200 + Clean Never Have I Ever Questions

These Clean Never Have I Ever Questions (201 questions!) are the best ice breakers for any party or gathering. Whether you’re playing with two people or twenty, these clean Never Have I Ever Questions will keep things fun, interesting, and entertaining!

Clean Never Have I Ever Questions


At my house, we are always looking for more games to play to get to know one another and entertain ourselves. One of our favorites actually happens to be these Never Have I Ever Questions for kids. They keep the kids interested, laughing, and entertained for hours! It is so nice to have them on hand, especially if we are going to be in the car for an extended period of time. 


One day after watching my kids play the Never Have I Ever Questions for Kids, I realized how perfect of a party game this would be! So, I pulled together some super fun Clean Never Have I Ever Questions. You can play this game at any party, the office, at school, or even at church! You won’t regret keeping these Clean Never Have I Ever Questions on hand.


How to Play Clean Never Have I Ever Questions

The rules of the clean Never Have I Ever Game are incredibly simple. You can pass out soda, bubble gum pieces, or even just cards. One person asks the questions. Whenever there is something that you have done you take a sip of soda, put a piece of bubble gum in your mouth, or hold up a sign saying that you have done it!


There are no winners or losers to this game really. It’s all just fun and it’s a great way to get to know those around you! You don’t have to include any consequences either if you don’t want to. You can just ask the questions and have people answer if they have or have not done the thing in the question. 


Clean Never Have I Ever Questions

Never have I ever….

