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One Day This Will All Be Gone and You’re Going to Miss This

One Day This Will All Be Gone-2

Yesterday I got nothing done because we were on a two hour delay from school.

Today I had to drive everyone to school because it was simply “too cold” they said to get on the bus.

But one day I won’t have any kids at home anymore to help get ready in the morning.


Yesterday I did 5 loads of loads of laundry and it still didn’t look like I had done any.

Today I have washed, dried, and folded 4 loads of laundry and have three more to do.

But one day my washer and dryer will be empty and there won’t be folded piles all over the table.


Yesterday I slept all day because I had mastitis.

Today I fed a child 9 times taking up approximately 4 hours of my day.  

But one day my kids will be grown and I won’t get those precious moments with them anymore.


Yesterday I listened to my baby “cry it out” until I couldn’t handle it anymore.

Today I was greeted by my 2 year old at 10 o’clock at night who was scared and didn’t want to sleep alone.

But one day my bed will only be filled of the snores of my husband.


Yesterday I picked up a gazillion toys around the house.

Today Today I picked up a gazillion and one toys, 19 pairs of shoes, 5 winter jackets, and 13 socks.

But one day I will have a perfectly clean house, but will be missing the kids who made the mess because they will be grown and have their own kids making messes in their house.


Yesterday I said “uh huh” about 30 times to the kids when I wasn’t really listening because I was trying to get something done.

Today I let the kids play video games and watch TV so I could get something done.

But one day I will wish there was someone to talk to and someone to do something with.


Yesterday I rolled my eyes when Colby slid into home plate when he really didn’t have to just to get his pants dirty.

Today Tony got sweet potato puree all over his brand new shirt.

But one day I will no longer stand in the laundry room for hours trying to remove stains thinking of the memories of how they got there.


Yesterday I ran kids to sports practices, choir concerts, band performances, church activities, and got to eat PB and J for dinner in the car because it’s all I had time for.

Today it will be spent doing pretty much the same thing minus help from Ty because he’s out of town.

But one day I will wish I had these days back spending time watching the kids do things that they love.


Yesterday I was the worst mom in the world because I made the kids clean their room.

Today I will again be the worst mom in the world when I make them clean the playroom and put their laundry away.

But one day they will thank me for teaching them to be organized and clean.


Yesterday I felt like a failure as a parent.

Today I don’t feel much better about that.

But one day I will look back and realize that I did something right because my kids turned out pretty good!


So with that being said, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. I will keep making plans and to do lists that need changing when something comes up with the kids. I’ll keep doing laundry day after day so the kids have their favorite shirt to wear the next day. I will treasure the moments of feeding my baby rather than dwelling on what else I “could be doing”. I will snuggle my baby until he learns to fall asleep on his own and welcome our daughter into our bed at any hour. I will listen more when my kids talk. I will cheer louder when Colby slides into home and praise Tony for actually eating real food after trying for a month to get him to eat. I will happily treasure the time in the car of having time with the kids while on the way to their activities. I will treasure the words as “worst mom in the world” because that usually means you’re doing something right. Because one day all these things will just be distant memories we wish we still had when our kids are grown.


Parenting is hard. There are days where I wonder if I am making a difference. There are days when I feel like I am failing. There are days that I wish I could go to the bathroom by myself or take more than a two minute shower, but then I look at my kids and realize how have you grown up so fast? Where have all my little babies gone? And then I think, one day this will all be gone, and I’m going to miss this!one day this will all be gone, and I’m going to miss this!one day this will all be gone, and I’m going to miss this!


What are you going to miss most when your kids aren’t so little anymore?

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One Day This Will all Be Gone


My Life

25 Things About Me!

Every week, you, my loyal readers, come and visit my blog, which I am so grateful for! So I thought it was about time you learned a little bit more about me, the person behind the blog! So without further ado, here are 25 Things About Me!

