The Ultimate Teen Boy Gift Guide

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Shopping for a teenage boy can be so hard! We have 50+ must-have items on every teenage boys’ Christmas List. Check out this teen boy gift guide!

The Ultimate Teen Boy Gift Guide

Shopping for a teenage boy can be difficult!  I have a teenage son and have always struggled to figure out what I can buy him that he will actually like and use.  He coordinated with me on writing this article, so prepare yourself for over 50 items that are sure to be a hit with that teen boy on your list.

Virtual Reality Headset: this is one of those dream gifts that all teenage boys want. VR is taking movie-watching and video gaming to a whole new level.

Airpods: all 3 of my teenagers have these on their Christmas Wish List.  A couple of years ago they wanted Beats headphones, but now they’re asking for these sleek Airpods that are small and wireless.  My sister and her husband use these daily at the gym and have never had a problem with them falling out. I’ve added them to my own wish list too!

Cologne: If you want a guaranteed cologne winner for a young man, stick with Fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch or Aqua di Gio by Girgio Armani. I asked many young men for their preference before deciding these 2 options are the best. 


Vans Shoes: Whip out that mixtape, because everything 80’s is back in style.  These checkered Vans shoes are the must-have item at Junior High Schools around the country.

Sporting Equipment: Does the teenage boy on your list participate in a certain sports activity?  They might need new shin guards for soccer or new warm-up gear for football.  What about a soccer goal for the backyard, a basketball hoop for the driveway, portable bases for playing baseball games with friends, or a new tennis racket?

Portable Projector: This is one of the coolest inventions!  Imagine being able to project a movie onto any wall in your home when the teenager’s friends come over.  My teenagers would love to get this so they can show movies in the backyard on warm summer nights. Just throw some lounge chairs, sleeping bags, or bean bags into the yard and enjoy an evening under the stars with a favorite movie.

Concert Tickets | Sporting event | Theatrical production: This is one of my teenage son’s favorite gifts, and one of my favorites to give because it creates memories and guarantees me some one-on-one time with him!  You can ask the teenager on your list for a list of their favorite bands and go online to see who is touring. If the boy is more into theatrical events, take them to a play at a local theater, or see which traveling Broadway productions are coming to town.  For sports fans, attending one of their favorite team’s games could be the ultimate present. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on professional teams – look into attending a baseball, soccer, basketball, or football game at a local college.

Favorite Sports Team Gear: If the teenager has a favorite sports team, they will always love more gear to show off their loyalty!  A shirt, hat, jersey, or sweatshirt are sure winners. Check one of the online sports apparel websites or look on Amazon for some great options. 

Drone: Flying objects are a no-brainer for a teenage boy. Plus think of the amazing pictures that can be taken from a drone!

Apple Watch: If the teenager on your list already has an iPhone, an Apple Watch would be the perfect pricier gift.

Money Clip or Fanny Pack: Yes, I said fanny pack.  And no, I’m not crazy. Fanny packs have made a comeback and they are extremely popular among the teenage crowd.  Check out the great options on Nike’s site! If you don’t want to make the teenage boy relive your awful fanny pack days, stick with a simple money clip.  I was told by several boys that they don’t like to carry wallets but use money clips instead.

Dollar Shave Club: Is the teenage boy older and needing to shave his face often?  This gift is a great idea for a teenage boy, husband, or father.  

Tile Mate: I bought some of these tiles a couple years ago for my teenage son and they saved his sanity many times! If he forgets where he parked, can’t find his keys, lost his phone, or has another item he can’t seem to keep track of, these will change his life.

Hydroflask Water Bottle:  It may not seem like an exciting present, but it is actually at the top of my teenager’s wish list, because apparently “everyone carries one around school.” My kids want to stay more hydrated during the day?  Sign me up. Plus any water bottle that keeps a drink cold for 24 hours is pretty amazing, so I’m buying one for myself.

Hammock: These inexpensive outdoor hammocks are fun because they can be taken on hikes, to a park, or even in the backyard and strung between a couple trees or posts.  There are actually parks in my area of the country that have posts specifically for “hammocking” with friends.

Cool Room Decor: If the teen’s bedroom has cool decorations, they might actually [gasp] pick up their clothes and make their bed occasionally.  Some of the boy-approved products I found online were these bedroom Good vibes hooks, stadium prints, headphone bookends, or a media lounger:

Basic Tool Kit: Buy him this basic kit to help with projects around the house and then use on his own in a few years.  He will thank you when he’s off at college and needs to assemble a piece of furniture or fix a broken faucet:

Phone Case: these are a popular gift because teenagers want their phone to look cool, plus they need protection for those moments when they accidentally drop it in a parking lot.  This Speck case is for an iPhone, but they have options for Android phones as well. 

Songwriters Journal for Musician: If the teen likes writing song lyrics or creating original music for their musical instrument, they would love this journal! 

Ski/snowboard passes: Shh, this is what my kids are getting on Christmas morning.  We live in a state with gorgeous mountains filled with fresh winter powder, and my kids just learned to ski last year.  It was such a great family activity for us, so I’ve decided we will be spending many of our available winter days on the mountain!  Pros of skiing/snowboarding are physical exercise, learning a new skill, enjoying nature, spending quality time with family, and CELL PHONES DON’T WORK on the slopes.

Hoverboard: This hoverboard comes in 9 different colors and is one of the most popular hoverboards online.

Stance Socks or Funny Socks: Socks are no longer boring items simply made for keeping your feet warm. Boys want to wear socks with lots of colors or funny messages. Stance socks became very popular a couple years ago and continue to be a very hot item.  If there’s a certain activity that your teen enjoys, find him some socks to support the hobby! These gamer socks will be in my son’s stocking this year.

