Hot Cocoa Bar with Free Printables!

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Putting together a hot chocolate bar is so fun and so simple. In fact, our kids beg for us to keep up our hot cocoa bar all winter long, and I don’t mind either with these cute free hot chocolate bar labels you can download!

hot chocolate with sprinkles being poured on top of the whip cream

Hot Cocoa Bar

In our house, we love hot chocolate. There really is nothing better, except maybe Diet Coke, but when it is cold outside my body craves the warmth of a nice hot cup of hot cocoa.

In fact, so often in the winter, you will find me soaking in the tub with a big mug of hot cocoa and a good book.

So since we love hot chocolate so much in our home we decided to set up a hot chocolate bar so that we can have hot chocolate whenever the mood strikes.

hot cocoa with toppings in background

Setting up your very own hot chocolate bar is so fun! You can just have a station always set up in your home or you can set up a hot cocoa bar for your next party.

Any time is a great time to set up a hot chocolate bar, so today I am sharing my favorite hot cocoa bar ideas, tips and tricks to setting one up as well as our free hot cocoa sign as well as jar labels that you can download below!


What Do I Need for a Hot Chocolate Bar?

hot cocoa with whipped cream and peppermint stick in front of hot chocolate bar sign

A hot chocolate bar can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be. The only thing you really need for a hot chocolate bar is hot chocolate, all the rest of the fun toppings and mixins are added bonuses!


Hot Chocolate Bar Toppings

hot chocolate bar toppings with chocolate chips in spoon with some spilled

When setting up your hot chocolate bar you will need to decide on the toppings for your hot chocolate. On your free hot chocolate bar labels tags we give you lots of fun options as well as some blank ones! Some of our favorite hot cocoa bar toppings are:

hot cocoa bar topping labels

The possibilities of hot chocolate bar toppings are endless. Grab your Hot Chocolate Bar labels here.

miniature marshmallows in jar and peppermint sticks in jar


How to Decorate your Hot Chocolate Bar

peppermint sticks in jar with printable label

This year when it came to decorating my hot chocolate bar. I wanted it to be simple and classy since I was going to leave it up all winter.

I went for a simple buffalo plaid runner, this cute hot chocolate bar served here sign (it’s a free hot chocolate bar sign printable just for you!), this classic hot chocolate bar garland (again another free hot cocoa bar sign for you!) and that was it.

If you were throwing a hot chocolate bar party you could also add fun napkins, some greenery or some seasonal lights as well!

I went with these classic jars for our hot chocolate shoot as well because I loved how they looked with the scoopers!

You can also add some fun string or twine like I used to tie the labels on and use for the banner.


Where Do you Put a Hot Chocolate Bar?

hot cocoa with in jar labeled with printable hot chocolate mix printable label

If you are planning to keep up your hot cocoa bar for the whole season you don’t want it to take up a lot of space.

Placing it on a cute tray so you can move it around is a great idea. That way you can move it from place to place if you have too.

If we are having a gathering and will be setting up our hot cocoa bar I usually put it on a console type table or on the bar in the kitchen so it is a bit more spread out, but a small area is all you need for all your hot chocolate goodies.


Setting Up a hot chocolate bar for kids

chocolate sprinkles

If you are wanting a hot chocolate bar for kids it is really easy! I usually find cute plastic mugs or buy cute throw away hot chocolate containers that have lids so we have fewer spills.

When I set up a hot chocolate bar for kids I usually don’t cook the hot chocolate for as long so we don’t have any burnt mouths. This allows us to use cute straws for them to drink with as well.

The other tip I do when setting up a hot chocolate bar for kids is I limit the hot cocoa bar toppings that I put out. I have found that when you put out a ton of toppings the kids will put every single one of them, which makes for a lot of wasted hot cocoa because let’s be honest, not all the flavors in a normal hot cocoa bar go together. So with a hot chocolate bar for kids, less is more.


Hot Chocolate Bar Labels

hot cocoa bar printable labels

I feel like with any hot chocolate bar you need hot chocolate bar labels. We have taken all the hard work out of it for you and have these super cute chalkboard Hot Chocolate Bar Labels for you to print and use. There is also a page of blank ones that you can use if you add a few more extras to your hot chocolate bar.


Hot Chocolate Bar Sign

hot chocolate served here sign with toppings

This free hot chocolate bar sign is perfect for you to finish off your hot chocolate bar, so go ahead and download your hot chocolate bar sign and enjoy.


Hot Cocoa Bar Garland

full picture of hot chocolate bar

If you are looking for a perfect HOT CHOCOLATE garland you can download this free chocolate bar garland to add to your hot cocoa bar.

I hope these tips and tricks are helpful for setting up a hot cocoa bar!

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And don’t forget to save these hot chocolate bar ideas on Pinterest to help you set up your next hot cocoa bar!

hot chocolate bar pinterest pinnable image

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