The Day the Twin Towers Fell

There are some days in history we will never forget, the day the Twin Towers Fell is one of those days that we will never forget. 


There are some days in history we will never forget, the day the Twin Towers Fell is one of those days that we will never forget. 


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The Day the Twin Towers Fell

17 years ago on September 11th, I was getting up just like any other day… I was headed to work, I was a bagger who worked at the local grocery store. (I had just graduated from high school a couple months before) As I began to get ready I remember my mom telling me to come out to the living room because I needed to see what was happening.

As I walked out into the living room I looked at the TV. Instantly I knew that something was wrong. Breaking news was on as I watched these two towers on the TV.

My mom told me that two planes had crashed into the Twin Towers in New York. I wondered to myself, why anyone would do this. And then I after a bit of time I watched the Twin Towers fall…


There are some days in history we will never forget, the day the Twin Towers Fell is one of those days that we will never forget. 

I had to get ready to go to work and I went off to the store. On that day everyone was a little different. A little more somber. And a little more worried. People bought more preparedness items than normal, bread, milk, water, etc.

I remember walking around like a zombie. In shock that someone would have done this to our country. I didn’t know how to feel or comprehend that day.

17 Years Later

17 years later we all still remember the day the twin towers fell. No one will forget September 11, 2001. The nation literally stopped that day. And then we got up and fought. We as a nation protected and continue to protect our freedoms and the rights bestowed upon this great nation.

How grateful I feel that so many men and women have given their all to protect our country, sadly even their lives. Families sacrifice at home so their moms and dads, their brothers and sisters, and their sons and daughters can go off to continue to protect the United States of America.

My Hope

I hope that we always remember September 11th and continue to teach our children about this day. Yes, we need to teach them about the tragedy that occurred, but we need to teach them so much more. Let us teach our children how this brought our nation together after the twin towers fell. We truly were the United States. People throughout the entire country came to the aid of those that were suffering. Heroes flooded New York and offered helping hands to help. To watch the aftermath was devastating, but yet inspiring to see so many from so many walks of life join together to help one another.

I am so grateful to be a citizen of this great nation, the United States. I am grateful for the loyalty that the men and women who fight for our country have! God bless the USA!

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  • Flossie

    I too remember how UNITED we all suddenly felt after that. I was not teaching that semester (I was still in grad school then) but my roommate was, and I remember waking up between impact 1 and impact 2 and staring in horror at the TV, as she was getting ready to head out the door to teach her classes – and how I was both horrified to watch the second impact, and the first tower collapse, and yet relieved that I was not in front of a classroom trying to keep it together that day. Her now-husband was in transit, stuck, we weren’t sure where (though we knew he was not on one of the affected planes – he was on a plane that got turned around and grounded) – and for a few days, we did not know where one of my brothers (who worked in the aviation industry on the East Coast) at the time was – we were pretty sure he was NOT on one of the affected planes, but we did not know for sure. Scary, scary times. I wish we could feel (and be) as united as a nation again WITHOUT it taking something like that to get us there.

    September 13, 2018 at 10:00 pm Reply
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