4th of July Scattergories

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This 4th of July Scattergories is the perfect way to celebrate this holiday season. It is perfect to play with friends and family as you wait for the fireworks. Just print, play, and have fun! 

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Scattergories is always our go-to game when it comes to gatherings with friends and family. We always play Thanksgiving Scattergories, Christmas Scattergories, Valentine’s Day Scattergories, and of course this 4th of July Scattergories game. 

No matter how many times we play it is always different thanks to 5 different lists to choose from and 26 letters of the alphabet, your friends and family will love this game.

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What is Scattergories?

Scattergories is a fast paced word game that makes your brain think quickly to come up with the right word that begins with the right letter that no one else will guess! 

To begin each round you will choose a letter and then fill in the list of answers as quickly as you can with the certain letter word. 

When the 3 minute timer is up you reveal your answers to the group. 

For every answer you come up with that no one else has you get 1 point, if you match with someone else, then you both cross it out and no one gets any points. 

At the end of the round you add up your points to see who gets the most. 

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What do you need to play 4th of July Scattergories?

  • Printed 4th of July Scattergories lists for each player
  • A timer
  • An alphabet die or our printed letter squares
  • Pens or pencils for each player
  • Your family and friends! 

How To Play 4th of July Scattergories

  • Hand out the 4th of July Scattergories list and answer sheet to each of the players. 
  • Have one player choose a letter for that round. They can do that by picking one of the alphabet letter cards out of the bowl or use an alphabet die. If you already own the traditional scattergories game, you can use the die that comes with it. 
  • Once everyone has their lists and a pencil then start the timer. 
  • As soon as the timer starts, write down your answers for each category until the time runs out. Remember the first letter has to start with the chosen letter for that round. 
  • When the round is over, go around the room and share your answers. For every answer that no one else has you get 1 point. If it matches another person, cross it out and receive no points. 
  • Play as many rounds as you want. Just pick a new letter each time. 


  • Each answer needs to begin with the chosen letter for that round. 
  • You cannot use the same word more than one time per round. 
  • If you roll or pick the same letter for another round, just choose another letter or roll again. 
  • If you have an answer that you use the chosen letter for more than one word then you get a bonus point. For example, if your answer is Cookie Crisp for a breakfast cereal, you get two points!

Tips For Playing 4th of July Scattergories

Front of 4th of july scattergories printable card
  • If you are playing with younger kids, you may want to give them more time or pair them up with an older player. 
  • If the categories seem too hard, you may want to create your own list. We provide you with a blank list as well. 
  • Be sure to print a list for each player. 

4th of July Scattergories List

Round 1

  1. Something red
  2. Name an American president
  3. Name of a State
  4. Name a place you watch fireworks
  5. A food you bring in a parade
  6. A game you play
  7. A friend you invite to watch the firework display
  8. A flag you hang
  9. A food you grill
  10. Something you wear

Round 2

  1. Famous american actor
  2. Favorite dish
  3. Picnic food
  4. Piece of playground equipment
  5. Hang an American flag together with
  6. Something with blue
  7. A cold drink
  8. Name a music
  9. 4th of July decoration
  10. Firework color

Round 3

  1. A Float theme in parade
  2. Name a ice cream topping
  3. Type of candy
  4. Things you see at the park
  5. Musical instrument used in parade
  6. Thing you love
  7. A Party must have
  8. Type of cake
  9. A fun summer activity
  10. A Place to camp

Round 4

  1. Name an outdoor game
  2. Type of jello
  3. A word describing 4th of July
  4. A Summer staple
  5. Name a historical figure
  6. A Place you see stars
  7. Something patriotic
  8. Type of dessert
  9. Name a thing that has stars on it
  10. A costume someone wears

Round 5

  1. A patriotic song
  2. Name a loud instrument
  3. 4th of July tradition
  4. Type of vehicle in parade
  5. American City you’d like to visit
  6. Name a frozen treats
  7. Something put on head
  8. Name a City that have fireworks display
  9. Things you see at a baseball game
  10. Name a type of dog in parade

Round 6

  1. Name a 4th of July movie
  2. Something sweet
  3. Cartoon character in 4th of July parade
  4. Something that light up
  5. Things you bring in fireworks display
  6. Something you see in the sky
  7. 4th of July cookout
  8. Animals in the parade
  9. Something made in America
  10. Name of a street

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