50 Must-Have Items on Every Teenage Girls Christmas List

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Shopping for teenage girls can be overwhelming!  We have the Ultimate list of 50 must-have items on every teenage girl’s Christmas List.

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50 Must-Have Items on Every Teenage Girls Christmas List

Don’t stress if you have a trendy teenage girl to shop for, because my 2 daughters (ages 14 and 17) guarantee the girl on your shopping list will be thrilled to receive these gifts they helped me select.

This ULTIMATE GIFT GUIDE is packed full of more than 50 IDEAS for that hard-to-buy teenage girl on your list.

Bath Bombs:  These are all the rage!  They come in a wide variety of scents and sizes.  This gift set is sure to relax a stressed-out teen. 

Concert Tickets:  (or other events such as a theatrical production or sporting event). This is one of my girl’s favorite gifts, and one of my favorites to give because it creates memories and guarantees me some one-on-one time with them.  If you don’t already know the teenage girl’s favorite band, here are some Mom-approved bands I feel comfortable recommending: Thomas Rhett, 5 Seconds of Summer, Imagine Dragons, and Dan & Shay.  I also love taking my daughters to theatrical plays, such as traveling Broadway productions, and female sporting events. It’s fun to watch the female volleyball or soccer teams at the local universities.

Minky Blanket:  My Mom actually gave me a Minky Couture blanket for my last birthday, but it’s usually stolen from my bedroom by one of my daughters.  If you don’t want to go with the Minky Couture brand that is a little pricey, Etsy has some great handmade options.

Room Decor:  Every girl wants a sanctuary where she can unwind at the end of the day.  Add some flair to her bedroom with some matching decor. Believe it or not, these deer head decorations are very popular right now, and many different wall tapestries were hanging in most of the dorm rooms when I visited my 18-year-old nieces at college.

Full-length Mirror for their Bedroom:  How else is a teenage girl going to take mirror selfies and check her #OOTD?

Letters to My Future Self:  I gave these to my daughter a couple years ago.  I think she will love reading these letters in the future so she can remember how it felt to be a teenager.  

Apple Watch:  If the teenager on your list already has an iPhone, an Apple Watch might be the perfect pricier gift. Girls love being able to change the armband colors (think Swatches in the 80’s with a much more expensive watch). 

Cute Wallet:  Girls love purses and wallets.  If you don’t already know a certain brand or style that the girl loves, I highly recommend these thread wallets.  All the teenagers in my area wear them attached to a lanyard (also sold on the website). Bonus: the girl won’t lose her money so easily it’s worn around her neck! 

Stud Earrings: These Kate Spade earrings are classic and beautiful.  They can be worn with a dressy outfit or a more casual outfit. 

Puravida Bracelet:  My daughters and their friends have between 1-10 of these cute bracelets on their arms at all times. A perk to this company is their line of Charity Bracelets that represent different challenges teenagers might encounter or causes they support.  For example, there are bracelets for mental illness awareness, autism awareness, LGBT pride awareness, and various forms of cancer. 

Monthly Subscription Beauty Box:  I absolutely love this idea for teenage girls because it’s the gift that keeps giving all year.  For only $10/month, Sephora will send a box to the teenage girl on your list that is filled with trial-sized beauty products to try.  Girls love receiving their monthly box and being able to try a variety of products. There are also many other companies who offer a similar service, such as Ipsy or Birchbox or BoxyCharm.

Cute Shoes:  Who doesn’t love a cute pair of sneakers?  Right now the teenage girl on your list is either eyeing a pair of Adidas or the checkered old-school Vans that have come back in style (really, I promise…everything old is new again). 

Hydroflask Water Bottle:  It may not seem like an exciting present, but it is actually at the top of my daughter’s Wish List, because apparently “everyone carries one around school.” My daughter wants to stay more hydrated during the day?  Sign me up. Plus any water bottle that keeps a drink cold for 24 hours is pretty amazing, so I’m buying one for myself. 

Loopy Phone Case:  When I asked my daughter which type of phone case is popular right now, she immediately said Loopy’s.  These cases have a loop on the back to hold the phone easier while texting or getting that perfect selfie. But if you think maybe they won’t like a Loopy phone case, consider getting a nice case and then getting a cute PopSocket. You won’t regret it!

Hammock:  There are indoor hammocks that can be hung in the girl’s bedroom (which are SUPER cool), but even these inexpensive outdoor hammocks are fun because they can be taken on hikes, to a park, or even in the backyard and strung between a couple trees or posts.  There are actually parks in my area of the country that have posts specifically for “hammocking” with friends. 

