Top Gifts for Toddler Boys

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Shopping for a little toddler boy doesn’t have to be overwhelming! We have the top gifts for toddler boys that are sure to be a hit!

Shopping for a little toddler boy doesn't have to be overwhelming! We have the top gifts for toddler boys that are sure to be a hit!


Top Gifts for Toddler Boys

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Trying to sift through the huge amounts of toys offered during holidays can be so stressful! How do you really know what those little ones want? Admittedly, I have scoured the internet for ideas, and decided to come up with a list to help others (like you) save tons of time!

These are all items that my sweet little toddler boys have LOVED. You really can’t go wrong with any of these ideas for any time of the year.





Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play Trains and Tracks These train track sets have been so fun and lasted through 3 of my boys! If you have boys, you know how hard they can be on things. I also loved that my son could bring his trains and favorite track sets with him easily because they fold up!


Melissa and Doug Brick Blocks-  My son plays with these every single day! They foster creativity and my favorite thing about them is how they aren’t loud when “crashing” time comes around. 😉


Binoculars- These are a must have for any toddler. These are taken EVERYWHERE! When we go on a walk or go to the park, you can be sure that my son has these in tow.


Sword and Shield– These are the #1 played with toys when other kids come over. Even little girls love to duel with swords and shields! You will not regret having these fun accessories around for Halloween either. You can throw a knight costume together in no time!


Cars- My boys are always toting at least 1 car around with them everywhere they go. I always have a few stashed in my purse as well whenever I need something for quick entertainment.


Big Trucks-Boys love big trucks! Every year, we try to buy at least one new big truck to add to our collection with our fire truck, police car, and ambulance. We have recently added a recycling truck and this dump truck. They are always lined up on our couch. So fun!


Slide-  A slide doesn’t have to be an outside toy! We kept ours in our basement for our younger kids for years. It then got moved outside for easy access to the trampoline, but still has been fun for when cousins come over.


Legos- Megablock Legos are so easy to fit together for toddlers. Bonus: they are easy to clean up! You can’t go wrong with starting kids young on Legos.


Water Wow- My son loves these. And I mean…LOVES these! Kids and toddlers love to paint, but mom doesn’t like the mess. These are fun because toddlers get to “paint,” but they also don’t get it everywhere. Take my word for it! Getting a Water Wow is totally worth your sanity! Side note: They are also great for entertainment on trips, whether on the road or flying.


Magnadoodle- This is a classic that you can’t go wrong with. Running out the door? Grab the Magnadoodle. All the pieces are attached to it! This is sure to provide hours of entertainment for your toddler.


Kids Tool Set- This little tool set is perfect for fine-motor skills! It’s also great to have around when dad is working on something around the house and your toddler wants to lend a helping hand.


Shape Stacker- Toddlers love sorting! These are great for learning shapes and colors!


Plasma Car- Every kid that comes over to play at our house loves these little cars! We have two of them so no fighting ensues. They just glide around! I would be lying if I said I didn’t hop on and ride them around with my kids.


Bath Toys– Bath toys are always fun, but making sure they don’t get moldy and gross isn’t so great! These little boats are magnetic to one another and also do not have holes in them to collect water. Perfect! We have had these in our home for 5 years and counting; they are still going strong!


Magnetics- My boys love to build all kinds of things with their Magnetics! These really foster creativity and abstract thinking.


Picnic Table- Having a little table around for the toddlers is fantastic! We use this when we host holidays and anytime we have several little kids over to play. It’s fun for them to have their own space that’s their size. Bonus: This one folds up for easy storage!


Little People Bus- A couple of years ago, my son was in the hospital for several days being monitored. They had this little bus that he played with ALL THE TIME! We ended up getting it for him for his birthday and it has been well played with.


Ball- Seems simple, right? But really! A ball provides hours of endless entertainment for toddlers.


Baseball Bat/Ball- Boys love to hit things, especially with sticks or bats! This provides a great outlet for them and helps them with muscle memory and motor skills.


Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game with Board Book- The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game helps toddlers and kids of all ages learn colors and matching skills! It also teaches strategic thinking and how to take turns. Bonus: Toddlers will begin learning how to be attentive to one activity!


Kwik Stix- These are the best! My toddler loves to draw pictures with these and color! These dry almost instantly and are quick clean up. Perfect for mom!




Giraffes Can’t Dance- My kids all love this book! It’s a wonderful book about confidence and how everyone fits in!


The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear– This is a classic! We read this book at least once a day. So cute and fun!


Dear Zoo– This is a fun lift-the-flap book for toddlers! Animal books are always a hit and this classic doesn’t disappoint.


First 100 Books– These books never fail with easy entertainment. There are so many basics learned from these little books as well! 


My Big Board Books– These are indestructible and have actually taught me a few new things in my lifetime. The pictures are big and the books are sturdy! Win!


The Remember Balloons– This book is a wonderful tribute to ancestors and memories. Your toddler is bound to love it for years and years.


Little Blue Truck- This interactive book has fun rhymes and great pictures! Little boys just swoon over anything vehicle-related!


Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site and Steam Train, Dream Train Board Books Boxed Set– These are the perfect toddler boy books! The rhymes and pictures are sure to be a fun addition to your book collection.


Spot Books– Spot books are always a hit in our home! My toddler son’s current favorite is “Where is Spot?” They are classics that bring lots of joy and interaction.



Stocking Stuffers


Socks- My kids are always needing socks! I can’t be the only mom that has a sock basket lying around with mismatches.


Underwear– The perfect addition to any kid’s wardrobe!


Toothbrush/Toothpaste- Every kid needs their own toothbrush and toothpaste!


Chocolate Orange- This is a tradition at our house! We like to give fresh oranges too, but these are always a treat!


Liberty Imports Set of 6 Wind Up Animals for Kids– These are so cute and fun! 

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