  1. Cheated on a test
  2. Broken a bone
  3. Met my idol
  4. Lied to a friend
  5. Fainted
  6. Been arrested
  7. Gone surfing
  8. Traveled out of state by myself
  9. Googled text abbreviations to find out their meaning
  10. Peed my pants while laughing
  11. Lied about my age
  12. Gone to work or school with mismatching shoes
  13. Been chased by a dog
  14. Gotten into a fistfight
  15. Slapped someone
  16. Eaten rotten food
  17. Gotten sick on a roller coaster
  18. Been on TV
  19. Cried for no reason
  20. Had a crush on a cartoon character
  21. Skipped school
  22. Lied about being sick to get out of something
  23. Told a friend their cooking was good when it wasn’t
  24. Gotten food poisoning
  25. Lied at a job interview
  26. Ignored the 5-second rule
  27. Spied on my neighbors
  28. Fallen in public
  29. Made a TikTok
  30. Spent hours watching funny YouTube videos
  31. Failed a class
  32. Had braces
  33. Gotten stitches
  34. Gone hunting
  35. Failed a diet within 24 hours
  36. Eaten expired food on purpose
  37. Gone bungee-jumping 
  38. Laughed about someone’s laugh
  39. Fed my dinner to the dog when others weren’t looking
  40. Snuck out of the house
  41. Made a snow angel
  42. Gotten trapped on an elevator
  43. Gotten stuck on a ride at a theme park
  44. Been out of the country
  45. Flown on a helicopter
  46. Stalked a crush
  47. Sung karaoke
  48. Played video games for more than 4 hours in one day
  49. Stuck my finger in a birthday cake
  50. Tried to blame a sibling for something that I did
  51. Had an imaginary friend
  52. Stayed up all night after watching a scary movie
  53. Eaten a large pizza by myself
  54. Cut my own hair and did a bad job
  55. Pretended to have my own cooking show
  56. Eaten so much candy I was sick to my stomach
  57. Gone trick-or-treating as a teenager
  58. Fallen asleep in the movie theater
  59. Taken outside food or drinks into a movie theater
  60. Had a crush on a friends sibling
  61. Put clothes on backward and not noticed
  62. Made up my own language
  63. Made prank phone calls
  64. Gotten so dizzy that I threw up
  65. Thrown up after seeing a friend throw up 
  66. Drank milk straight from the jug
  67. Played a prank on a sibling while they were sleeping
  68. Found a Christmas present before Christmas
  69. Been sent to the principal’s office
  70.  Gotten straight A’s
  71. Chewed on my pencil or pen
  72. Failed a subject
  73. Passed notes in class
  74. Joined a talent show
  75. Cried during a Disney movie
  76. Been to Disney World
  77. Fallen in love at first sight
  78. Had a nightmare about zombies
  79. Recorded a video of myself singing or dancing
  80. Cried in public for no reason
  81. Looked through someone’s phone without permission
  82. Gotten a tattoo
  83. Gotten multiple piercings 
  84. Been so sunburn I couldn’t wear a shirt
  85. Played a prank on my parents
  86. Messed with someone while they were sleeping
  87. Set my or someone else’s hair on fire on purpose
  88. Fallen because I was paying more attention to my phone than to where I was going
  89. Sprained my ankle while walking
  90. Gotten into a fight while playing a sport
  91. Broken something at a friends house and then not told them
  92. Injured myself while trying to impress someone I liked
  93. Pretended to know a lot about something to try and impress a crush
  94. Dated someone to make another person jealous
  95. Worked with someone you hated passionately
  96. Tried to impress someone that you hated
  97. Eaten snails
  98. Eaten alligator
  99. Been in handcuffs for any reason
  100. Read all the Harry Potter books
  101. Thought the movie was better than the book
  102. Talked to myself out loud in public
  103. Been seasick
  104. Accidentally drank curdled milk
  105. Planted a tree
  106. Won an Instagram giveaway
  107. Won something from the radio
  108. Been on TV or the radio
  109. Had a celebrity crush
  110. Farted and pretended it wasn’t me
  111. Walked into something and broken/dislocated a toe
  112. Peed in a pool
  113. Challenged an animal to a fight
  114. Done lip-syncing
  115. Made a wish on a falling star
  116. Done yoga
  117. Attended a work-out class
  118. Done a cycling class
  119. Had a gym membership
  120. Ditched church
  121. Secretly wished for all of Bill Gates money
  122. Wanted to be Insta-famous
  123. Shouted YOLO and done something crazy
  124. Danced in the rain
  125. Said “I love you” when I didn’t mean it
  126. Made faces at random strangers for fun
  127. Hidden food in my bedroom
  128. Fallen out of bed while sleeping
  129. Watched a TV show I was too old for
  130. Kissed a pet
  131. Waved to a stranger in a crowd because you thought they were someone you knew
  132. Gotten lost in a department store
  133. Cried after failing a test
  134. Hidden my report card from my parents
  135. Stepped in dog poop with socks on
  136. Drooled during my sleep
  137. Worn dirty clothes to school or work
  138. Eaten so much food that I threw up 
  139. Licked my pet
  140. Watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians
  141. Sneezed in public and snot came out of my nose
  142. Secretly worn my mom or dads clothes
  143. Lied to my parents about anything
  144. Flushed the toilet while someone was in the shower on purpose
  145. Cheated during a board game
  146. Been yelled at in public
  147. Read a siblings journal/diary without them knowing
  148. Been told I was spoiled
  149. Bought something online with my parent’s credit card
  150. Drawn on someone with a permanent marker
  151. Lied about my grades
  152. Hidden when I was in trouble
  153. Gotten something stuck in my nose
  154. Ignored a call from my parents or my boss
  155. Ran in a race
  156. Been fishing
  157. Lost my wallet
  158. Pet a snake
  159. Had an allergic reaction
  160. Gotten locked out of my house
  161. Canceled plans so I could stay home and watch TV
  162. Binge watched an entire season of a show in one day
  163. Had a Lord of the Rings movie marathon
  164. Eaten a bug
  165. Ridden on a skateboard
  166. Rode a horse
  167. Been in a food fight
  168. Fallen asleep in the sun and woke up sunburn
  169. Done the cinnamon challenge
  170. Been in a hurricane/ tornado/ tsunami/ etc.
  171. Pretended to have an accent
  172. Eaten only ice cream for dinner
  173. Wanted to be a movie star
  174. Been in a snowball fight
  175. Been stung by a bee
  176. Done a great April Fool’s prank
  177. Finished a Rubik’s cube
  178. Killed a plant on accident
  179. Broken a mirror
  180. Been in an ambulance
  181. Called the police
  182. Been in a car accident
  183. Punched a wall out of anger
  184. Had toilet paper stuck to my shoe without my knowing
  185. Accidentally butt-dialed someone
  186. Walked into a glass door
  187. Picked a wedgie in public 
  188. Fallen down the stairs in front of people
  189. Made up a rumor
  190. Practiced kissing on my hand
  191. Gone more than 3 days without showering
  192. Toilet papered someone’s house
  193. Stayed in my pajamas all-day
  194. Wore the same outfit multiple days in a row
  195. Shared food with a pet 
  196. Been afraid of the dark
  197. Believed in monsters
  198. Named a stuffed animal
  199. Stolen a book from the library
  200. Cheated in a contest
  201. Lied while playing “Never Have I Ever”


Now that you have 201 questions to start your game of Clean Never Have I Ever enjoy the laughs and getting to know each other on a different level! 

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