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The 6th Grade Curse and How to Get Through It

Two years ago when Colby entered the sixth grade along came a horrendous attitude. I thought to myself where did this come from and where is my child? The attitude came along with the back talking, the refusal to help, and a list and mile long of other things that we got to deal with. We felt at the time the best thing to do was to be more strict and show him that we were in charge and that he needed to be respectful to us… Needless to say this technique did not work. We thought to ourselves this must just be our child going through a rough patch and that we obviously were failing as parents… But now two years later we are faced with the exact same challenges with Chase. We now refer to this stage as the “sixth grade curse”.

In our house we refer to this as the sixth grade curse because as soon as the kids hit sixth grade no becomes their favorite word again and listening becomes optional. Along with that the back talking begins, the refusing to help, and the blatant disrespect. We all think that something is wrong with our child, but it is not; this is caused by our child’s development. You see our kids are growing faster than the brains can develop which causes these types of behaviors because they are unable to adapt to the growing body and mind. There development is telling them they are older, but they are not capable of dealing with all the changes. Will kids overcome this? Yes. And we have discovered things that word to help us all deal with the situation a little bit better.

The 6th Grade Curse-2

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What My 2 Year Old Has Taught Me… So Far

As a toddler mom again after 11 years I feel like I have been blessed with learning things a little quicker this time around. Maybe it’s because I have had prior experience, or perhaps it is because I am a little older and a little wiser. We will just dwell on the wiser part ;). But regardless I feel like I have learned to do things better, had more patience, shown more love, enjoyed the moments more rather than stressed about the small things, and learned to live in the moment rather than let the moment pass me by. Today I am sharing with you the 10 things my 2-year old has taught me… so far

What My 2 Year Old Has Taught Me... So Far

What My 2 Year Old Has Taught Me… So Far

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How I Became the Worst Mom in the World

I have come to the conclusion that I am the worst mom in the world. It all started last weekend when #2 deemed he had a Chigger bite on his face. I told him to not scratch it and we all moved on with our day. Sunday was busy going to church and getting a million things done. By Sunday night I noticed my son’s chin from across the room, “Was that a big giant zit?” I told him to come here so I could look at it…

It certainly looked like a zit. I told him it was gross, it needed to be popped and that he really needed to clean better because what almost 11 year old has zits?!

I made him lie down so I could squeeze it… Have I told you I have a love for popping zits yet?

I gave it a good squeeze and the most disgusting pus came out… I kept squeezing, pus kept coming, and #2 kept screaming because he’s a tad sensitive. I realized we were going to have to come back to this….


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30 Things Every Mom Should Tell Her Sons

As we get closer to #1 and #2’s birthdays I start to realize that the years are flying by all too quickly. I remember bringing them both home from the hospital and the joy they brought into my life. I also remember the hopes and dreams I had for each one of them when they were little. My hopes and dreams have not gone away, but have changed a bit over the years. Throughout the years I have realized there are certain things we need to teach and tell our sons before it is too late and they are gone. These are the 30 Things Every Mom Should Tell her Sons.

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#5s Birth Story Overcoming Trials the First Week of Life Part 3

On Sunday, we had to go back to the hospital for his weight and jaundice level check, which is usually done at your Peds office, but with it being 4th of July on Tuesday everyone seemed to be closed so we had to go back and visit our hospital friends. We checked in and immediately they started to try and draw more blood from his foot…

Now after about 40 pokes in the last couple days I was a little sensitive to them taking more blood from him, especially since the order said that they would test his bilirubin levels with the head scanner! If something doesn’t seem right, always ask! Which I did! And after they reviewed the orders they determined we were not supposed to test his levels through blood because he had never failed the test.

We met with the nurse and she did a weight check first. His weight had dropped a little, but not enough to be concerned. Then she checked his bilirubin levels. She pressed the scanner on his forehead and checked the number… She looked perplexed; she checked it again. #5 was now jaundice according to the reader. She said she had to go talk to the doctor that was there.

She came back and said that doc ordered a blood test for the bilirubin levels to get an accurate number and she then informed me that the doctor wanted a sugar reading as well. What?!  I thought we had moved on from that!

