The Best Lighthouse Riddles, Jokes, and Puns

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Sound the fog horn for these amazing lighthouse riddles, jokes, and puns! These will shorely be great to tell out on the beach or even a game night with the family.

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Lighthouse Riddles and Jokes

Lighthouses have been around for a long time and are so important for ships today just like Riddles, jokes, and puns when it comes to breaking the ice.

No need to worry about any wrecks with these lighthouse riddles and jokes- these riddles are safe to say in front of all ages so make sure to have fun with the whole family! They’ve really earned their stripes!

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The Best Lighthouse Riddles

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I am a type of building,and from the top I shine.I warn sailors about rocks, so that ships will be fine. What am I?

A Lighthouse

Every morning, there is a man who wakes up and turns off the light. He eats breakfast then leaves for work. As the sun sets in the evening he comes home and turns on the light. Brushes his teeth, then goes to bed. Where does he live?

In a lighthouse

What kind of house will never be heavy?

A light-house

I’m not a lighthouse nor a rock, but I live at the end of the sea. I can also be found in the sand, now guess what I might be.

Water or nose

Why did the toad become a lighthouse keeper?

He had his own frog-horn
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What kind of house can you pick up?

A lighthouse

What’s the difference between lighthouse keepers and jewelers?

One watches seas, and the other sees watches

Lighthouse Jokes

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A lighthouse owner noticed the tide was coming way too high and it could wash away his home. So he called 911

It was an emerging-sea

How many people are needed to change a light bulb?

This is one of the questions I should have asked before buying a lighthouse…

How do lighthouse keepers communicate to one another?

Shine language

What instrument do lighthouse keepers play?

The fog horn

What does the ocean say to the lighthouse?

Nothing-it just waves

Why did a man make his house out of balsa wood

He wanted to live in a lighthouse
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I got so tired of trick-or-treaters on Halloween that I turned off my lights and pretended I wasn’t home.

My lighthouse, my rules

I built a lighthouse…

But it blew away

Lighthouse Puns That Will Make You Laugh

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  • The lighthouse is a real keeper
  • Some lighthouses have been around for over a century. They really earned their stripes. 
  • I wanted to see the lighthouse but I mist it. I don’t have the foggiest idea where it is. 
  • Taking a trip really buoyes my spirits. 
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  • As a lighthouse keeper, I bring home the beacon.
  • Good reef, lighthouses are beautiful!
  • Are you for shore there is a lighthouse over here?
  • That lighthouse is beacon my heart.
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Do you have other lighthouse riddles, jokes, and puns that you love? Add them in the comments so that we can add them to the list! 

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