18 of the Best Road Trip Games for Kids

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Road tripping is sometimes the best part when it comes to vacation, but if you have kids then there is no guarantee that your car trip will be peaceful or happy. So, if you are traveling with the kids you need to carry the most important thing which is of course road trip games for kids. 

If you plan it right these road trip games can make your time in the car fly by as they will keep the kids entertained and happy. Whatever your kids are toddlers or teens we have the perfect game on the list for them. You can find plenty of road trip games for kids that will help your kid while going for a long drive. 

Road Trip Games for Kids

The great thing about these games is most of them come in our road trip activity bundle that you can print and take with you on the road! We recommend laminating pages for added durability and multiple use on your road trip and grabbing some dry erase pens so that you can use them again and again. 

While you are at it be sure to grab your road trip songs so that you have the perfect music on the whole trip!

  1. I Spy

I Spy, a top game in the list of best road trip games for kids. In this game, the players should select an object which is inside the car or something in the sight for a while. The players will give a clue about the object such as the color or starting letter of the object. Then everyone in the car will try and guess it. 

This kind of game will be suitable for preschoolers, and even adults can also be involved in the game. For example, if the parents give the clue such as “I spy something which is red and small”, then the kids will find what the object is. 

Of course, if you want a quieter game of this you can download our I Spy road trip game and laminate it for extra durability and then have your child find the right object in the picture. If you laminate this and use dry erase pens you can do it over and over again. 

  1. Road Trip Word Search

Printing a road trip word search is perfect for an individual activity for the car. This is not only a game, but it will improve the reading skills of kids. This is a kind of puzzle, and here you can find a group of letters on the board. You can grab our road trip word search in our road trip activity bundle. 

  1. Road Trip Maze

Are you looking for a way to keep your kids busy, and are your kids keep on asking how long it will take to reach the destination? Then here is the best way to keep your kids busy while going for a long road drive. This kind of game will take long hours, and in this road trip maze, the kid needs to find the correct path.

  1. Dot Game

If you are sitting close enough to a friend in the car then you can easily play the dot game. Just laminate for added durability and for you to use over and over again. Each person will draw a horizontal or vertical line from one dot to another taking turns. The goal is to complete a box on the grid. Once you make a box mark it with your initials and then you get to draw another line. When all the boxes have been made you will count up the amount of boxes each person made. The person with the most boxes wins.      

  1. Alphabet Letter Hunt

Grab our alphabet letter hunt sheets where you search for something that begins with that letter. Older kids can write it on the line where younger kids can draw a picture in each of the boxes. If you want to use these again and again, just laminate them and use dry erase markers. 

  1. Road Trip Bingo

In road trip bingo you will want to pass out the cards that you have. You will designate one person as the caller that will pull pieces out of a bag. Once they call a certain object everyone marks it off their bingo board. When you get an entire row or column marked off you yell bingo. If you laminate them and use reusable markers you can play multiple games of bingo throughout the trip. 

  1. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a classic game that helps kids develop strategy and logic skills at an early age. If you are going for a long drive, then this game will help your kid to pass the time, and keep your kids occupied. 

Use our reusable Tic Tac Toe printable to play. The first person to get three in a row wins. 

  1. License Plate Checklist

License plate checklist is recommendable for the kids who are 7 and above. In this game, the player marks off what license plate they see. The goal is to find the most license plates from different states while driving. The person that finds them the fastest or finds the most wins. 

This is an old-school game, and it has been played when there is no technology and internet access. This will be the best game if you don’t want your kids to spend more time on screen or you want them to pay attention to the surrounding cars. 

We love that you can print and laminate the above games and so they can do them again and again. 

  1. Road Trip Trivia

Road trip trivia is the perfect game to involve the whole family. Just grab our road trip trivia cards for hours and hours of testing each other’s knowledge. 

  1. Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Road Trip Scavenger hunt is a challenging game and it will make your kid stay busy throughout the drive. It helps kids with critical thinking skills, and is also fun to play. 