25 things about me

  1. I love Diet Coke… If I could live on only drinking it, I would.
  2. I have a hidden desire to live a semi-crunchy life… You know the cloth diapers, make my own baby food, make loaves and loaves of bread every week, grow everything in our garden, have a huge orchard with all kinds of fruit trees, oh and to have chickens! What stops me? Well, I can’t stand the thought of swireling diapers in the toilet to get the poop off and then smelling a pile of diapers waiting to get washed. As for the homestead aspect… Well, if I made my own bread I would weigh about 50 pounds more because I love homemade bread, and as far as eating only what we grow… we live in Texas and the ground here stinks making it a very tedious.
  3. I love running, but i tend to find any excuse to not run. When I lived in California I had the best running buddies and I just loved to run, but here in Texas I haven’t found the “perfect buddy” yet and it gets cold… Once I am doing it I love it, but I will find any excuse to not do it at all…
  4. I hate clutter, even during the holidays. Yes, I hate stuff everywhere. Things need a place. When Christmas comes around I don’t mind putting a tree up and a few other decorations, but I am so ready for them all to come down on the 26th!
  5. My husband and my mom are my best friends who i tell everything to.
  6. I am a Reality TV Junkie. Yep, every Monday night is Date night with my hubby watching the Bachelor.
  7. I love to cook and bake, but i hate cleaning it up! (That’s why I love doing it when around my mom, because she loves to clean up, I swear she does!)
  8. I wish there were more hours in the day.
  9. it only took me 15 years to graduate from college. I began taking some college classes right after High School, but then I got married when I was 20 and started having kids. Nine years later I ended up getting divorced with nothing to fall back on, so I went back to school and Graduated in 2016 with my degree in Marriage and family Studies.
  10. Because of #9, and you never know what will happen in life,  I will strongly encourage my kids to graduate before they get married.
  11. I wish we only have spring and fall… Capris and cardigans with sandals is my go to favorite outfit that I could wear everyday.
  12. We have 0 pets and if my husband has anything to do with it we never will.
  13. I am far from a hoarder. I am more like, oh you haven’t used that in a week, we must not need it anymore and will want to get rid of it. 
  14. My husband and i never went on a honeymoon. We got married and escaped from all the kids the night of our wedding, but hit the ground running the next day blending our family.
  15. I live by to do lists. If it’s not written down it’s not getting done.
  16. I love grocery pick up. I love not having to haul the kids into the store to shop for groceries. I mean with a toddler in the front of the cart and an infant carrier in the back where am I supposed to put anything?
  17. I love ice cream. I have been known to sneak into the freezer in the laundry room on many occasions ust to snag a bite before bed.
  18. The first convert i went to was Dr. Dre 2001 concertYou couldn’t pay me enough money now to go see Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, or Eminem…
  19. Call me Grandma, but I love to sew. My Grandma taught me when I was 8 and I feel like this hobby connects us together everytime I sit down.
  20. I live in my pajamas. If I have no plans to go anywhere that day, you will find me in very comfy clothes. My kids pray I never have to get out at their school when picking them up or dropping them off.
  21. Ever since I was little when catalogs come I love to circle everything I want. If I am really bored I will even add up how much all of it would cost and dream about being rich enough to buy it all.
  22. We have a big his, mine, and ours family! We have a total of 3 boys and 2 girls. If we were younger, we probably would think about having more, but we are not young anymore. 
  23. I love Mexican food. Hands down I would eat it every day and never get tired of it!
  24. My dream would be to have an interior designer come in and decorate my entire house exactly how I want it.
  25. One day i hope to make a small difference in the lives of couples who are trying to blend a family together!

Done! Now you know just a little bit more about me! What are 25 things about you?


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The Forgotten Pathway and Remarriage

