45 Best Yoga Puns [Free Joke Cards]

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Yoga puns are a fun way for moms and dads to engage with their kids through laughter and play! These stretchy jokes and puns about yoga can make exercise or relaxation time more enjoyable.

Whether you’re practicing poses together or just talking about wellness, yoga puns are sure to bring smiles and giggles. Plus, they can inspire kids to think creatively and come up with their own jokes!

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Why I Love Yoga Puns as a Mom

Several years ago, as a young mom, I was trying to find the perfect way to connect with my kids while they were away at school. One day, I decided to put a printable lunchbox joke in their lunches. I had no idea this simple (but silly) note would make such a big impact on our relationship in the best way possible! 

Every time my kids became interested in something or the seasons changed, I would add to our joke and riddle collection (like our fish jokes, turtle jokes, or our confusing riddles) 10 years later (and counting) jokes and lunchbox joke cards are still connecting us with one another. 

I know what you are thinking because I thought the same, “How can a joke connect me with my kids?” 

Trust me! It can! 

Not only have I received thousands of emails from readers telling me how jokes and puns from our website have changed their relationship with their kids, but I have seen firsthand in my own family how simple conversations and jokes can break the ice, relieve stress, and bond parents and kids in the simplest ways possible to create lasting relationships with one another. (Learn more on how to use jokes as a parenting tool)

I know these yoga puns can come in handy in your life, too!

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Best Yoga Puns

  • What did the yogi tell his dog? Nama, stay!
  • Why is the pear so good at yoga? He’s got a great core.
  • My superpower? I can touch my toes.
  • Did you hear about the yoga master who became a gardener? He wanted to practice “tree pose” with real trees!
  • I’m trying to write this pun about yoga. But it’s just not working out. It just seems a stretch.
  • Yoga: the best way to “knot” out tension.
  • Why did the yoga teacher go to jail? Because they got caught with too many “stretches” of the imagination!
  • I started doing yoga, but I’m still a little “stretched” for time.
  • I gave my cat some almond milk the other day. Now she teaches hot yoga on Thursday nights.
  • Why did the yogi bring a towel to class? Because they heard it was a “sweat-vasana” day!
  • What’s a pirate’s least favorite yoga move? The plank pose.
  • What sort of creature hibernates in odd poses? A yoga bear.
  • “Namaste” in bed all day.
  • Yoga puns: The yogi returned the vacuum cleaner just because it had too many attachments.
  • What happened to the yoga instructor who was arrested? She was sentenced to a long stretch.
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  • I tried to do the splits during yoga class, but I ended up with a “split personality” instead.
  • What do the kids call yoga? Twister.
  • I tried to do yoga with my pet snake, but it was too constricting!
  • Why was the yoga teacher so good at soccer? Because they knew how to bend it like Beckham and find their “inner goal”!
  • What do you do when a yoga guru goes missing? Nothing. They’ll find themself.
  • I tried yoga in the desert, but I couldn’t find my oasis!
  • Yoga? No, thank you. I’ll download an app to my phone so I don’t have to stretch for the remote.
  • Yogi or not, we all need a little “om” in our lives.
  • Yoga pants: because jeans are stressful.
  • Don’t hate, meditate.
  • “Savasana” is my icon animal.
  • 90% of the women who wear yoga pants don’t do yoga.
  • My mat is my happy place.
  • I couldn’t do my downward dog even after the 15th attempt. My friend said to my teacher, “Yoganna be disappointed by this one”.
  • How does the yogi order a pizza? Make me one with everything!
  • My favorite yoga pose is “child’s play.”
  • What do you say at the end of a squirrel yoga class? Nutmaste.
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  • What did the dyslexic cow say in yoga class? Oooooom.
  • A girl asked me if I wanted to join her in yoga at 6 AM. I told her, “Namaste in bed.”
  • What do you call a flexible snake that does yoga? A Cobra Pose-ture!
  • Stretching my limits, one yoga class at a time.
  • What is the most romantic yoga pose? Pro-pose
  • I Got Chucked Out Of Yoga Class After Misinterpreting The Half-Moon Pose.
  • I invited my yoga instructor to dinner, but they declined, saying they were on a strict “fast-ing pose” diet!
  • What do you call a communist doing yoga? Stretch Marx

Do you have some favorite yoga puns? Share them in the comments! And don’t forget to grab your yoga pun joke cards!

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