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How to Lose a Pacifier in Just 3 Days!


Each toddler has that one thing that they love more than anything in the entire world!
For some, it’s their blanket. Others kids love a favorite stuffed animal, and then there are those kids that love a certain toy…

I wish my daughter loved one of these things that I wouldn’t mind her always having with her, but it wasn’t… My daughter’s favorite thing just happened to be her PACIFIER!

To say her pacifier was her favorite thing is a huge understatement! I think she would choose her pacifier over food if she had too; in fact, there were times when she would take her pacifier out just long enough to stick a piece of food in her mouth. She then would stick her pacifier right back in.

We could not go anywhere without making sure she had a pacifier as well as me having two spares just in case she lost one. It was bad!

My 2 ½-year-old was addicted to a pacifier and I had NO IDEA what to do about it!

 Then one Wednesday at our Wandering Wednesday link party, where bloggers come and share great blog posts, I found an idea from Have Twins First on how to ditch the pacifiers in just three days! It was an idea she found here called Bye Bye Binkie: Ending the Pacifier Habit. I read her post and sort of laughed because I thought to myself, “YOU HAVE NO IDEA JUST HOW ADDICTED MY TODDLER IS… I mean that thing is in her mouth for at least 20 hours a day,” but I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try it out!


How You Lose the Pacifier in 3 Days

Step 1

From what I read from Have Twins First and Bye Bye Binkie, the process starts three days before you actually take the pacifiers away. You do this by starting the conversation about the pacifiers going away.

So 3 days before, I prepped my daughter telling her how big she was getting and how she could do such fun things. She said she was big too! I then said there were babies that really needed her pacifiers because they were little and that they really needed those pacifiers… She happily agreed (Yes, I was still laughing inside thinking this will never work). We had this conversation 5-6 times a day for the next three days. Each conversation lasted less than 30 seconds.


Step 2

It was the big day, Day 3, the day I had been dreading… I went through the whole house and found all the pacifiers because I knew if she had to find them she would have a major meltdown when it was time to give them away. There was only one more left and it was in her mouth! I distracted her with some candy and took the last pacifier and shoved them in the bottom of a drawer in a dresser so she would never be able to find them.

Then it happened, she asked for her pacifier! I told her that we gave them to the babies. This satisfied her! What?! Was this working? Throughout the day she continued to ask for her pacifier and I continued to tell her that we gave them to the babies.

No Pacifier at Bedtime? Send Help!

We made it through the day without any major meltdowns because we didn’t have a pacifier and I was relieved! It was time for bed. We got ready like normal. We sang and gave kisses, and then it happened… She asked for her pacifier. I reminded her that the babies had it and she lost it… There was no comforting herShe sobbed…I told her how the babies are happy now because of her! That night she cried herself to sleep and my heart was breaking… I was so tempted to go give her a pacifier, but I didn’t!  

The next morning she woke up and sadly came down stairs. She asked me for her pacifier, I reminded her that the babies had them now. Throughout the day she continued to ask, but less frequently than the day before at bedtime, it was similar to the day before, but not as bad or for as long. After a few days, she was no longer asking for it during the day, unless she got hurt doing something. Nap time and nights became easier too and got to the point where she was laying down without crying.

It’s been one month of no pacifiers and our life is so much better without pacifiers! Our toddler is happier (I never thought that would happen!), she talks more and plays more. Honestly taking her pacifier away was the hardest thing I have had to do as a mom with her. There were many times where I thought, “this isn’t worth it”. Other times I thought “if I gave it to her she would just stop crying”. Trust me there were many other tempting thoughts. With all that being said I am SO glad that I was strong enough to stick to the plan because we are so much better off without Pacifiers!

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 12.45.55 PM

I know that it is heartbreaking to take their pacifier away. This goes for them and for you!  If you stick to the plan you will be pacifier free in no time!





6 thoughts on “How to Lose a Pacifier in Just 3 Days!”

  1. How old was your daughter when you did this? I am planning on taking away my almost 2 year old’s paci… dreading the process to say the least.
    With my first born we went cold turkey and I was hoping there is a better way haha

    1. She was about 2 1/2. I thought about it around two and knew it was way too early for her because how attached she was because she wouldn’t understand but when we did it it seemed to be the perfect time!

  2. It’s almost time for us to give up the binky! My LO isn’t super dependent on it though so I’m hoping it won’t be to bad. I have been giving it to her less and less lately. Thank you for sharing this it will help so much.

  3. My daughter is almost 2 and has a little 6 week old brother. She only has it at naptime and bedtime so it stays in her bed. Any tips on this situation? I don’t know if I can have her screaming and crying in the next room for an hour with a newborn on the other side of the wall at night. I took it away gradually for the rest of the day when she wasnt even 1 yet but sleeping is a different story.

    1. I totally hear you Kristi. I feel like kids need to sort of be old enough to understand. I would ease her out of it slowly maybe try nap time first and once that is taken care of then work on bedtime. They just get so attached. Sometimes your sanity is worth the passie for a little longer when she can understand. Let me know how it goes!

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