Open Letter to My One True Love

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To the One I Love: Thank You for loving me and always being willing to catch me when I fall. I’m so thankful to have you and learn from you daily.

So many years ago I hit rock bottom, divorced, going to school, raising two boys, trying to make ends meet, and wondering to myself how long this stage of my life would last.

I remember like it was yesterday falling to my knees in prayer pleading with God that if he wanted me to get married again that he would literally have to drop someone in my lap because I didn’t have time and I certainly did not want to go through the “high school dating scene” again.

That night my head hit the pillow and I dreamed a dream. I was standing on a cliff in a wedding dress marrying the man that would take care of me for the rest of my life.


A few days later I met you, and at the moment I knew… I knew you were the man in my dreams that I had seen.

You were the one that would pick up all my broken pieces and put them back together again.

You were the one that would help me learn to trust and that I would give my whole heart to.

You were the one that would be patient with me as I questioned everything. You were the one when I was finally ready to get married again you would be there.

We dated for several months, me playing the skeptic the whole time and looking for any red flag that I could and you still stood there silently waiting for me to be ready. You allowed me to question everything about you and about us.

Many times I just wanted to give up and stop trying, because that was easy, but something greater than me told me to keep going and keep believing in the process of falling in love with you. I am so glad I listened…

Finally, one day I decided I didn’t want to ever live without you. I wanted to wake up with you next to me and go to bed with you by my side. I wanted you to always be there and share all of life’s joys and sorrows with me. The day you asked me to marry you was one of the best days of my life because I knew you would always be there for me.


Our wedding was small but beautiful as our life began as one. Since then you have become my best friend and the one I truly love. You have helped me become a better person, a better mom, and a better wife cheering me on with all my dreams and been there to catch me when they don’t always work out. I have been able to try new things and you have comforted me on my weakest days.

Married life hasn’t always been easy as we have blended our kids together and learned to merge parenting styles, but never once have I wanted to give up on you, or us, or our family because I know hard things are worth it!

And let me tell you this life has been 110% worth all the tears, sleepless nights, and frustration to get where we are right now.


We have come so far in 4 ½ years and have probably grown as a couple more in this amount of time than most couples do in 15 years of marriage.  Five of the most perfect children all unique and special in their own way are ours together. We have a love for one another that I never thought was possible.

I have everything I have always wanted in life, because of you. Perfection is something that doesn’t exist, but let me tell you this life to me is perfect, because of you. You have provided, protected, and loved me and the kids unconditionally.


I Have Learned More from Loving You than I Have Learned Doing Anything Else in My Life.

Through the ups and the downs, there is always something to be grateful for. Sometimes there are more downs than ups, but those are the times where you learn to love more.

You have taught me how to love more even through the most difficult of times. I have learned what unconditional love is from watching you with the boys.


People in the world might look at our life and call it crazy, but I call it perfection. This life is my happy place. I would not trade away this adventure for anything. There was a reason God gave you to me… There was a reason one Summer night I saw the man I would marry in my dreams.

I could not be more grateful and honored to call you my husband, to call you my best friend, and the one I get to spend forever with.


Thank you for loving me, even when I don’t deserve it.

Thank you for picking me up when I fall.

Thank you for supporting me through life’s toughest challenges.

Thank you for keeping me on my toes with your sarcasm and your humor.

Thank you for your compassion and love when I fall short of where I want to be.

Thank you for your unconditional love you offer me and the kids.

Thank you for your strength, your wisdom, and your charm that keeps me going every day. I will always love you!IMG_4723


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An Open Letter to the One I Love

8 thoughts on “Open Letter to My One True Love”

  1. Very touching! Divorce teaches some hard lessons and has a way of making a person better appreciate good relationships when they find them. So glad you are in such a happy space now! <3

    • It’s a shame with the man I love doesn’t feel the same about me. Told me 2 stop texting him and leave him alone. SO fine I wll.

      • Carolyn. I’m so sorry to hear this. I know you will find someone who will 🙂 have a great day!

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