First Time Mom Tips I Wish I Knew Sooner

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When we become first time moms our lives change! There were so many things I wish I knew! Here are 7 First time mom tips I wish I Knew Sooner! 

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First Time Mom Tips

When I gave birth to my sweet little girl, time stopped. Nothing else in the world mattered (not even the afterpains, the throbbing from my episiotomy being sewn shut, or the intense exhaustion from pushing a baby’s head through my pelvic area). My whole soul was enveloped in her; in discovering every tiny detail that I could about her and her beauty. It truly was the most magical moment of my life. I’m talking even better than Disneyland, ice cream, or chocolate, MAGIC.

The hospital stay, of course, flew by too fast. And before I knew it, I was alone. Alone with this tiny human who was completely dependent on me. This is when the metaphorical bomb dropped, and the magic began to dissipate with each passing day.

Of course, when it stopped feeling so fantastic and wonderful, the guilt started to creep in.

Why wasn’t I more excited to be taking care of my brand new baby?

Why was I more concerned about sleeping than I was about holding her and enjoying her little cooing?

Ladies listen up! These are completely normal thoughts. 100%, certifiably, normal. So here are a few first-time mom tips that will improve the quality of your life, guaranteed.

First Time Mom Tip #1- Do not feel guilty for your emotions.

After pregnancy and birth, our hormones are on a rollercoaster ride in search of homeostasis. We just gotta let them do their thing. If you feel like crying, cry. If you want to scream, let it out.

Holding back your emotions is never a good idea, they will continue building until you burst. Go out for a walk when you become frustrated. Tell your husband you need a quick break and paint your nails while you blast “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and sing at the top of your lungs.

Another way to release emotions is to journal. Sit down with a pen and paper, or at a computer and release those thoughts and feelings on paper. Getting them out feels SO much better than holding them in!

Do not feel guilty for your emotions

First Time Mom Tip #2, Always talk to your Doctor and be aware of Postpartum Depression.

Lots of moms worry about talking about their depression. Moms think they are crazy and sadly, sometimes their family feels like this too!

But guess what?

You are not crazy for having Postpartum Depression! No, you are not a failure for having Postpartum Depression. And no, you are not a bad mom if you get Postpartum Depression. These are some of the biggest lies we tell ourselves and we need to stop. So, rather than think you are going crazy, get help from your doctor so you can enjoy being a mom to your beautiful baby!

First Time Mom lesson #3, Fed is best.

When I was at the hospital, my baby breastfed like a champ. Never once did we have an issue.  When we got home it was a completely different story! No matter what I tried she refused to breastfeed! And so there I was pumping and pumping, and I was forced to give her a bottle! I say forced because I had been told about nipple confusion, breast is best, and how formula is not as good. What was everyone going to think when they saw me giving my brand new baby a bottle?

Okay, mamas let’s be real! Your baby needs to eat! So whether it is by breastfeeding or formula in a bottle, just make sure they are getting the nutrients they need. Fed is best. We never want to starve our babies. So, forget the stereotypes and the rumors and just worry about your baby getting the nutrients they need. End of story. Remember fed is best no matter how you do it!

fed is best

First-Time Mom Tip #4, You know what is best for your child.

Believe it or not, you were actually created to be a mother. Imagine that! It is in your biological DNA. You have been preparing for motherhood long before you got that positive pregnancy test result. Remember that and remember that you have been blessed with a mother’s intuition. If you follow what you feel is best, everything is going to work out in the end. Even if some days you feel like crap, just keep holding on.

So, when Sally down the street says you are doing it wrong and you need to do it this way,  smile sweetly and continue doing what works for best! You know your baby. And you know what is best!

First-Time Mom Tip #5, The simple stuff is usually just as effective as the expensive baby essentials.

My husband and I dropped $250 on an expensive baby rocker, only to find out that our little one preferred the $30 rocker from Walmart. So, spend money on things that matter like a good car seat with excellent safety ratings, a quality stroller, and a weekly date night with your husband.

Save money on things like diapers, wipes, toys, rockers, and sound machines. Buy used products to save extra money!  Don’t be ashamed to not have “top of the line” products. Honestly, they all perform the same function.

baby essentials

First-Time Mom Tip # 6, Don’t neglect yourself.

It is important to remember your own physical, emotional, and mental health. Don’t neglect yourself thinking that you are being selfish for taking care of you.

I made it a priority to exercise every day after giving birth. Going out for a walk in the fresh air always boosted my spirit and made me feel like I wasn’t trapped. There are other simple ways to exercise that you can do while your baby naps. Or while they sit in their cozy bed watching you. Several free workout apps offer 7-minute workouts that get your heart rate up, boost endorphins, and don’t require going into public (a major bonus).

First Time Mom Tip # 7, Don’t neglect your relationship with your husband.

Don’t neglect your relationship with your husband

Intimacy is key with your spouse following giving birth. Of course, your body needs time to heal.  But there are ways to maintain the intimacy that don’t require a locked bedroom door! A date night once a week can keep the romance alive. Try putting your baby to bed early and cuddling up to watch a show. Throw on some aprons and try out a new recipe. Call a trusted babysitter to stay with your baby for an hour or two while you go out to dinner. Or, one of my favorite dates is to explore Costco and enjoy the plethora of samples while you grocery shop, a win-win!

Whatever you do, try to encourage and uplift one another during this difficult transition. You will need to rely on each other more than ever, and it is important to look for the good that your spouse does, rather than focus on their shortcomings.

As first-time moms, there are millions of things we do not know. In fact, even as 2nd-time mom and third-time moms we don’t know everything! It is quite possible we might never learn everything there is to being a mom. However, these tips will help you as you become a first-time mom! They will help you maintain your sanity and enjoy motherhood.

What are some first-time mom tips you would add to the list?

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  2. These tips are SO good! I wish I had known them, too–or at least believed them. They are necessities!! #4 is my favorite, and it took me way too long to learn. I saw a onesie on Pinterest once that said, “My mom doesn’t want your advice,” and my first thought was that I wished they made those in teenager size. 😉 *I* am the one who is responsible for my kids, I know them best, and I can figure out what will work/not work for them. I know what they need. It took me a long time to learn that. Great advice. Thanks for sharing this great post at #heartandsoullinkup 🙂


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