7 Ways To Promote Teamwork in Marriage

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Teamwork in marriage is essential when it comes to having a strong marriage. We are sharing 5 ways to promote teamwork in your marriage to have a healthy stronger relationship.

Working as a Team in Marriage

With Ty and I both being married before and having kids there was no blissful honeymoon stage of everyone getting along perfectly well.

There was a huge adjustment phase from the very beginning, Ty was used to doing things a certain way and I was used to doing them another way. 

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Working as a Team as Parents

Why Teamwork in Marriage







We quickly realized that if our marriage was going to work we had to make marriage a priority, but even more than that we had to work together as a team in our marriage. 

 So at that moment we decided that no matter what, we were always going to work as team in marriage.

As we have done that we have become better parents, lovers, and friends!

So today I am sharing 7 Ways you Can Promote Teamwork in Marriage to build a better relationship with your spouse!

7 Ways to Encourage Teamwork in Marriage

Respect One Another

In marriage you can’t have teamwork if you don’t respect each other and each others opinions.

When you respect your spouse you are basically telling them, “Hey, you are important!”

Without respect your marriage won’t make it very far.

Be Supportive

Being supportive I think is the number 1 secret to maintaining and achieving teamwork in marriage.

Without supporting one another there is no real firm foundation for your relationship to stand on.

There have been so many times in our marriage that I have had some crazy idea dream goal (like starting this blog) that he probably thought, “What the heck is she thinking?!”

But guess what? He didn’t say that at all, he said, “I support you 110%!” And he has every step of the way, even with the late nights of typing and the hours of stylizing the perfect picture,

Now I am not saying you have to go along with every crazy idea your spouse has, but you have to be willing to listen to them, see where they are coming from and try to find a way to support them or another way to support them.

No “I” in Team

Growing up playing sports we all probably heard, “there is no ‘I’ in teamwork.” The same is true in our marriage.

We must put aside the I and work on the we.

Find Common Interests

To thrive in marriage when it comes to teamwork it is important that you find common interests. You can do this by going on dates with your spouse to get away from the stresses of life and have fun with one another.

Certainly you won’t have everything in common but having some things in common allow you to have a nice solid foundation of teamwork in marriage.

Give Grace

In marriage, give each other grace. I cannot tell you how I wish I would have learned this sooner.

So often at the beginning of our marriage I always thought the worst and felt like he was doing something on purpose to hurt my feelings. Rarely did I hear the words and listen to the intentions of his heart. I let me determine how he felt.

Our spouse never does anything to intentionally hurt us as we begin to realize this and have an understanding of it we are able to extend grace better towards them.

Sometimes we might be a little stubborn and have a harder time or maybe we have a little bit of pride in marriage, whatever the case may be the sooner we can extend love and grace the faster our relationship with each other will be strengthened.

Lighten Each Others Load

One of the best things about being married is that we are there to help one another and by dong this we get to lighten the load of each other.

Teamwork in marriage is about being there for each other and being a support in each situation. As we do this we lighten the load of each other.

So next time you see your spouse being down see what you can do to lift them up, it will go a long way!

Let it Go

Did you start singing Frozen too? LOL

But really teamwork in marriage is all about letting it go.

Let the small stuff roll off your back so that you can both move on.

There is nothing more frustrating to me than someone going behind me after I just cleaned all the dishes out of the sink and putting a dish in the sink. “I am like hello, did you just not see me standing here for 20 minutes?” I used to let it eat me up inside… It literally would ruin my whole night and it made miss out on connecting with Ty in a positve way.

Once I learned to let things go our marriage improved as well as our teamwork.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Marriage is all about teamwork. When you work together as a couple you thrive, your marriage thrives, and your family thrives.

Together as a couple you should work together to set goals you would both like to achieve as a couple and as a family. By doing this it allows you to have a common purpose which promotes teamwork in marriage.

There you have it! 7 ways to promote teamwork in marriage!

As you work together in marriage as a team you will have a happier healthier relationship where you both can thrive from!

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