balloon ride?
  9. Glow sticks or flashlights?
  10. Sunflowers or bougainvillea?
Summer This or That Question: Sunflowers or bougainvillea? on a pink background
  1. Hotdogs or hamburgers?
  2. Picnic or outdoor concert?
  3. Tomato or peach?
  4. Farmer’s market or craft market?
  5. Watermelon or sweet corn?
  6. Waterballoon fights or Marco Polo in the pool?
  7. Swimming pool or amusement park?
  8. Amusement park or the beach?
  9. Rollercoaster or kiddie rides?
  10. Fishing or garage sale shopping?
Summer This or That Question: Fishing or garage sale shopping? on a green background

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