8 Tips for Second Pregnancy Planning – Get Everyone Ready

Are you trying to get ready for baby number two? Come and get our second pregnancy planning checklist to help you prepare everyone for that new addition!

Are you trying to get ready for baby number two? Come and get our second pregnancy planning checklist to help you prepare everyone for that new addition!

8 Tips for Second Pregnancy Planning – Get Everyone Ready

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They say that having a puppy is good training for having a baby. I can tell you first hand that that information is unequivocally false. The same people that say that will probably also tell you that since you have already had a kid, baby number two will be a breeze. I can tell you that it isn’t always blissful, but that having a second pregnancy planning checklist can make it a little bit easier!

While some basics are like riding a bike, making the jump from one kid to two is a whole new ball game. Don’t worry though! We have you covered with your second pregnancy planning.

Just check out our baby number two checklist!

Second Pregnancy Planning Checklist

1. Prepare Baby Number One

One of the hardest parts of preparing for your second baby is getting your first baby ready for the change. Depending on their age, baby number one may have a lot of questions.

They may already feel threatened by the amount of change happening because of the new baby. One strategy that may help is reading books about new babies to help them understand through the character’s stories.

8 Tips for Second Pregnancy Planning

2. Inventory What You Have

The nice thing about having a second kid is that you probably have a lot of stuff stored away from the first baby. It’s time to pull all of that stuff out and see what’s suitable for baby two.

Some of it may not be gender friendly, and some of it may not be in as great of condition as you thought it was. Once you know what you have, you can start planning on what to buy and or request as gifts.

3. Make Sure You Have Basic Needs

It is great to inventory and plan for what you want for baby number two, but it is essential that you buy the must-haves. When you inventoried what you have, you probably came up with toys, blankets, clothes, and various other items. Try to remember that some baby stuff does not keep.

Make sure that you have plenty of diapers, wipes, and formula if you plan on using it.

4. Make Room/Declutter

Baby number two gives you the perfect excuse to declutter. Depending on your living situation, your babies may need to share a room. That means two beds, two sets of toys, two wardrobes, etc.

Now is a great time to clear out what you don’t need to make room for the new arrival.

5. Prepare Meals For The First Few Months

In the first few months especially, life is chaotic; the last thing you want to do is worry about cooking meals. In the time leading up to D-Day start preparing freezer meals that are ready to heat and serve. It may seem trivial, but it will make a world of difference, especially as you transition into being a family of four.

6. Strengthen Your Relationships

A new baby takes a lot of your time and attention, which can often put a strain on your other relationships. Take the time to let your first baby know that they are loved and that even if you are busy with the new baby, you will always have time for them.

It’s also important to strengthen your relationship with your spouse during this time. The stress from baby number two can put a huge strain on you both.

You may also want to get together with friends before the baby comes because a new baby will monopolize a lot of your time.

8 Tips for Second Pregnancy Planning

7. Take a Look at the Budget

It’s not something that anyone likes to talk about, but raising a family costs money and a new addition may mean retooling the budget.

Sit down with your spouse a take a look at the budget. Make sure to think about new, recurring purchases that will affect your budget like diapers, wipes, and formula.

8. Make Rooms Multiple Child-Friendly

Babies need so much attention, but so do toddlers, and it can be hard to balance their needs simultaneously. Make sure that there are multiple rooms in the house that will allow you to be comfortable and take care of the baby but also keep your first child entertained.

You may want to put a sleeping mat and portable crib in those rooms for when naptime hits. If you’re lucky, you can get both the kids to sleep at the same time in the same room, which would allow you to get some much-needed rest as well.

Having baby number two comes with its unique challenges and rewards, and just like with baby number one, it’s a learning process. What is nice is that your first baby, depending on their age, can help you with some small things like retrieving a pacifier or grabbing a new diaper when you’re dealing with a blowout.

Most importantly, remember that you’ve done it before! With a little preparation, you will be fully equipped to handle another child in the house.

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Second Pregnancy Planning Checklist
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8 Tips for Second Pregnancy Planning


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  • Sandra Barron

    Hello Samara,
    I have a four years old baby boy. Now me and my husband thinking about for our second baby. And I just found your article with super helpful. Hope so your tips make me too easy for our second baby. If you had more insight, I would much appreciate it. Thanks for your helpful guideline.

    July 21, 2018 at 2:06 am Reply
  • momlifewithchiari

    Great tips! I’m a firm believer baby doesn’t need much, mommy provides the nutrients – thankfully I’ve been able to nurse, I know it’s not the case for everyone, otherwise formula, blankets, onesies – no fancy dresses etc. because they won’t wear it the first couple months, diapers, wipes, stroller and car seat. Everything else is extra things you emotionally fall for and invest in, but not really in the ‘need’ category.

    July 20, 2018 at 10:34 pm Reply
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