Echo Dot: “Alexa, remind me to buy an Echo Dot for everyone on my Christmas list.”

Indoor Skydiving or Extreme Sledding Pass: I asked my nephew what items are on his wish list, and he told me about indoor skydiving.  I didn’t even know it existed and now I can’t wait to gift myself with this for a special event!  I also bought tickets for my kids to experience extreme sledding next month because it’s all the fun of sledding without the pain of dragging the sleds back up the hill.  

Portable Phone Charger: For all those “emergencies” [insert eye-roll here] when the teen has been texting/gaming/checking social media all day and now needs to charge their phone so you can get ahold of them.  These are brilliant for keeping in backpacks.

Grilled Cheese Maker: If there’s one thing I’ve learned about teenage boys, it’s that they are ALWAYS HUNGRY.  This grilled cheese maker is a simple and easy way for them to whip out a meal in-between meals for themselves.

Movie Scratch-Off Poster: Have a movie buff on your list?  This movie poster is such a fun way for them to keep track of which classic movies they should watch.

Bike Repair Kit: Boys and bikes go hand in hand.  Buy them a bike kit so they can learn how to repair a tire or broken bike part on their own.  

iPhone App Creating Course: I love this original idea!  Does the teenage boy like to code or have a genius idea for an app?  The can actually make their own app with this course!

Camping |Fishing | Hunting | Kayaking Gear: I love buying items for my kids that will get a lot of use in their future.  Add to their hobby collection by getting them some accessories or gear. My kids and I started kayaking this past summer and fell in love.  

Magazine Subscription: Is the teenage boy into fitness and exercise?  Get the Men’s Health magazine. Are they into science and technology?  Go with Popular Science. Do they prefer hunting or fishing? They would love to read Outdoor Life.  Are cars and motorcycles more their thing? Order Motor Trend magazine. Do they spend much of their time watching or participating in ball games? Stick with Sports Illustrated.

Anti-Monkey Butt: I laughed out loud when I first heard about this product, but I know several boys that swear by it.  Teenage boys sweat, so teenage boys stink. This helps with some of the . . . um, chafing . . . that can occur.

Sunglasses: These boy-approved lenses can make them look cool and keep the sun out of their eyes.  

Online Gaming Subscription: My sons both love gaming.  I bought my son a subscription for his last birthday, and I still get random hugs when new games are added to the list.

Gifts for New Drivers: Have a new driver on the list?  Here are some fun ideas: a charging cable that attaches to their keychain, a car wash kit for keeping their ride looking new, and a book that explains all those weird rules about the road:

Alarm Clock: I’ve been trying to limit the time my teenagers spend on their cell phones, so I implemented a policy where they are required to turn in their phones at a certain time of night. Their first concern was being able to wake up in the morning since they used the alarm on their phone.  I quickly solved that issue by buying them each an alarm clock. This clock is perfect because it has wheels and takes off racing around their room while beeping until they get out of bed to turn it off.

Call of Duty Blackops 4: This is the latest and greatest in the gaming world.  You may want to check and see if someone else already bought it for them because it’s one of the hottest items this year.

Sports Bag: These are great for carting stinky sporting items back and forth from practice, but also work great for weekends away.

Fortnite Pajamas: If you have a teenage boy, it’s very likely that you know all about the cultural obsession with Fortnite. Any fan of the game will love this pajama set.

Fitness Upper Body Bar: Fact: boys like muscles.  I’m not sure if they are trying to show off more for the girls or their guy friends. Regardless, they can hang this bar and get in a few muscle lifts on their way out the door.

Capture the Flag Glow in the Dark: Remember playing Capture the Flag with neighbor kids back before technology and organized sports ruled our lives?  Bring back the fun with a new glow in the dark twist on the game!

Exploding Kittens Game: To quote the advertisement for the game, “Exploding kittens is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.”  This hilarious and family-friendly game was the most-funded game in the history of Kickstarter. It’s a perfect stocking stuffer and sure to bring laughs when the family gathers.

Wireless Speaker: If the teenager doesn’t already have a wireless speaker for listening to tunes, this is a great cheaper option.  If you want a top-of-the-line speaker, go with the brand Bose.

Go-Pro: Have you seen the images and video these Go-Pro cameras can capture? They are incredible and the perfect gift for adventurers!  

People Feeder: Forget the birds.  This feeder is for humans.  Wouldn’t this be a fun addition to your teen’s bedroom or party?

Smartphone Sanitizer: Have you read all the studies about the germs that live on our phones?  They are more germ-infested than the inside of our toilets and kitchen sink!  This sanitizer cleans the phones overnight to help you keep the winter germs at bay. 

Nerf Elite Stryfe with Bullets: My son suggested I put this Nerf gun on the list.  When I asked him if teenage boys still liked Nerf guns, he rolled his eyes and said 99-year-old men still like Nerf guns.  Buy a few of them and have a family Nerf war!

Privacy Camera: For the teenager who loves their privacy, this camera could be a good addition to their bedroom.  They can make sure their siblings don’t get into their stuff while they are away. 

Spikeball Kit: This is the new backyard game that teens and adults alike have voted to put on their wish lists.  Invite the teen’s friends over, serve some treats, and send them outside with this kit. It’s sure to be a hit!

Jacket or Hoodie: Every boy loves a cool-looking jacket.  There are thousands of great options to choose from, but Nike, Adidas, and Puma are safe teen-approved brands.  

Shaving Kit: This new shaving kit line is amazing! I use these razors and shave gel as well and my skin is so smooth!! The gel also smells amazing!

Gift card: If all else fails (but I promise it won’t with these great gift ideas!), you can always settle on giving them a gift card to their favorite store.  But a gift card never gets the reaction that the teenage boy on your list may give with one of the more personal options above. Happy shopping!

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