The Honest Truth about Motherhood

No one wants to talk about the honest truth about motherhood, you know the good the bad and the ugly, but let’s talk about!


In my 14 years of raising kids, I have realized a few things about Motherhood!

The Honest Truth About Motherhood

You can’t please everyone, there will always be someone who will complain about what’s for dinner.

Your kids will never match no matter how many times you buy them matching clothes.

On the days you are most tired just happen to be on the days your kids can’t sleep. 

The floors will never be clean, even right after you just cleaned them.

Boys don’t aim, it’s in their DNA, so you just learn to look before you sit.

On at least one occasion with each child, you will be peed on. Embrace it!

You will never ever be able to find a pacifier in the middle of the night for the screaming baby. The funny thing is your toddler will find one in no time flat when they aren’t supposed to have it!

You won’t actually get to use the bathroom by yourself for at least the next 18 years.

Your kids won’t hear you when you tell them to turn off the video games. They will, however, hear you opening the candy bar and come running wanting you to share.

The laundry will never be all done.

Your food and drinks are community property, but don’t you dare think about having a single M&M or swig of their soda.

A child will need to go to the bathroom REALLY BAD when there isn’t a single bathroom in sight.

You will probably run out of diapers or wipes at some point while you are out and about. You will beg for one from a stranger you met in the bathroom and in turn meet a new friend.

Sippy cups always leak no matter what, so your diaper bag will always smell like sour milk.

Wearing white is an invitation for your kids to hug you with Jelly on their hands, so find a really good stain remover!

You will give up a perfectly decorated living room to become “kid land” filled with toys just to make them happy.

Your kids will always remember the things that you wish they would forget like the time you forgot them somewhere.

You will always be needed and your to-do list is always long, but you always figure out a way to get it all done.

Sleep will become a luxury at times, and you will realize why your mom drank Diet Coke because it’s the only way to stay awake all day.

You will laugh when your kids laugh, cry when they cry, and celebrate when they have success. You will pray for them, worry about them, and love them every single day no matter what. And no matter how hard or messy motherhood is we would not trade it for anything in the world because motherhood is joyful.

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No one wants to talk about the honest truth about motherhood, you know the good the bad and the ugly, but let's talk about!



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  • Claudette

    blah. 🙂

    If you can’t open a child proof container, give it to a toddler.
    If you have hormonal swings your teenager will have the opposite ones at the same time.

    April 4, 2018 at 9:12 am Reply
  • Mary Taylor

    And when you are a Grandma you read this with tears streaming down your face because you miss it all! Enjoy each moment they go by too quickly and you can’t get them back

    April 3, 2018 at 2:26 pm Reply
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