Free Printable Calendar for 2022

Last Updated on November 8, 2021 by Michele Tripple

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Get ready for a productive and organized new year with this colorful Free Printable Calendar 2022

Free Printable Calendar 2022

I don’t know about y’all, but my calendar is my life. Without it, I would never remember all of my appointments, meetings, school events, practices… The list goes on! I depend on my calendar to stay on top of all of my commitments.

free printable calendar 2022 in bright colors with blue border.

That’s why I love this free calendar that I can print from home! It is so convenient and you can easily add it to your binder or put it on the fridge for the whole family to see. 

By putting it somewhere like the fridge or a corkboard, you can help your whole family stay on track and know what to expect each month. No more will the excuse “Oh I didn’t know that we were supposed to go to that!” be valid! 

This super cute calendar is so colorful, bringing some brightness into your daily life. Its fun colors make me smile. 

Get some cute pens to help encourage you to consistently use the calendar throughout the year and add another fun element to a mundane task. 

I know you will love this FREE printable calendar for 2022. 

Ways to Use This Calendar

Beyond just scheduling appointments and meetings, this blank calendar with the dates already marked can be used for so much more! 

Keep your kids on track with school assignments. Jot down the menu for each week to meal plan. Keep track of your work assignments, business needs, or projects. Add it to your bullet journal for an easy way to track your sleep, moods, or exercise. This blank calendar is easily adaptable to fit any and all of your needs! 

You could even print out multiple copies to use for the different areas of your life. 

I know you are a busy parent! Make your life a little more simple and organized with this cute calendar. 

Stay Organized!

I find that using a calendar helps me to juggle and prioritize my many commitments. Staying on top of my many projects and responsibilities is so important, and my calendar helps me through it all.  

For even more planning help, check out this convenient Family Meal Planner Printable and Meal Planning Guide to compliment your new 2022 calendar. Help save time during the busy rush of the week by planning out your meals and other major and minor events at the beginning of each week. 

Find more peace in your life knowing the complicated aspects of your life are neatly organized in your calendar. 

Take this simple step to help you never miss another important date! What’s your favorite organizational tip or method you use and can’t live without? Tell us in the comments!

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free printable calendar 2022 in bright colors with a blue border.

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