Gloves (to text with):  Because nothing is worse than not being able to put your thumbprint into your phone when it’s cold outside. 

Cute Socks:  Forget about boring socks.  Girls love colorful patterned socks now.  Sometimes they don’t even care if the socks match. Thanks for making laundry sorting easier, 2018.

Hobby Accessories:  Does the girl on your list have a special talent or hobby that you can incorporate into a gift?  Ideas might be ski/snowboard gear, dance gear (such as a leotard, soccer gear (such as new shin guards), etc.

Books:  I love to buy books for my kids because I’m a firm believer that reading helps people become more well-rounded, critical thinkers.  There are thousands of great books for teenage girls. My older daughter is getting this trilogy for her birthday because she loved the movie Crazy Rich Asians. 

Fuzzy Rug:  What teenager wouldn’t want to cuddle up with a good book on this rug?

Pottery Barn Wallpaper (that looks like shiplap):  The TV show Fixer Upper made shiplap become all the rage, and now you can get the look without all the nailing.  Turn her bedroom or bathroom into a trendy hangout. 

Light Up Mirror:  My daughters use theirs every day when applying makeup and trying to keep their faces acne-free.

Popsocket: If the teenager already has a phone case they love, just get them a Popsocket to help them hold their phone.  I love my Popsocket because I can prop up my phone while watching a video or Facetime. 

Photo Clip Lights and Polaroid Camera:  It makes me laugh that kids these days think it’s cool to have actual printed photos.  I’m still getting used to the digital era, but they want the retro feel of decorating with their favorite photos.  There are many cute options for stringing pictures across the girl’s wall. My favorite ones include a string of lights as well.  If you really want to get on the teenager’s good side, buy the newest version of a Polaroid camera so she can instantly hang some photos.  And if you REALLY want to impress the teenager, get her the more expensive (but cuter) Fujifilm Instant Camera.

Perfume: Around the holidays, it’s easy to find perfume sample kits in department stores, Ulta, or Sephora.  If you would rather buy just one perfume, go with Marc Jacobs Daisy. It smells incredible and is well-known as being a high-end option in the teenage crowd.

C.C. Beanie:  These hats are just plain cute.  Their newest version actually has a hole in the top for pulling hair through.  Now the messy bun look can withstand the frigid temperatures.

Electric Face Cleansing Brush:  Where was this when I anguished over my clogged pores as a teenager? Simple washcloths are SO last generation. 

Phone Camera Light:  Whether they are Snapchatting a friend or trying to get the perfect profile picture for Instagram, they will get the perfect lighting with this accessory that clips onto their phone.

Echo Dot:  “Alexa, play my favorite song!” “Alexa, do you have a boyfriend?”  “Alexa, I’m tired. Turn off my light.” Alexa helps teenagers take laziness to a whole new level.

Straightener or Curling Wand Forget about curling irons. Girls these days don’t even know how to use curling irons because they’ve learned to curl on wands.  My teenage niece said the other day, “Curling irons make grandma curls, but wands make pretty curls.” Good to know for my own reference.  If the girl on your list isn’t into curling her hair, she may want a new straightener. My Chi straightener has been used almost daily for 8 years and has plenty of life left in it.

Beach Waver: This cute beachy wave hairstyle has been in style for a while, but now you can get it without having to actually curl your hair. Every teenage girl wants this new hairdo that takes less time than curling.

Makeup Brush Set with Naked Eye Shadow:  The Urban Decay Naked brand eye shadow kits are hands down the favorite in my house.  I buy the cheaper Elf brushes to apply the shadow and find that they work great, but there are many nicer options on the market as well.

Scrunchies:  Prepare yourself. I don’t want to scare you into doing the Thriller dance, but scrunchies are “soooo cool” again.  Girls love that they don’t leave a kink in their hair, and this brand has cute options that have a bow. My daughter bought an entire pack of these scrunchies last month and has worn them almost every day.

Onesie PJ’s: Onesie pajamas are totally in style right now! I have heard about teenage girls raving about getting some! They are comfy and they can just lounge in them while relaxing on a Saturday.

Mini Drone: Kids are wanting these for taking cool Instagram pics.  They can be the envy of all their Instagram followers with this inexpensive drone option.  Just imagine the photos they can capture from above. 

