Wandering Wednesday #39

Wandering Wednesday

Welcome to Wandering Wednesday, whether you are new or a returning friend we want you to know that we are so glad you are here!! We’ve recently had some links we’ve had to remove because they were not in line with the Wandering Wednesday Rules of Engagement. So, we appreciate you taking a minute to make sure you are familiar with them before leaving your link. The rules are usually listed below the blue link button, but this week we have moved them up top so we can all take a moment to look them over.

Thanks and welcome to the party!

Wandering Wednesday Rules of Engagement

  1. Link to a specific post, not your homepage
  2. Don’t advertise, do giveaways, link parties, or links to your shops
  3. We are all stars on Wandering Wednesdays, so please no more than one post per website per week.
  4. Make sure to check out and comment on at least two other links before leaving
  5. By entering a link you are giving me permission to feature an image on my blog, it will always link back to your blog.

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Now on to the Fun!

We are looking forward to all your Family-friendly blog posts, which include: home and family tips, craft ideas, and recipes!

Be sure to scroll down to the links and enjoy the party!

Also, don’t forget to vote for your favorite posts this week! Either vote in the comments or when voting opens Thursday morning!

  • We pin ALL posts to our  Wandering Wednesday Board on Pinterest! Be sure to follow the board and REPIN your FAVORITE Posts from this week to your boards!
  • Featured posts will be included in a SPECIAL PINTEREST GRAPHIC with their pins advertising Wandering Wednesday for even more exposure!
  • Next week we will share our favorite post and you can vote for yours on the individual thumbnail in the linkup after 8am on Thursday.  Just look for the heart in the upper right hand corner. You can also vote for your favorite in the comments below! The three posts with the most clicks will also get an honorable mention.

Here are “Our Favorite Picks” from last week!

Michele’s Favorite Pick!

Do you need a good laugh? I know I need one every once in while! Becca from With Love and a Little Self-Deprecation nailed it with her list of 43 Hilarious Parents on Twitter. I literally could NOT stop laughing! I couldn’t catch my breath! Picking just one is really hard, but the best tweet that truly spoke to me had something to do with walking around the house while picking up socks, threatening to take everything that brings any happiness away from my children. Yup, that one sounded about right. Head on over and tell us your favorite in the comments!


Lori’s Favorite Pick!

I think we’re all guilty of it. We might even think we are somehow better when we can proclaim “I am a Multitasker.” Jacquie from Seeking Simple Life delves into the reality of multitasking and the effect it has on our brain, health, career, and relationships. #1 on the list was “overwhelmed” which is also one of the number one emotions most mom’s feel.  How do you break the “overwhelm” cycle? Maybe Jacquie has some tips you haven’t thought of. Take a minute and see what you think.


Viewers Favorite this Week

5 Women I Need to Apologize To by Geek Mamas


Most Clicks This Week Goes To:

36 Songs to Get Your Family Groove On | Kid-Friendly Dance Music Playlist by Small Things Over Time

Toy Time Out Box – A Step Toward Positive Parenting by Bee-ing Mommy

Will My Child Love Her Carer (Child Minder) More Than Her Parents? By The Next Best Thing to Mummy


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Thank you so much for everyone’s entries and we can’t wait to read your posts this week!

Enjoy this week’s Wandering Wednesday!  Don’t forget to vote for your favorite post this week in the comments below.  See you next week!

So Now on to the party!

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~Signed Michele @ Confessions of Parenting and Lori @ Choosing Wisdom

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