Wandering Wednesday #19

Wandering WednesdayHello! And Welcome Back to our Wandering Wednesday Link UP Party!

We are so excited that Jennifer from Heritage Makers is here co-hosting with us this month!

Here is a little bit about Jennifer!

I’m so thrilled that Michele asked me to guest host Wandering Wednesdays this month.  I love reading so many great blog posts all in one place, and being the guest host gives me a chance to write a little more about them!  There is a lot of great content shared EVERY week, from uplifting inspiration to home decor to great recipes.  I love Wandering Wednesdays!
One of the things I’ve learned about myself is that I really have a strong desire to do good in the world.  It’s always been in my heart, and it’s been an interesting journey to see where that’s taken me.  As a blogger, I’ve enjoyed sharing not only my thoughts but also practical solutions for how to increase connections and strengthen family ties and relationships through photos, memories, and stories.  My LifeTales Books blog (https://lifetalesbooks.blogspot.com) is just over 8 years old, and for the last year (almost!) I’ve been honored to be a #familyhistoryfriday contributor on a new blog called Evolve (https://www.livegrowgive.org) that inspires women especially to embrace their gifts as they live, grow, and give.
I always deeply appreciate comments, shares, and pins on whatever I write, and I hope that you and those you share it with will find great sources of inspiration, new ideas, and the ability to increase your own circle of influence for doing good. 
Jennifer can be found at
Blogs:  https://lifetalesbooks.blogspot.com (her blog) and https://www.livegrowgive.org/ (she’s the weekly #familyhistoryfriday contributor)

We are so excited to share “Our Favorite Things” With you this week! All my favorite picks will be shared on my Facebook page and I will also pin it to Pinterest! So here we go!

My Favorite Pick!

So if you know anything about Talie (2 1/2) you would know that she is addicted to her how-to-remove-a-pacifierpacifier! In fact, I think she would rather lose a limb than her pacifier! Well, last week I read How to Remove Pacifiers from Toddlers from Have Twins First and I thought to myself, well that is a nice thought, but it would never work with this stubborn girl… Well, I decided to give it a go and HOLY COW! IT WORKED! We have been pacifier free since Friday! So this is definitely my favorite pick from last week! If you are struggling with your toddlers loving their pacifiers read all about it and give it a go!


 Jennifer’s Favorite

I read so many posts at Wandering Wednesday #18 that I commented on, pinned, and loved!  I always say this, but it was so hard to pick a favorite!  (Thanks for making it hard to choose, bloggers–that’s a nice problem to have.)  🙂  My favorite post from WW #18 is from Meet The Harris Family.  It’s called “Embrace Your Gifts.”
I think we often spend so much time seeing other people’s gifts that we don’t make ourselves sit down and look at our own.  Maybe it’s an over-40 thing, but I find I’m so much happier when I stop comparing myself to others and see that what I AM and can offer the world is just as valuable as EVERY SINGLE gift I see in others–even (or maybe especially) if it’s different from everyone else’s.  I really liked how Meet The Harris Family talked about how you can use your gifts in a business!  You never know who needs your talents and skills–and who would pay for it.  Excellent, thought-provoking, encouraging post!


The Viewers Favorite!

Again this week there were so many favorites and I had to break the tie, which was so hard to do, but I went ahead and voted for What Type of Traveller Are You? by Kate on Thin Ice! 


Enjoy this week’s Wandering Wednesday!  Don’t forget to vote on your favorite post this week in the comments below.  See you next week!

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  • NeededInTheHome

    My favorite is the Disney with special needs post. It makes me want to go there all the more.

    January 19, 2018 at 8:27 pm Reply
  • Lori

    A great party with lots of good posts! My favorite is “I get to” by Team Cartwright.

    January 18, 2018 at 10:42 am Reply
  • Jeanne

    Thanks so much Michele. I’m so glad you found my post helpful and that you were successful taking the pacifier away from your daughter. A big relief I’m sure!

    January 17, 2018 at 12:54 pm Reply
    • Michele

      A huge relief for sure! I no longer have to worry if I can find them at 2 am when she starts crying for it or when I forget it when we leave home! It really does work too because she doesn’t even pick up her baby brothers and try to use those either! #Pacifierfree !

      January 17, 2018 at 12:57 pm Reply

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