50 Spine-Tingling Halloween Journal Prompts

halloween journal prompts image of all the prompts

Halloween Journal Prompts For the Whole Family Add a spine-tingling twist to your journal entries with some Halloween Journal Prompts. These 50 prompts are perfect for you and your kids to make some memories this Halloween! 50 Great Halloween Journal …

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15+ Halloween Books For Kids

Reading books to my kids is one of my favorite things to do! Holiday books are always a fun way to celebrate, so here are more than 15 Halloween books for kids that you will read over and over for …

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50 Spooky Fun Halloween Trivia Questions

Get your family into the Halloween spirit with some Halloween Trivia questions for Kids! Grab my list of 50 Halloween trivia questions and see who knows the most about this fun fall holiday. Halloween Questions Trivia for Kids We love …

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100 Halloween Would You Rather Questions

would you rather questions

Your Halloween season won’t be complete without these Halloween Would You Rather Questions! Perfect for little ones up to adults, this is going to be your go-to October game! Halloween Would you Rather Questions My family is on a serious …

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Halloween Bingo Free Printable

Bring on the Halloween fun with this cute Halloween Bingo free printable! Let your kids have fun and explore all things Halloween. 

Bring on the Halloween fun with this cute Halloween Bingo free printable! Let your kids have fun and explore all things Halloween.  Halloween Bingo Free Printable Halloween is such a magical time for children and adults alike! I love spending …

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DIY Halloween Popcorn Balls in under 30 Minutes

halloween popcorn balls on a wooden cutting board with black check linen

There’s no more classic pair than popcorn balls and Halloween. Halloween Popcorn Balls are so much fun to make and will get everyone in the spooky fall spirit!  Halloween Popcorn Balls Recipe I have the fondest recipes of sitting with …

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Mummy Oreos [Ready in 20 Minutes]

mummy oreos stacked on a cutting board

Spook your friends and family with these silly delicious Halloween mummy Oreos! As far as Oreo Halloween treats go, these are so easy to prepare and will be a hit at any fall festivity.  Halloween Mummy Oreos Recipe Between prepping …

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Halloween Charades

Are you looking for a new Halloween game for your family? Halloween charades is the perfect game for the whole family or your next Halloween party! 

MicheleMichele is a Family Life Educator with her degree in Marriage and Family Studies. She specializes in helping blended families be successful as well as ways to strengthen the overall family dynamic through easy recipes, fun games, parenting, and marriage …

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You’ve Been Booed + FREE PRINTABLE!

Grab some treats and put on your running shoes as you and your family share the magic of Halloween as you go around dropping “You’ve been booed” surprises!

Growing up in the country you sometimes miss out on experiences that you normally find in neighborhoods, such as getting “Boo’ed” each Halloween. Free Printable