60 Best Boat Puns [Free Joke Cards]

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Boat puns are the perfect way for moms and dads to engage with their kids through laughter and play! These playful jokes and puns about boats can make family outings or storytelling sessions more entertaining.

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Whether you’re on a boating adventure or just imagining one, boat puns are sure to bring smiles and giggles. Plus, they can inspire kids to think creatively and come up with their own jokes! 

Why I love boat puns as a mom

Several years ago, as a young mom, I was trying to find the perfect way to connect with my kids while they were away at school. One day, I decided to put a printable lunchbox joke in their lunches. I had no idea this simple (but silly) note would make such a big impact on our relationship in the best way possible! 

Every time my kids became interested in something or the seasons changed, I would add to our joke and riddle collection (like our fish jokes, turtle jokes, or our confusing riddles) 10 years later (and counting) jokes and lunchbox joke cards are still connecting us with one another. 

I know what you are thinking because I thought the same, “How can a joke connect me with my kids?” 

Trust me! It can! 

Not only have I received thousands of emails from readers telling me how jokes and puns on our website have changed their relationship with their kids, but I have seen firsthand in my own family how simple conversations and jokes can break the ice, relieve stress, and bond parents and kids in the simplest ways possible to create lasting relationships with one another. (Learn more on how to use jokes as a parenting tool)

I know these boat puns can come in handy in your life, too!

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Boat Puns

  • It’s al-waves fun when we’re out on the boat.
  • Having a reely good day.
  • Feeling nauti
  • Last but naut least
  • Knot too shabby
  • This is the mast fun I’ve had in a long time.
  • To be honest, I don’t give a ship.
  • A salt weapon
  • Don’t be such a pain in the boat.
  • It’s always ferry fun with you around.
  • Taking the sea-nic route today.
  • What a boat-iful day today.
  • It’s salt good.
  • Ketch you later.
  • Just call salt
  • I’m a total ketch.
  • Oh ship, we’re sailing.
  • I like big boats and I cannot lie
  • Lake oar sea?
  • What’s this all about?
blue border with boat with red and white sail in water graphic with a boat pun in black writing
  • I like big boats and I cannot lie.
  • I love my friend-ships.
  • I knew schooner or later I’d get out on the water.
  • Stern, Baby Stern
  • Buoy, these views are fin-tastic
  • I have a very Pacific taste.
  • I’d rather nautical
  • You are so boat-iful to me…
  • Last boat naut least.
  • What do boats love to chew? Ship gum.
  • Why did the boat get a promotion? It had sailed past all its targets.
  • Why did the boat go to the bank? To save its sinking funds.
  • How do boats greet each other? Ahoy, mate!
  • What do boats wear to fancy events? A bow-tie.
  • Why did the boat get glasses? To sea clearly.
  • What’s a boat’s favorite type of story? A sea-tale.
  • What did the boat say during a race? I’m on a row!
  • What’s a boat’s least favorite note? C-sick.
  • Why did the boat blush? It saw the ship’s bottom.
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  • Why was the boat always organized? It always kept things shipshape.
  • Why did the boat keep its feelings hidden? It didn’t want to reveal its depth.
  • What’s a boat’s favorite type of yoga? Ocean salutation.
  • What did the boat say during the storm? I’m feeling a bit seasick.
  • Why did the boat break up with the dock? It felt too tied down.
  • Why was the boat always calm? It had learned to stay anchored in the present moment.
  • Why did the boat join the gym? To keep its stern toned.
  • What did the boat say to the pier? Docked to meet you.
  • Why did the boat start a podcast? To share sea stories.
  • How do boats say goodbye? Sea you later!
  • How do boats relax at the end of the day? They drop anchor and unwind.
  • How do boats show their affection? They dock together.
  • What did the boat wear to stay warm in winter? A boat-neck sweater.
  • What do boats eat for breakfast? Cereal bowls.
  • Why did the boat get a timeout? For being knotty.
  • How do boats express joy? I’m sailing on cloud nine!
  • Why was the boat a great listener? It never interrupted; it just went with the flow.
  • What do boats use to brush their teeth? Anchor-paste.
  • What do boats use to make a call? A shell-phone.
  • Why did the boat always have a job? It never wanted to be adrift without purpose.
  • What did the boat say during a race? I’m on a row!

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