30+ Winter Fun Activities for Families

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Don’t let the wintery cold get your family down! Try out a few of these winter fun activities that your family is going to love.


Winter Fun Activities

All those cold nights mean extra snuggling and lots of family fun!

If you find yourself struggling to come up with winter fun activities of what to do while you are all home for winter, you are not alone! That’s why we put together this list of activities that you and your family can try out this winter season!

Make sure to scroll down to download our printable of all these family winter fun activities!


Christmas lights scavenger hunt

It’s that lovely time of year when neighborhoods are full of twinkling lights and holiday scenes! If you like driving around to see the lights, try a scavenger hunt!

Make a list of common items you see as Christmas decorations and have you and your kids check them off as you drive around.

Your kids will love this fun drive and it will put everyone in the Christmas spirit!


Drink hot chocolate

Enjoy the cold weather with a big batch of hot chocolate.

Grab your favorite holiday mix-ins and you’ll have the best cozy drink to warm up the whole family!

If you have a large family try making your hot chocolate in a crockpot. It’ll hold more and keep the hot chocolate at the perfect temperature.

If you want to get creative set up a DIY hot chocolate bar!


Pictures with Santa

Taking pictures with Santa is a great way to get your kids excited for Christmas.

If you don’t want to pay for pictures at the mall, look at your local library, church parties, neighborhood events, and other free options for a fun family memory.

Whether your children laugh or cry, it will be a special memory that you’ll want to save!


Bring treats to friends

Make a big batch of your favorite winter treats and bring some to your friends and neighbors!

Your family will have so much fun making, packaging, and delivering the treats, and your friends will love it too. Plus, it’s a great chance to teach about the importance of giving to your kids!


Visit your local zoo lights

Zoo lights is such a fun family event full of magical holiday lights and decor. There are often group rates or deals that you can find for an affordable family trip to your local zoo!


Family movie night

Winter brings a lot of cold nights which are perfect for some snuggling in front of a movie. Pop some popcorn and pick a good family movie to enjoy together.

You could even drag a mattress into your tv room and make it an extra special night your kids won’t forget!


Put up Christmas decorations

I know it is so tempting to put up all the decorations yourself so they will look lovely and perfect, but putting them up as a family will be worth the chaos!

Your kids will love looking at all the special holiday treasures and it will give you the chance to talk about some fun memories of Christmas past!


Go to a Christmas tree farm

Whether you are getting a tree or not, take your family to a local Christmas tree farm! It’s such a beautiful holiday sight to see rows and rows of Christmas trees.

Your kids will enjoy all the sensory feelings of the sights, smells, textures, and sounds of all the beautiful trees.


Sit by a fire

Is there anything better than cuddling by the fire with people you love?

Make a fire at home if you have a fireplace, or go to a local shopping center, restaurant, or somewhere else with a cozy spot!


Eat candy canes

A simple and delicious family activity. Try new flavors or stick with the original peppermint and put the extras on your tree!

It’s sure to be a sticky mess with kids and candy canes, but their smiles will make it worth it. Add some extra winter fun with this sweet treat!


Make sugar cookies

Nothing says winter like a big huge batch of sugar cookies!

Make a big batch of dough and have your kids help you cut out shapes, bake, and decorate your cookies. You’ll probably have way too many cookies which is a perfect excuse to make a few holiday deliveries to friends! If you want just a delicious cookie, try our copycat swig cookie!


Decorate gingerbread houses

Whether you buy a kit, make your own gingerbread, or use graham crackers, it will be loads of fun for the whole family!

Have a decorating contest, or make a big house all together as a family. If you have littles you can premake your houses so all they have to do is stick on their favorite candies.


Make ugly Christmas sweaters

Grab all the sweet or silly Christmas ribbons and decorations you have sitting around and decorate a few sweaters as a family. Grab some old sweaters or find some at a local thrift shop!

Your family will be sure to have the best ugly Christmas sweaters at your next holiday party!


Go ice skating

Winter is ice skating season! Plan a trip to your local ice rink and get ready to have an icy blast.