The Forgotten Pathway and Remarriage

15 years ago I was 19. I remember heading off to college with the hopes of getting
a college education, but more specifically a husband if you want me to be completely honest. While I was away at school I noticed something unusual when it came to dating, it was sort of non-existent. There were a lot of people hanging out, but no one was really going anywhere. Sure groups of us would watch movies and go out to dinner, but that was the extent of it. In the 6 months I was away at school (Yes, 6 months, that is a blog post all by its self!) I never once was asked on a date, nor had dinner bought for me, or anything else that remotely symbolized a date. I was confused, was I really not cute at all? Did I have a big zit on the end of my nose I didn’t know about?
It wasn’t until I returned back home that I realized the world is taking a whole new approach to getting married. I was apparently an “emerging adult”, someone who was no longer a child, but yet someone who was not married because we don’t have to deal with any of the commitments of marriage. These adults are more pessimistic when it comes to marriage, they want to get ahead in life before they settle down and get married, they would rather just hook up and hangout with no real strings attached, and they want to accept cohabitation as a form of making doubly sure they really want to live with and marry the person they have hooked up with. This was not me! I wanted to be married I wanted to have a family and I wanted to be successful with my husband, not before I married him! I then realized that I was on the forgotten pathway in the world. I was going my own direction towards finding a companion who would love me for who I was and who would want to grow old with me.
So how do you find a spouse in these challenging dating times? The first step is to prepare yourself for marriage! No, I don’t mean buy a house and have a six-figure income, but what I do mean is become the spouse you want to be. Do you want to be kind; do you want to be loving? Develop these qualities now. The question you should ask yourself is, “How can I be prepared to form and nurture an enduring marriage?” Next, we need to put our trust in the Lord. When we follow him and his teachings he will direct our paths. I understand it is scary to get married at times, you worry about the future, and you worry because everyone around you is getting divorced, but we cannot live in fear. Faith and fear cannot exist together. We must have faith that we have the ability to make things work. We need to develop the ability to love and learn how to express that love in meaningful ways. As we do this our mate will know the intentions of our heart. Learn to communicate. Learn to listen as you communicate. Don’t just hear the words, but listen to the desires. They will tell you what you need!
We then have to remember we don’t always choose the timing of things, and I have discovered the Lord has a sense of humor at times. This is why it is important to prepare for marriage now, so you are ready when the time is right. I was married in 2003 to which I thought I would spend forever with.  Unfortunately, 9 years later we filed for divorce and 6 months after that it was finalized. I had all the feelings of an emerging adult again. I didn’t want any of this to happen again. I was heartbroken, but like I said 1015712_10151424357036316_472262850_othe Lord has a sense of humor and within a couple weeks after my divorce was finalized I met a guy. I was like no way! Absolutely not doing it!  But he did everything I wanted! He dated me, he loved me, he communicated with me. I still was unsure of life because of the hurt that I had just overcome, but the Lord testified to me that he was the one.  I recalled the thought, “his way and in his time”

946609_10151480772036316_1278735238_n I wasn’t emotionally ready for marriage, but the Lord knew it was my time.  My sweet husband was patient, we dated for a year for us to both be ready and then we got married. We celebrated our year anniversary this year and as I look back I would not have wanted it any other way. He is my forever and I found him on the forgotten path, and I know you can find yours on this path as well! Just remember his way and his time!

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Finding the Perfect Balance


Finding the Perfect BalanceDo ever feel like you are the tug of war rope being pulled every which way trying tomake everyone happy? Do you struggle finding a balance between kids, your spouse, volunteering, cleaning, and time just for you? If you are like me you can’t even make it to the bathroom by yourself and you walk around with half painted toe nails because you don’t have an extra 5 minutes.

As moms we naturally put EVERYONE and EVERYTHING before anything we do for ourselves. And let’s be honest there are not enough hours in a day to get everything done, so we go without taking care of needs or desires. Can I just tell you how many days I have gone without a shower because I just didn’t have time? Ok… So maybe I won’t tell you… 🙂 Getting time each day, even if it is 5 minutes,  for ourselves is a must to escape mom funk! But how do we do find this time when we already feel pulled a million different directions? We learn to balance our time a little differently.

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What My 2 Year Old Has Taught Me… So Far

As a toddler mom again after 11 years I feel like I have been blessed with learning things a little quicker this time around. Maybe it’s because I have had prior experience, or perhaps it is because I am a little older and a little wiser. We will just dwell on the wiser part ;). But regardless I feel like I have learned to do things better, had more patience, shown more love, enjoyed the moments more rather than stressed about the small things, and learned to live in the moment rather than let the moment pass me by. Today I am sharing with you the 10 things my 2-year old has taught me… so far

What My 2 Year Old Has Taught Me... So Far

What My 2 Year Old Has Taught Me… So Far

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Fall is Here! What are you Wearing?

Fall is here and if you are like me you are searching your closet desperately for something to wear! Some of us are lucky and find exactly what we are looking for, others like me, run into the problem of clothes that don’t fit, others that are stained, and some that are just plain worn out! When this occurs, I have visions of replacing everything with a brand new wardrobe, but reality then sets in as I realize I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on clothes each season.