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#5’s Birth Story Overcoming Trials the First Week of Life Part 2

We were guaranteed a 48-hour stay in the hospital based on being strep B+ and not getting all the antibiotics administered in time, so we got comfortable. The first full day we were there it was glorious; we were visited by family and friends and celebrated our healthy baby boy.IMG_9143


The following day #5 went off to get circumcised and for his pediatrician check. While he was gone I took a shower and got ready for the day. Then it happened…

The nurse rolled #5 back into the room and asked, “has he been jittery at all lately?” Thinking back I didn’t recall that he was any more than any of my other babies… She then dropped the bomb that he had low sugar levels and we were now going to have to test him before every feeding to see where his levels were. We would have to pass three consecutive tests…My heart dropped, how could this have happened?

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#5 Birth Story… Overcoming Trials in the First Week of Life Part 1

It was an ordinary Wednesday in June I went to the doctor for my 37-week check up. Everything was going good; I was beginning to dilate which is always great news! I went for my final ultrasound to check to make sure all the cysts were gone from our 20-week ultrasound. (For news on this click here). The ultra sound was great! No signs of cysts and he looked quite healthy with chubby cheeks! The best ultrasound tech in the world, Randy, figured at that moment he weighed about 7 pounds 11 ounces.

I went home relieved that our baby boy was healthy. It was a beautiful day outside, which never happens in Texas in the Summer so I decided to take #3 and #4 for a walk. On our walk we passed our neighbor who was headed to the pool. She stopped and told us to meet her there. It sounded like a great idea, so we finished our walk and headed over for a swim.

At first everything was going great. The kids were great, the weather was great, and the company was great. The kids decided they were hungry so we got out for a snack. All of a sudden it happened…excruciating pain that would only go away for a few minutes, was it time? Certainly, it wasn’t it was too early; I was only 37 weeks and 3 days. The pains continued, so I decided to get back in the water…that didn’t help. At that point I knew… It was time, whether I was ready or not.

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Staying Involved When You’re 1800 Miles Away

Staying Involved When You're 1800 Miles AwayEver since my ex husband and I had gotten divorced we always lived less than a mile apart. It was such a blessing for the kids. After school if they felt like coming over to get help from me with homework they would just ride their bike or walk. If they felt like seeing if their dad was home to play baseball with them they would do the same. It allowed us to be at all their school events, sports, and equally involved in their school life. When a family vacation came up, we would both make arrangements to the schedule so they could always attend and bond with their family. This all changed 2 ½ years ago when my husband got transferred 1800 miles away.
After much discussion we decided that the boys would move with me to Texas and visit their Dad on all their breaks from school. With this being said it was a huge change for the kids, but we have discovered great ways to still be involved in the boy’s lives when they are away from us!

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Why I Hate My Ex Husband’s New Wife

Why I hate my ex-husband's new wifeI remember the day like it was yesterday; the day my ex husband told me he was getting married. I remember the shock that I felt not even knowing that he was dating someone. From that moment I decided that I would hate her forever.
Shortly after, I met her. I was gruff and short because let’s be honest, I hated her, and I didn’t want her to be in my kid’s lives.

The Next Day my oldest son had a baseball game. We arrived at the game and I sat down to watch. #2 and I were hanging out eating skittles and then it happened, she arrived and he asked me, “Mom, can I go sit with her?” What?!

I hated her even more now because my kids liked her! They wanted to be with her and sit by her, and not me! They liked to talk with her and share skittles with her!

I hated her for the memories that she was making with my kids. I hated her for the fact that she took the boys on bike rides while she ran. I hated her for the freshly baked cookies that were on the counter when they got there. I hated her because she liked to take them to the lake and go boating!
I hated her because of my own insecurities and jealousy. I was insecure that there was a potential that I would be replaced. I wasn’t jealous that she was married to my ex husband, but I was jealous for the time she got to spend with my kids. I was jealous for the fact that she made them happy when they were with her. I hated her for the way she loved God and was kind to others and tried to serve others constantly.


I hated her for years. If I could find a reason to hate her more I did.


Then one day I was talking to a friend; having a pity party because the boys were gone and their dad was at work so they were with her. It was so unfair; they were with her and not with me! I am their mom, not her! When he is not there they should be here, with me! My friend simply said, “aren’t you glad that your kids are happy when they spend time with her?”
That sentence changed my life.

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