The Best Printable Christmas Planner To Keep You Organized

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Stay on top of all of the holiday madness this year with this convenient Christmas Planner Printable. With dedicated pages for just about everything like gift budgets, meal planning, to lists of events to remember and more you will be sure to stay organized this Christmas.

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Christmas Planner Printable

The holiday season is full of light, love and laughter, but it is also a hectic time for many. I know I have such a hard time keeping track of everything and keeping it all in one place. 

I’m constantly scrounging between my planner, my phone calendar, my notes app, and written notes strewn about the house to name a few. 

That’s why this Printable Christmas Planner is so great. All of my notes, shopping lists (for gifts and groceries), and important holiday events are all in one place. 

I also find it helpful to prepare for the New Year by getting my calendars ready in advance. Check out our Free Printable Calendar for next year to further get your life in order. 

What’s Included in This Christmas Planner Printable

The planner has so many awesome pages to keep you on track, such as:

  • An empty December calendar and to-do page.
  • A few guided pages for your kids to write their wish lists down.
  • A Christmas Card list.
  • A few Christmas Budget charts.
  • Various gift planning pages, for immediate family, extended family, and even teachers!
  • Trackers to mark what you have ordered, wrapped, or shipped.
  • Christmas cooking and baking planning pages.
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday planning pages.

As you can see, there are so many incredible tools available in this Christmas Planner. Everything is in one easy place that makes your life more convenient. 

How to Use This Christmas Planner Printable

It is so easy to get this planner for yourself! All you have to do is grab your planner and print it. I like to print mine off and put it into my binder or take it to get bound at the office supply store.. 

The great thing about this download is that once you print it, you can customize it however fits your needs the best! For example, if you need more space to plan for Black Friday shopping, just print out another copy of that page and add it in. As an added bonus, you can print it year after year to be organized from here on out! 

Benefits of Christmas Planner Printable

Obviously the first benefit is that you can stay organized! Your brain already has too much to remember – what with practices, clubs, appointments, homework assignments, and more! Give your brain a break by organizing all of your holiday worries into one nice document! 

My kids love filling out the wish list pages. The different categories on the wishlist help them carefully consider their wants that stem from their multiple interests and hobbies. This helps me have more practical gift ideas that they would actually use rather than just abstract or unrealistic ideas.   

Get Even More Organized With These Other Helpful Tools!

Pair this Christmas Planner with my Family Meal Planner Printable and Meal Planning Guide. I find that when I take even a few minutes to plan ahead, my week goes by so much smoother. 

There are so many different options for calendars and planners. Physical journals, sooo many apps, sticky notes, memory. What’s your favorite planner style? Let us know in the comments!

Pin: Christmas planner printable with red border

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