Grab our scavenger hunt cards and then divide them up evenly. Each player then looks at their cards and tries to find the object on the cards. The first one to find them all wins. 

If you want the game to take a longer amount of time pick one card at a time and the first person to find that object gets that card. The person who collects the most cards wins. 

  1. Travel Blurt

Travel blurt is a travel game, where fun is pretty much guaranteed. This game is recommended for kids who are above 10 years old or older. 

In this game, there will be a lot of cards, and each card will have a clue. Once the clue has been read out, the other players will blurt out the answer. 

To make it more fun and engaged, you can keep score. The person who has the most points wins. If the game is played in teams, then it will be even more fun.  

  1. Story Time

The kids love to hear stories, but what if we make the kids tell us a story. In this game, one kid will start “once upon a time” and the other kids will add a sentence at a time to complete the story. 

This game will continue till the story reaches a conclusion. The parents can record the stories to make the memory cherished for a lifetime. 

  1. The Animal Name Game

This is a fun and simple game that requires no equipment and just needs the kid’s involvement. In this road trip game, one player will name an animal and the other player needs to tell an animal name with the last letter of the previous animal name. 

For example, if one kid names an elephant, the other kid will name a tiger, and the other kid will name raccoons. In this game you cannot repeat an animal so use them carefully to see who gets stumped first! 

You can do this with names, fruits, foods, and more! 

  1. Spot it

The best part of this spot game is that you will get various themes to play. This game not only builds fine motor skills, but also improves memory.  

  1. Road Trip Truth or Dare

Everyone loves a good truth or dare, so why not play road trip truth or dare! All these cards are perfectly designed for your road trip to ensure you can do them while traveling! 

Beware it might get a little crazy! 

  1. Name the most

This is a competitive game to play with your kids. In Name the Most, you will compete in a certain category to name the most of that thing in a certain amount of time. 

For example, if your category is ice cream flavors, then you try to name as many ice cream flavors as you can before the timer goes off. You get one point for every flavor that you name and then it is someone else’s turn. It gets pretty tricky because your competitors get to pick your topic! 

Some Category Ideas

  • Name of the stars in the galaxy
  • Name of the states
  • US Presidents

Try out a sample of one of out most popular road trip games!


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  1. 20 Questions

The most notable characteristic of the kids is that they ask so many questions! 20 questions is one of those games where it is actually okay that they ask them all! 

In this game, one player needs to think of a person, place, or thing, and the other players will ask yes or no questions as they try to guess who or where or what it is. The player needs to figure out what the other person is thinking about within those 20 questions. 

  1. Hangman

In the list of best road trip games, hangman is a simple and fun game, and this game is suitable for kids who are 6 and above. In this game, one player will think of a word in their mind and will draw the corresponding number of dashes on the paper (one for each letter in the word / words). The other player needs to find the letters which are in the word. Each time they guess and the letter is not in the word, then a part of the hangman is created. The player will want to figure out the word or phrase before the entire hangman is drawn. 

What’s Included in the Road Trip Activity Bundle?

Ready to head out on a road trip and ready to grab everything you need! In our road trip bundle we have everything you need! 

Here’s what’s included over 75 pages of fun!

– Road Trip Bingo (6 different cards)

– License Plate Checklist

– 48 Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Cards

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– 50 Road Trip Would You Rather Questions

– 100 Road Trip Truth or Dare Questions (50 Truth cards + 50 Dare cards)

– Alphabet letter Hunt

– Road Trip tic tac toe

– Road Trip Connect the Dots

– Road Trip Mazes

– Road Trip Word Search

– Road Trip I Spy

I Spy Picture Drawing

– Road Trip Bucks. For your kids to earn for good behavior to redeem on the trip at stops as well as when you get to your final destination! 

– Road Trip Don’t Open Tags to attach to new games and special treats when you get to the designated place or time. 

– Road Trip Packing List

– Road Trip Packing Checklist

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