Portable Phone Charger for “Emergencies”:  And by “emergencies,” I mean literally every day of my teenage daughter’s lives.  I’m not quite sure how they go through an entire phone charge while apparently studying in school all day (ahem, got off your phone, girls, and listen to the teacher), but this amazing little device holds almost 3 ½ full phone charges!

Beauty Blender:  Fingers are so yesterday.  My daughter uses a beauty blender to apply her makeup in the car every morning.  Heaven forbid she get up 10 minutes earlier and apply all of her makeup at home. 

Letter Sign:  You’ve probably seen these around town.  They are the latest way to express your thoughts after chalkboards lost their excitement.  Girls can display inspirational thoughts or silly sayings.

Airpods Wireless Headphones:  Beats were the “thing” a couple years ago, but now all the teenagers want Airpods.  I don’t blame them. I’m hoping Santa brings me some to use at the gym.

Hunter Rain Boots:  These are adorable and functional.  They’ve been in style for a few years already, and my daughters claim they are still just as trendy.

Levi’s:  Yes, the same brand that has been around for generations.  That little red tag on the back of the jeans can turn a girl into a trendsetter.  My daughter bought several pairs of Levi’s with her back-to-school money, but she claims the most popular ones with teenager right now are 721’s.

Sunglasses:  There are cute options at Target that may be perfect for the teenage girl on your list, but if she wants some higher-end sunglasses, these Kate Spade’s will get her many looks and compliments.

Gel Nails:  If your girl wants the look of salon nails without the salon prices, get her this set of gel nail polish as well as the light that sets the look. This is what my younger daughter got for her birthday.  She also loved the nail art kit I ordered off Amazon.

Sports Team Apparel from Pink:  Yes, even sports apparel have a name brand these days.  Pink by Victoria’s Secret makes the comfiest sports apparel, and the Pink brand is popular among all the teenage girls.  Just pick the girl’s favorite sports team off this list and you will be given many options to choose from. 

Card Game:  If you’re looking for a simple game that can be played with friends or family, this is a sure winner.  We all have awkward moments in life; why not laugh about them?

Rainbow-Striped Sweater:  To go along with those Levi’s.  I know you are laughing out loud because you probably owned a sweater very similar to some of these styles back in the day, but rainbow stripes are walking through junior high and high schools all around the country.  In fact, my older daughter just bought herself one from a local boutique last week and told me “everyone at school loved it!”

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers:  Maybe you already know about these home fragrances, but I’m late to the game and my daughters couldn’t be more thrilled. I just picked up some fall scents last week and it’s like an autumn heaven in my home now.  Simply buy one of the wall outlets (the ones that light up are my favorite because they double as a nightlight) and then pick your favorite scents. My younger daughter loves that her room smells like Pumpkin Cupcake right now. 

Bluetooth Speaker and Lamp/Night Light: This Bluetooth speaker and lamp has amazing reviews! Your teenager can listen to her music without using big speakers and it has a touch night light and changes colors!

Personalized Wristlet Keyring for the Teenage Driver:  Has the girl on your list gotten her drivers license yet?  Last year I went on Etsy when my daughter was turning 16 and ordered her a personalized keychain with her name. She loves it!

Tassel Earrings:  Tassels are everywhere on teenagers these days.  There are so many darling tassel earring options at Target right now. Check them out, and grab yourself a pair while you’re shopping for the teen. 

Necklace Holder: This necklace holder is so freaking adorable and it’s available in two different colors. Now your daughter can organize her necklaces without them getting into knots.

Philosophy Beauty Products:  My daughter specifically asked for Philosophy brand shampoo, conditioner, and body wash a few years ago.  I was tempted to settle for a cheaper option, but once I smelled the products, I was hooked. Vanilla Birthday Cake and Orange Pineapple Smoothie are a couple of my daughter’s favorites. 

Alarm Clock:  I’ve been trying to limit my daughter’s time on their cell phones, so I’ve implemented a policy where they are required to turn in their phones at a certain time of night. Their first concern was being able to wake up in the morning since they used the alarm on their phone.  I quickly solved that issue by being them each an alarm clock. This clock is perfect because it slowly lights their room in the morning before the alarm goes off, making it easier for them to get out of bed on time.

Gift Card: If all else fails (but I promise it won’t with these great gift ideas!), you can always settle on giving them a gift card to their favorite store.  But a gift card never gets the reaction that the teenage girl on your list may give with one of the more personal options above. Happy shopping!

Journal: This can encourage your teenager to keep a journal and write about her day! These are great for them to read back on. Journaling is also good for organizing thoughts and feelings!


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