20 Best Winter Books For Preschoolers

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You’ll be racing to the library or bookstore when you read this list of my favorite winter books for preschool! These 20 books are simple, sweet, and capture the beauty of winter.

Winter Books For Preschoolers

It’s getting colder which means it’s time to put away my fall books for preschoolers and grab some winter books for preschoolers!

Feature: winter books for preschoolers picture includes how to catch a snowman, Pete the Cat Snow Daze, Just a snowman and more!

I don’t think there’s a more fun time in life than your first few winters! As a young child, it’s quite magical to build snowmen, go sledding, and watch everything change so much. 

So I’m so happy to be reading winter books for preschoolers with my kids this cold season! 

The thing that sets these books apart is the simple text, lovely pictures, and relatable stories. You can’t go wrong with any one of them!

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Why Should I Read Winter Books For Preschoolers?

As an adult, we recognize and even welcome the changing seasons without a second thought, but understanding the seasons can be a little confusing for kids! 

Especially as fall transitions into a far more cold and dark winter, it might not make sense to your child why the weather, animals, and more are changing all around them. 

Books can be so helpful for a curious preschooler! Some of these stories are silly, and some are more factual, but all of them will help teach us about winter and what it means for the Earth and the people in it!

20 Winter Books For Preschoolers? 

Here they are! My 20 favorite winter books for preschoolers.

  1. Sneezy The Snowman By Maureen Wright

By far my preschooler’s favorite winter story is Sneezy the Snowman! It’s a silly story about a snowman that just can’t quite get to the right temperature and keeps melting. Luckily he has some friends who can help build him over and over again!

  1. The Biggest Snowman Ever By Steven Kroll

When a snowman contest is announced, two mice compete against each other to try to make the biggest snowman. But they have to change plans and work together if they want to win the contest. I love this story of friendship and friendly competition!

  1. What’s a Season? WINTER By Kelly Gretler

I don’t think many books capture the spirit of winter quite like this picture book! I love that it talks about everything from activities to weather and more. So if you only can pick one winter book, this one should be it!

  1. The Snowy Day By Ezra Jack Keats

Any Caldecott award winner is a great choice and this classic tale about a boy on a winter day is perfect to read with your preschoolers this winter. It’s been around for generations and still is one of my favorite reads!

  1. Winter Wonderland By Jill Esbaum

This National Geographic series of Picture The Seasons has a winter edition that is so great! It’s perfect for young children because it has real pictures that feed their curiosity and plenty of facts about winter!

  1. Learning To Ski With Mr. Magee By Chris Van Dusen

If you’ve started read-aloud books with your preschooler, this winter story about a man and his dog learning to ski is a great winter pick. It’s full of pictures for your little one to enjoy and has simple fun text that they can understand.

  1. Little Critter: Just A Snowman By Mercer Mayer

Preschoolers love Little Critter, and this tale about his dying to make a snowman but having to be patient all day long is so relatable! 

  1. Animals In Winter By Henrietta Bancroft

Are any animal-loving preschoolers out there? This book about the animals preparing for winter is actually pretty information-packed despite its imaginative pictures and simple sweet text. 

  1. The Story of Snow By Mark Cassino and Jon Nelson Ph.D.

One of my kids was so interested in science and had such a big curiosity when they were in preschool and this kid-friendly scientific explanation of why snowfalls is just what we need! 

  1. Bunny Slopes By Cladia Rueda

My kids love these books that make you spin, shake, and play with the book as you read. This bunny book is a winter treat and an interactive game all in one!

  1. Biscuit’s Snowy Day By Alyssa Satin Capucilli 

There’s nothing more fun than little dogs playing in the snow! Biscuit books are the perfect level for preschoolers and this winter-themed version is so cute.

  1. There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow By Lucille Colandro 

Lucille does it again with this adorable snowy take on her classic There Was an Old Lady book. This time, the lady will eat a hat, a stick, her scarf, and of course plenty of snow!

  1. Ten On The Sled By Kim Norman

This book is based on the classic nighttime song “ten on the bed” and makes for such a sweet winter story. It would be a great one to read with your preschooler before going on a sledding adventure!

  1. Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter By Kenard Pak

Okay, if you don’t have Kenard’s whole series of seasonal books you definitely need to grab them! He has one for each transition to the next season and they are the perfect beautiful books for preschoolers to help understand changing seasons/

  1. Pete The Cat: Snow Daze By James Dean

Pete is always a hit in our house, and in this story, he gets very excited about having a snow day filled with friends, hot cocoa, snowmen, and more. But he won’t like it when the snow days keep happening over and over!

  1. Snow By Uri Shulevitz

Another award winner is this unique and beautiful picture book about a boy and his dog who wish and hope that a snowflake or two will turn into a snowy transformation of their town.

  1. Little Owl’s Snow By Divya Srinivansan

I love the perspective of winter from a little owl watching all of his animal friends change and prepare for the cold months ahead. Animals are one of the most interesting parts of winter to me so I love this cute story!

  1. Curious About Snow By Gina Shaw

This Smithsonian book is a little factual for a simple reading session but it has real pictures which my preschool kids have always loved and it has so much good information for learning about the snow! It’s definitely worth a read!

  1. The Gruffalo’s Child By Julia Donaldson

If I’m honest, this book isn’t one that jumped off the shelf for me but my preschooler absolutely adores it so we have read it over a hundred times I’m sure. This sequel to the original Gruffalo story takes place in a wintery forest and has such a funny story.

  1. Snowmen At Night By Caralyn Buehner

The idea of snowmen coming to life at night and having their own adventures is so hilarious! It’ll definitely make your preschooler want to go out and make their own snowman.

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