Weekly Meal Plan #2

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weekly Meal Plan

Planning meals can be so time-consuming. Here we have your weekly meal plan done for you so you don’t have to worry about it!

Weekly Meal Plan #2

Hello everyone! I hope your week went well and that you found last week’s recipes just as delicious as we did! What was your favorite recipe from Weekly Meal Plan #1? Are you ready for this weeks meal plan? We’ve got some yummy recipes this week like One Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta, Coconut Lime Chicken, and for dessert, I Want to Marry You Cookies. So let’s get started! Don’t forget to grab your Weekly Meal Planner to make it easier for grocery shopping this week!

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Weekly Meal Plan Recipes Week #2

Monday- One Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta

One Pot Garlic Parmesean Pasta

One Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta from Damn Delicious is a GREAT way to start off your week. It’s creamy, easy, and uses simple ingredients. With taking less than 30 minutes to make and only one pan, this recipe is a no brainer for those who want to start the week off nice, easy, and delicious.

Tuesday- 3 Ingredient Brown Sugar Italian Chicken

3-Ingredient Brown Sugar Chicken

Chicken is one of those foods that you can do so many different things with! Yet, I still find myself making the same dishes over and over again. 3 Ingredient Brown Sugar Italian Chicken from Plain Chicken is a great recipe for when you want to try a new chicken recipe, but still want something easy, quick and delicious.

Wednesday- Sausage, Pepper, and Rice Skillet

Sausage, Pepper, and Rice Skillet

Want a colorful dish that will please everyone? Yes, please! Sausage, Pepper, and Rice Skillet from Life Made Simple is the perfect dish when you are in the mood for a quick and flavorful dinner. Do you know what else is great about this recipe? There are different versions of this meal to make sure you can please your specific family’s tastes!

Thursday- New England Clam Chowder

New England Clam Chowder

Do you know what one of my favorite things about winter is? Soup! There is nothing better than sitting down with a nice hot bowl of soup. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. This New England Clam Chowder from Gimme Some Oven is the perfect meal for a cold winter day. Not only is this recipe delicious, but you can also make it vegetarian, gluten-free, or spicy! Whatever your family prefers, New England Clam Chowder Recipe has it!


*Side Dish- 30 Minute Dinner Rolls

30 Minute Dinner Rolls

Okay you guys, I have to come clean. I have a weakness and its name is B-R-E-A-D! I LOVE bread. The smell, the texture, the TASTE. I’m drooling just thinking about it! But the problem with bread is that it can take a looooooong time to make and when you love bread as much as I do you don’t want to wait. This 30 Minute Dinner Rolls recipe from Six Sisters Stuff will solve that problem for you AND it goes great with a nice hot bowl of New England Clam Chowder.

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Friday- Coconut Lime Chicken

Coconut Lime Chicken

Want a dinner that only uses one pan, is creamy, is Whole 30 approved, dairy free, Paleo, AND gluten-free?! Then look no further! This Coconut Lime Chicken from A Saucy Kitchen is sure to please all of your friends and family’s needs.

Saturday- Homemade Pizza Pockets

Homemade Pizza Pockets

Sometimes it feels like a battle with my kids–have them eat healthier or have them eat…period. What if it didn’t always have to be that way? This Homemade Pizza Pockets recipe from The Country Cook takes this classic after-school snack and turns it into a healthy meal that the whole family will love!

Sunday- Slow Cooker Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches

Slow Cooker Hot Roast Beef Sandwich

I love doing fancier meals but I don’t like spending all day in the kitchen. Slow Cooker Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches from The Magical Slow Cooker is that meal! With only a few ingredients, this throw in the crockpot dinner is the perfect meal to throw together in the morning and spend the rest of the day with your family before enjoying this decadent dinner.


*Dessert- I Want to Marry You Cookies

I Want to Marry You Cookies

If my husband had presented me with I Want to Marry You Cookies from The Cafe Sucre Farine instead of a diamond ring I probably still would have said yes. That’s how good these are! They have everything from white chocolate chips to pecans to chocolate chips. When you can’t decide what kind of cookie to make, try this perfect after-dinner treat that combines all the best flavors of your favorite cookies.

Well, that’s it for Weekly Meal Plan #2! This weekly meal plan has meals that your whole family will love! Packed with flavorful chicken dinners to delicious hot chowder to some delicious cookies, this week’s meal plan is sure to please the ones you love! Use our weekly meal planner to help make your meal planning even easier! And make sure you never miss our next meal plan! Jot your email below to have it delivered to you each week!

In the meantime, enjoy making these meals and show us which ones your family enjoyed most using #busymommealplan with a picture of the meals you made from this week’s meal plan!

See you next week!

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