Online #Secondhandfirst

In recent years, a new trend has hit the internet which is secondhand clothing sites. I will be honest that I have always been 100% a skeptic when it comes to buying second hand clothes, especially online! This fall I teamed up with ThredUP! To see what all the hype was about when it comes to #secondhandfirst to see if the quality and wear was how they stated it was online, and to see if I could really save up to 90% off regular prices!

History of ThredUP!

In 2008 the vision of ThredUP! Was born when co founder James Reinhart had nothing to wear. In 2009 it became a pilot program with the online sharing of men’s shirts and has now turned into the largest online marketplace to buy and sell women’s and kids’ second hand clothes.

Shopping Experience

I put my shopping skills to the ultimate test as I embarked on an adventure on the ThredUP! Website to find some new looks for this fall season! ThredUP prides themselves on triple checking items for signs of wear such as fading, pilling and stains. They also ensure that the zippers are all working and there are no missing buttons. Lastly, they pride themselves on the fact that you will be able to find in-season, on-trend styles from some of your favorite brands!

With that in mind, I headed to the jeans section of their website and searched from Joe Jeans as well as Paige Denim, my two favorite jean brands. Continue reading “Fall is Here! What are you Wearing?”

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You’ve Been Boo’ed FREE PRINTABLE!

Growing up in the country you sometimes miss out on experiences that you normally find in neighborhoods, such as getting “Boo’ed” each Halloween; so I was so excited when we moved to Texas 2 years ago and we got boo’ed our first halloween! A goody bag full of treats greeted us as we opened the door one night after hearing the doorbell. Attached was a “We’ve got Boo’ed note” as well as how to “continue booing others!”

To carry on the tradition that was started a few years back, my kids happily went IMG_0141shopping for our “boo” supplies at Target. We love the $1.00 section! We loaded up on pencils, stickers, tattoos, toys, color books, and more… Pretty much anything that said Halloween! We picked up some cheap Halloween pails to put the goodies in and we were set!

We came home and as we drove in the neighborhood they selected the two houses that we would boo that night! We prepped our “boo” baskets, waited for it to get dark and then we dropped them off with a ding of the doorbell! (I mean really, two tween boys love any reason to IMG_0142doorbell ditch someone).

Now the fun is to watch to see just how far the “boo” goes throughout the neighborhood! The boys are hoping this year it actually makes it to every house, even the empty nesters, we shall see!

Wanna start the “Boo Tradition in your Neighborhood?

Print the free printable below by clicking on the link and start the tradition! And see just how far the boo goes this year!

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There is Sunshine in My Soul #3

There is sunshine in my soulIt is sprinkling here today as I write this… This rain reminds me of my lifetime in California; it’s a drizzle here and there and not the typical Texas downpour that we normally get. It makes me miss home and my family even more than I do everyday… I wish we all lived close, but we are spread from coast to coast throughout the United States. Hopefully, one day we can all be close in proximity again.

When I miss home I begin to be a Debbie Downer, so it is so important for me to have sunshine in my soul this week! So

What have I been grateful for this week?

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Proud to Be An American?

Proud to Be an American?-2This last weekend my heart broke when I heard the news reports stating that the National Football League players had decided to kneel for the National Anthem rather than stand with their hands over their hearts. This comes after America is choosing to remove history from our country with the removal of statues of some of the great men who fought so very hard to protect our country. This comes as we become a divided nation wondering if whites and blacks are treated fairly and equally or if we simply oppress black people. This week I have come to these conclusions: 1. We stand as respect, to honor, and to remember. 2. We have monuments to remember the moments and to learn from the past so that we don’t commit the same mistakes. And 3. We are only a nation as divided as we choose to be.

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How I Became the Worst Mom in the World

I have come to the conclusion that I am the worst mom in the world. It all started last weekend when #2 deemed he had a Chigger bite on his face. I told him to not scratch it and we all moved on with our day. Sunday was busy going to church and getting a million things done. By Sunday night I noticed my son’s chin from across the room, “Was that a big giant zit?” I told him to come here so I could look at it…

It certainly looked like a zit. I told him it was gross, it needed to be popped and that he really needed to clean better because what almost 11 year old has zits?!

I made him lie down so I could squeeze it… Have I told you I have a love for popping zits yet?

I gave it a good squeeze and the most disgusting pus came out… I kept squeezing, pus kept coming, and #2 kept screaming because he’s a tad sensitive. I realized we were going to have to come back to this….


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