Wandering Wednesday #20

Wandering WednesdayHello! And Welcome Back to our Wandering Wednesday Link UP Party!

We are so excited that Jennifer from Heritage Makers is here co-hosting with us this month!

Here is a little bit about Jennifer!

I’m happy to be guest hosting Wandering Wednesday for week #20!  It’s amazing how much this linkup has grown in 20 weeks.  We have lots of fantastic bloggers now!
On my first week of guest hosting, I introduced myself and my business since that’s how my blog was born.  Last week I shared with you my WHY–why I’ve written for my own blog for 8+ years and now am a weekly contributor for another.  Blogging takes time!  Quality content takes time.  But my WHY–one of my main driving forces in my life–is a deep desire to do good and make a difference.  This is what fuels all my blog posts about connections, photos, memories, family, and stories–and the powerful, life-changing things they can do for us.

Jennifer’s Book

This even inspired me to write a little book!  (And when I say “little,” I mean it.  It’s probably a 30-minute read.)
There’s so much focus these days on wellness.  We talk a lot about wellness of the body and mind, self-care, etc.  You can find pins and blog posts on diet and exercise all over the place.  There’s not a lot of talk, though, on wellness of the heart and soul.  I’ve learned a lot over the past few years about one key element that goes much further than we realize in lowering stress, creating a sense of purpose and belonging, and even some therapeutic benefits.  This book poured out of me.  I think it’s been waiting to be written for a while!  (You can find the book at this link.)  It goes back to what I told you about myself last week:  I have a deep desire to do good, to inspire, to educate, and to lift.
Jennifer can be found at
Blogs:  https://lifetalesbooks.blogspot.com (her blog) and https://www.livegrowgive.org/ (she’s the weekly #familyhistoryfriday contributor)

We are so excited to share “Our Favorite Things” With you this week! All my favorite picks will be shared on my Facebook page and I will also pin it to Pinterest! So here we go!

My Favorite Pick!

Sometimes you just need a good laugh and I got that as I was reading Funny Items Toddlers Want to Sleep with in their Beds by Fab Working Mom Life. I started thinking about all the interesting things that kids like to take to bed. My 11 year old still needs 4 different cozy blankets after his sheets and comforter, his thumb chucks Santa brought him, and 3 stuffed animals that rotate each night (he would sleep with all of them if we let him). Talie sleeps with a pink bear, Minnie Mouse, Chocolate (her dog, she recently named), and Super Dog (her other dog that just got named) as well as her cup even if nothing is in it and a couple of books… I could totally relate to what Julie was talking about in her post, and this is why it was my favorite this week!

  What is something your kids love to take to bed?


 Jennifer’s Favorite

 There were so many fabulous posts to choose from on Wandering Wednesday #19.  One that really stood out to me was “Motivational Word of the Year – Try” from Amy at NeededInTheHome.  Amy listed some great ideas of things to try this year, and she even included a fun theme song:  “Try Everything” from Zootopia.  What really struck me, though, is the whole concept behind “TRY.”  New Year’s resolutions are often “pass/fail.”  Either you stop eating sugar, or you have a cookie, right?  But trying to eat better is completely different.  We don’t often make grandiose changes in one day or week or month or even one year.  More commonly, we can look back and see grandiose changes that happened very slowly over time simply because we tried and kept trying.  Amy’s post encouraged me to just add an attitude of “try” to everything I do this year.


The Viewers Favorite!

This week there were two favorites so I am choosing one that was a favorite that I really enjoyed as well! It was from Christine A Howard, called 13 Ways Disney Adds Magic For Those with Special Needs!  I think we all like Disney a little more after reading this!


Thank you so much for everyone’s entries and we can’t wait to read your posts this week!

Enjoy this week’s Wandering Wednesday!  Don’t forget to vote for your favorite post this week in the comments below.  See you next week!

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  • NeededInTheHome

    I vote for the one on empathy with teens. I have some new ideas how to teach this better now.

    January 27, 2018 at 6:54 pm Reply
  • Jamie

    Loved reading about a fellow blogger and her book. So many great reads in the blog about kids take to sleep. So funny.

    January 24, 2018 at 8:53 am Reply
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