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What Babies Really Need the First Three Months

When we found out TJ was joining our family we knew he would be the very last baby joining our family! We didn’t want to spend a lot of money on things we would just be getting rid of or selling after he was done using them. Babies don’t need a lot, just the basic things!

What do Babies Really need the First Three Months?  It’s simple…Not Much! 🙂


1 Pack of White Onesies. I love Carters for these. I know a lot of people put these under their clothes… We just wore them as shirts with cute pants/shorts.

5-6 Sleepers I am a huge fan of these ones!

1-2 Packs of Onesie shirts He had about 5-8 shirts he would rotate through. We always had plenty.

5-7 Pairs of Shorts/ Pants. TJ was born at the end of June in Texas… I will be honest he wore shorts twice in the first three months. Most of the time he just rocked a onesie because it was hot. The other times he wore these soft pants from Carters! In fact, he still wears these!

We never bought socks for the summer or shoes… We didn’t really think they were necessary.

Feeding and Diapers:

TJ was exclusively breastfed, so I didn’t have a need for bottles and such, but I did get a few from the hospital while we were there that I would use on occasion.

I made about 8 burp rags which seemed to be enough. We never ran out.

When I pumped I used a pump I rented from the hospital, but it was similar to this one (Although nothing compares to those hospital pumps… I was able to rent it for $75.00 a month) and I would use Lansinoh Storage Bags.

I used the Target Brand Diapers. They worked just as good as the name brand diapers for half the price and stocked up on all my Huggies Wipes at Costco when they have them on rebate.


With a summer baby, there is only one kind of blanket you need! The Muslin Swaddle Blankets! We had 10 of these because I had bought a couple and then two people gave them to us as gifts and that was way too many! 8 is plenty!

We had a crib sheet, a bassinet sheet, and a playpen sheet that we picked up at Target and that was it.

Baby Holder

For Talie we had a Baby Bjorn, which worked great, unfortunately, TJ was bigger and did not fit well in it. We chose to get an Ergo Front Pack. It has been an absolute lifesaver with him… He has lived in it!

Things to Do/ Places to Lay

Let’s be honest… Babies don’t do much in the first three months! They don’t require toys or much of anything else. 🙂

We had a playpen set up in the living room so that Talie would not squish him on the floor and it worked perfectly. Then, we were able to put the bassinet part in it so we didn’t have to bend over and pick him up!

We borrowed a bassinet from a friend for our room… I wouldn’t go out and buy one if you don’t have one! We used our playpen for Talie and it worked perfectly!

We also had the crib left over from Talie so we didn’t have to buy that again.

I had a Boppy from Talie and never used it, but for TJ it was awesome because he was refluxy… It worked miracles to prop him up so he wasn’t lying flat (and yes, it has a pink cover on it still)

The only other thing we swear by with places to lay down is a playmat… You will get your money out of it! All of my kids have loved them and they last. The one I have is 7 years old and is in great condition. It is similar to this one.

Carseat and Stroller

This might have been where I was a little pickier and spent a little more money, but it has been so worth it!

Carseat: We loved Talie’s car seat and it was still in good condition so we are using it for TJ. It is the Chicco KeyFit30. We did have the matching stroller for Talie and were not impressed… It even broke on a trip we took once so I wouldn’t recommend the stroller unless you want it to match.

Strollers: With Talie still being little we needed a double stroller, but I also knew I would go places without her and didn’t want two strollers always in the car… So after searching high and low, I found the stroller of my dreams… It works as a single and a double; in fact, you could also put a board on the back for another child to carry 3! You can also arrange the seats many different ways and buy an attachment for your car seat. This comes at a steep price, but I promise I have loved it so far and have not been disappointed. It is a City Select Double Stroller.

Jogging Stroller: I knew I wanted to start walking and eventually running right after TJ was born. I had a BOB Stroller before and loved it, so I knew I would be buying a Double BOB Stroller. This one gave me the biggest bang for my buck including the parent tray which I wanted…

This is all we had with our minimalist last baby. I can honestly say we did not miss the bells and whistles that we had with the other kids. As he grew out of his clothes we weren’t sad giving them away or donating them because we had not bought a lot or spent a lot knowing how quickly babies grow. All the rest of the items mentioned he still uses. What a difference having a minimalistic baby did for my peace of mind and my pocketbook!

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  1. Aww, I remember these days well. My babies are all grown up but I remember them being little like it was yesterday. Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop, following you back by Twitter and Instagram.

  2. Great post. It can be so confusing what to get and what not to get, and so many people end up with tonnes of stuff they don’t ever use
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

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