Card Games You Can Play By Yourself

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Looking for a few card games you can play by yourself? We have a great list of one player card games for you to try out! 


Typically when we think of card games, we think of a group of people sitting around the table playing cards. If you’re looking for some great two player card games, we have a list of the best two player card games for you to check out. 


Playing cards can be a great way to spend time with friends and family gathered around the table or on a camping trip. However, cards can be just as fun by yourself. We are going to share with you our favorite card games you can play by yourself. 


Card Games You Can Play By Yourself

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Quiddler Word Game

Quiddler Word Game is one of the few card games for 1 person that you can buy! In this game, you try to arrange the cards in your hand into one or more words. Every round, you increase the number of cards in your hand by one. You’re trying to get a high score with all of the cards that you use to make words. This is a fun game that takes a lot of brain power! 


Friday, A Solo Adventure

Friday, A Solo Adventure is next up on our list of card games for 1 person! In this game, you help Robinson, who came to your island fight off pirates. This game takes a little bit of strategy but is a whole lot of fun and a great option if you’re looking for card games you can play by yourself. 


Dozen Doubloon

Dozen Doubloon is a fun, fast paced card game you can play by yourself! This game takes a little bit of strategic thinking but once you get it, you’re going to love it! 


Wish Solitaire

If you’re looking for card games for 1 person to play with a standard deck of cards, give wish solitaire a try! To start this game, you’ll want to get rid of all the 2s-6s cards to make a deck of 32 cards. After you’ve shuffled, deal 4 cards facing down into a pile. Deal the whole deck of cards into piles of 4, lining the piles up so that there are 8 total piles in a row from left to right.

Next, you’ll turn the top cards of each pile over so that they are facing up. If you see any cards that are pairs, no matter what suit they are, clear them away. Once you remove a card from the top of the pile, turn the next card on the pile over so it is facing up. The goal of the game is to clear away all the piles in pairs.



If you want another idea for card games you can play by yourself, try playing accordion! In this game, the cards are dealt one at a time face up, placing them in a row from left to right. You’ll want to deal out as many cards as your space allows.. The dealing can be paused at any time if the player wants to make a move. After making a move, the deal is started up again. 

Any card can be placed on top of the card to the left, or on top of the third card to its left, if the cards are the same rank or suit. When moving one or more of the cards has made a pile, the whole pile is moved with the top card.The game is over once you get all of the cards stacked back up into a single pile!


Devil’s Grip

Next up on our list of card games you can play by yourself is Devil’s Grip. This game takes a lot of thinking and is a nice challenge but also super fun. In this game, you use two decks of cards with all of the Aces removed. You are going to make three rows with eight cards in each row, facing up. 


The point of the game is to stack the cards in sequences. The top row’s sequence will be 2, 5, 8,Jack. The middle row’s sequence will be 3, 6, 9, Queen. The bottom row’s sequence will be 4, 7, 10, king. You are allowed to move around the face up cards on the grid if needed. 

First, you want to start by moving the twos, threes and fours to their correct rows and start stacking in the correct sequence if possible. When a card is moved so there is an empty space on the grid, grab a card from your deck of cards and place it face up in the empty spot. 

If you’ve done every move you can find on the grid, you can start flipping through the deck by flipping over every third card to see if it can be used. The game is over when no more moves can be made. You then add up the remaining cards that are in the deck and that is your score. The closer to zero, the better score you have! 


Beehive Solitaire

Last but definitely not least on our list of card games you can play by yourself is beehive solitaire. In this game, you use just one deck of cards. You start by making a stack of ten cards that are facing up. This stack is called the “beehive”. 

Then, in two rows of three, lay out six cards to the left of the beehive. The rest of the cards are placed face down in front of you. The point of the game is to make matches of four on each of the six cards laid in front of you, using your beehive pile to help make matches.

 If you cannot make a move using your top beehive card, you can turn to the waste pile in front of you, flipping over every third card to see if it will make a match with one of the six in front of you. You can keep going through the waste pile until you find a card that will match. After the beehive pile is gone, fill any open spaces with the top card from the waste pile.

 If you can get every card in the waste pile into a group of four, then you win! If you go through the entire waste pile and still can’t make a match, the game is over and you have lost! 


Do you have any other fun card games you can play by yourself that you love? Let us know what they are in the comments so we can add them to our list of card games you can play by yourself! 


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