Now that most rinks have those cute walkers for young kids, even your littles can tag along for this family activity.


Write letters to long-distance friends and family

If you’re stuck at home on a cold day, consider pulling out some paper and pens and writing letters to friends and family that don’t live nearby!

It’s a great reminder to your kids of the loved ones they have all over, and it’ll be a sweet surprise to whoever receives them!


Take a family picture

Get the kids all dressed up and take pictures! The holiday season is a great time to have an annual picture taken. Whether it’s with a professional photographer or you have a friend snap a few pictures, you won’t regret it!


Make homemade Christmas presents

Find a simple kid-friendly DIY gift that you could make as a family and get to work!

It’ll definitely take something off mom and dad’s plate, and the kids will love being a part of making something so special for your friends or family.


Make a snowman

If you get any snow, take the chance to make a snowman!

Your kids will love playing in the snow with mom and dad and making those snowy memories together.


Make a family New Year’s resolution

You probably have made a few personal goals, but get together and make one as a family! Think about having more time together, eating healthier, going to the park more, setting family movie nights, or anything that you and your kids think will help your family!

Find a place in your home to display your goal and encourage each other throughout the year.



With the holiday season and the cold weather, there are tons of chances for your family to do service opportunities.

Learn about service with your kids as you help at a soup kitchen, make kits for homeless people, get presents for a family in need, or donate old toys and clothing to those who need it.


Put together a puzzle

Do something different with all that indoor time and put together a fun puzzle! Split the family in half and have a race with two puzzles, or put a large puzzle together as a family. Grab out those little puzzles for your little ones so they can play too!


Make a fort

No preparation needed to make a big fort with your kids. There’s something about making a fort that sets your kids’ imagination on fire!

Grab all your blankets, pillows, and other fort supplies and build a special new hideout together.


Have a karaoke night

Turn on your favorite family-friendly music and grab those hairbrush microphones! Let yourself be a kid again and sing along with your family. You could even put on costumes and make it an extra special night.


Write thank you cards for Christmas gifts

After the holiday season is over, take the chance to write a few thank you cards with your kids for special gifts received during the season.

The lesson learned about gratitude with your kids will be almost as sweet as the smile from all the people you thank!


Make paper snowflakes

If your kids are old enough to handle scissors, teach them how to make paper snowflakes. If you have littles that aren’t quite ready, let them color designs for you to cut out and help put them on your walls.


Assemble valentines

Believe it or not, Valentine’s day sneaks up at the end up the winter season and it’s time to start making your valentine’s. Grab your supplies and let your kids help you do some quick assembly for some treats for friends and schoolmates.


Wrap presents

If you are a present wrapping perfectionist, this may not be the activity for you. But, your kids will love it!

Cut the paper for them and be patient as you teach them how to wrap up their presents to put under the tree. It’s okay if they don’t look perfect!


Take your kids on Valentine’s day dates

Make the week of Valentine’s day special with some mom or dad dates with each of your kids! Grab a quick bite to eat, go to the park, or see a movie! Have some sweet and simple one-on-one time that they won’t ever forget.


Visit an indoor playground

If it’s cold where you live, your kids are probably getting antsy to get to a park or gym! Try out one of your local indoor playgrounds or play centers.

A lot of churches have indoor playgrounds open to the public, or you could try out a bouncy place, gym, or play center!


Try out your local children’s museum

If you have a children’s museum nearby, try it out if you haven’t already!

Children’s museums are great for all ages and help to give moms and dads a much-needed break while their kids are happily engaged with the new fun environment!


Play a board game

Another great indoor activity is playing board games together!

If you don’t have a board game good for all your kid’s ages, ask around to see your friend’s recommendations. Or you can try out one of our fun family games here! ***link to your fun truth or dare and games like that!**


Start a new family tradition

Do something new this winter! Make a new family tradition that you can continue doing for years to come. No matter how old your kids are, you can always start something new.

Download your Winter Fun Activity List

Don’t let the wintery cold get your family down! Try out a few of these winter fun activities that your family is going to love.


What does your family do for fun in the winter? Share in the comments!


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