Why Linkup?

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When I was beginning my blogging adventure I read A LOT about blogging as I am sure most of you have! One day I came across something that talked about “LinkUps” and how GREAT they were to bring new readers in… Well, being a new blogger I had no idea what they were talking about so I researched it and found that joining linkUps is a great way to get your blog out there and increase traffic to your blog as well as find new readers! I was sold! I wanted to start linking up! But I didn’t know how.

So Let’s Explain the Who, the What, the When, the Where, and the Why of Link Ups!

First of all, “Link parties” “LinkUps” “Linkys” and “Blog Hops” are pretty much all the same thing!

Who Can Link UP?

Any blogger can link up to any party just as long as your content fits the theme of the link up! #WanderingWednesday is home and family themed. So we only like posts about mom life, parenting, marriage, recipes, DIY, tutorials for things on the home, etc. ALL LINK PARTIES SAY SOMEWHERE WHAT THEY ALLOW, SO LOOK FOR IT AND FOLLOW THE RULES OR YOUR POST MIGHT GET DELETED.

So What is a link party?

A Link party  is a way to connect with other bloggers and find new readers. It is a way for you to show off your best content for the week! If the hosts like your stuff you could possibly even be the next weeks featured story, which has different perks specific to the linkup! If you are my favorite at Wandering Wednesday then you get featured on our Facebook Page and your content gets pinned on Pinterest! This is huge as a new blogger!

Things to Remember about Link Parties

    • The bigger the blog the more competitive the party is! If you are joining big name bloggers link parties you want to join early so you don’t get lost. If you happen to linkup early to these parties and be one of the first ones then this will bring LOTS of traffic to your blog!
    • Don’t forget about the little guys! Sometimes you think the bigger the blog the better, but sometimes this isn’t the case, so don’t forget to join smaller linkups! At smaller link ups you are more likely to connect with other bloggers and form great relationships! Some of my best blogging friends I have met at smaller linkups! We now have formed a network of helping each other!
    • It’s better to join link ups than “comment for comment” boards in Facebook Groups. Why you ask? When you do a comment for comment thread people are only reading what they have too! At linkups they are reading what you want too! So with the right post, picture, and comment you could bring in lots of clicks, comments, and traffic!
    • Follow the Rules!  If a link up states to visit blogs, visit them and comment! Link ups are there to help everyone, so make sure you do your part!
  • Your image matters! Think about when you are on Pinterest. What do you look at? The image, Exactly! People are deciding if they are going to click and read based on your image (and the title) so make sure you take advantage of the CROP button in the link up to make a great picture image. This could be the difference of very little clicks versus 100s of clicks! Don’t miss out on people reading your awesome post because of your picture!
    • Most linkup parties feature posts they loved from the party before. YOU WANT TO BE THE FEATURED POST! It brings lots of traffic to your blog and usually comes with certain perks! You want to stand out to be featured, which means post about something unique that catches the host’s eye as well as other readers and choose a great picture!
  • Include a backlink to the party! Blog parties are a lot of work for the host and they do the parties for you, to help you grow! So please post a back link to the person hosting! This is as simple as grabbing their blogging button and inserting it into your post or adding it to your page of link ups you join or on your side bar. ALWAYS ALWAYS INCLUDE A BACK LINK AS A THANK YOU TO THE HOST!
  • Visit other blogs who have linked up! You want to increase traffic right? Well, one of the things to do this is to go to other blogs and say, “hi”! Let them know you found them at the link up party! It allows them to know, “Hey it’s working! People are coming!” and they are more likely to go find your blog at the link up and come say, “hi” to you! Who knows, maybe they will even subscribe to your blog and become a frequent visitor or a lifelong blogging friend!
    • I always ask people to comment with the #WanderingWednesday tag so bloggers know where you came from!

When are Link Parties?

There are link parties literally happening all the time, you just have to find them! Check out our list of Link UP Parties that we know about here!

Where are the Parties?

Link parties are happening on blogs just like ours. For a list of ones we know about, click here!

How Do I Join a LinkUp?

It can be a little confusing to join a link up Party at first, but I promise you it is so easy once you do it! 

Step 1 Look for this blue frog link up button!

Step 2_ A new page will pop up. On there click this Add your link button

Copy of Step 3_ Add a link

Step 4_ Choose best image

Copy of Step 5_

Why LinkUP?

I always say join link up parties to discover new blogs and be discovered! It is a great way to get your blog out there in blogging world! It’s a great way to find new readers and find an awesome new blogging network of friends! So don’t wait another minute! Start joining linkup parties today! And be sure to join ours every Wednesday!

How Link Up Parties


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