250 Would You Rather Questions for Teens

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Looking for a fun activity for your teens to enjoy? Share this list of 100 would you rather questions for teens and they’ll have a blast playing with friends!

Fun Would You Rather Questions for Teens

Would you Rather questions are so much fun! Kids and adults alike playing! But the teens always feel like maybe the questions are a little too little childish. So I decided it was time to make Fun Would You Rather Questions for Teens!

This list of 100 would you rather questions for teens is completely clean and appropriate but also tons of funny. They won’t be able to stop laughing as they make their choices and start fun conversations.

How to Play Would You Rather for Teens

If you’ve never played would you rather it’s so simple. All you need is some questions, and I have them all ready for you!

Just take turns asking and answering the questions. You can go in order or choose the ones you like best. There’s no winner or loser in this activity. It’s just a fun way to start conversations and have lots of laughs.

So what are you waiting for? Check out these100 fun would you rather questions for teens!

You can download our deck of questions below or you can just read off the list of would you rather questions for teens!


A Year in Review 2020-12

Would you rather…

  1. Be covered in fur or covered in scales?
  2. Give up all drinks except water, or give up water?
  3. Would you rather have all your clothes be 2 sizes to big or 2 sizes too small?
  4. Lose your sense of taste or lose your sense of smell?
  5. Have the ability to read minds or have the ability to see the future?
  6. Have a permanent splinter or a permanent bug bite?
  7. Be rich with no friends or have tons of friends but no money?
  8. Always be a few minutes late or always be super early?
  9. Have to wake up at 4 a.m. every day or stay up until 2 a.m. every night?
  10. Graduate 4 years early or get held back for 4 years?
  11. Have an old ugly car or no car at all?
  12. Underthink every decision or overthink every decision?
  13. Be transported 500 years in the past or 500 years in the future?
  14. Give up social media for a month or give up TV and movies for a month?
  15. Lose all your past memories or never be able to make any more memories in the future?
  16. Be an amazing artist or a genius mathematician?
  17. Go to any restaurant for free forever or go to any theme park for free forever?
  18. Be a sketchy person who works for an honest company or an honest person who works for a sketchy company?
  19. Be overconfident or be extremely shy?
  20. Be good looking but stupid or ugly but intelligent?
  21. Switch lives with a stranger or switch lives with your best friend?
  22. Have a permanent giant zit on your face or permanent B.O.?
  23. Spend the week in the woods or one night in a haunted house?
  24. Be able to only text with emojis or only text with abbreviations?
  25. Be a great dancer or a great singer?
  26. Know who you will marry or know when you’ll get married?
  27. Go for a year without books or a year without TV?
  28. Get perfect grades or be the best in the school at your favorite sport?
  29. Live in an amusement park or in a zoo?
  30. Have one best friend or 100 surface level friends?
  31. Have to listen to music constantly or never hear music again?
  32. Be stranded on an Island with your worst enemy or be stranded alone?
  33. Be an expert at one thing or have a basic knowledge of all things?
  34. Never touch anything electronic again or never touch a human again?
  35. Have the same dream every night or never dream again?
  36. Never gain weight no matter what you eat or never feel tired no matter how little you sleep?
  37. Have 1 million dollars now or 5,000 dollars every week?
  38. Be a boss or an employee?
  39. Watch a scary movie or a comedy?
  40. Find true love or win 1 million dollars?
  41. Ask for help or figure things out on your own?
  42. Be the president of the United States or the King/Queen of a tiny country?
  43. Be the hero or be the villain?
  44. Have a constant itch or a constant pain?
  45. Be a joker or a great listener?
  46. Stay home and watch a movie or go to a movie theatre?
  47. Have one of your dreams come true or your best friend’s dream come true?
  48. Go horseback riding or ride a roller coaster?
  49. Play board games or play video games?
  50. Do a group project for school or work by yourself?
  51. Be friends with an introvert or an extrovert?
  52. Drink hot chocolate in the summer or a milkshake in the winter?
  53. Have a huge birthday party or receive a huge birthday present?
  54. Go to a concert or go to an amusement park?
  55. Have a pool party or a park barbeque?
  56. Gossip or be gossiped about?
  57. Have a male best friend or a female best friend?
  58. Have a million followers on Instagram or a million dollars?
  59. Have celebrity parents or a celebrity best friend?
  60. Have chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
  61. Be able to recall any memory perfectly or be able to see the future?
  62. Learn how to dance salsa or learn how to breakdance?
  63. Listen to music with headphones or listen to music from a speaker?
  64. Miss your senior prom or miss your graduation?
  65. Eat a homemade lunch or buy lunch from school?
  66. Read fiction or nonfiction?
  67. Spend your free time indoors or outdoors?
  68. Spend the holidays at your grandparents or at your cousins?
  69. Take a group picture or take a group selfie?
  70. Use an Android device or iOS device?
  71. Never have to go to the dentist or never have to get a shot?
  72. Have school uniforms or no school uniforms?
  73. Win a sports car or win a free vacation?
  74. Take a guaranteed 100,000 dollars or a 50/50 chance for 500,000
  75. Have 1 wish granted today or 10 wishes granted in 5 years?
  76. Be a parent or be a child?
  77. Give only bad advice or receive only bad advice?
  78. Have 10 dogs or no dogs at all?
  79. Create one amazing hit song or have an album full of mediocre songs?
  80. Speak 2 languages perfectly or 5 languages relatively well?
  81. Eat the same meal for the rest of your life or wear the same outfit for the rest of your life?
  82. Party all night or sleep all day?
  83. Publish your diary or put an embarrassing picture of yourself a billboard?
  84. Be super fast or super strong?
  85. Be a police officer or a firefighter for a week?
  86. Be able to transform into an animal or transform into another person?
  87. Go to school for 20 more years and be a billionaire right when you graduate, or be done with school now and receive 500,000 dollars?
  88. Have a cool talent that no one ever knows or become famous for something silly?
  89. Always smile when someone says something sad or always cry when someone says something happy?
  90. Have people gossip about you or have people never talk about you?
  91. Exercise outside when it’s freezing cold or burning hot?
  92. Never be able to leave the house during the day or never be able to leave the house at night?
  93. Have to hunt for your own meat or never eat meat again?
  94. Lose all your friends except your best friend or lose your best friend?
  95. Have free wifi wherever you go or unlimited phone battery?
  96. Find your true love or find your calling in life?
  97. Go out to eat alone or go to a movie alone?
  98. Be the oldest sibling or the youngest sibling?
  99. Have a conversation with your younger self or your older self?
  100. Skip your teenage years or start them over?
  101. Be a donkey or a fish?
  102. Have the ability to time travel or be a millionaire?
  103. Have X-ray vision or be able to teleport?
  104. Lose all of your hair or all of your money?
  105. Spend the rest of your life without a leg or without money?
  106. Live in Paris or Italy?
  107. Eat rotten food or eat cow tongue?
  108. Lick the bottom of a shoe or the sidewalk?
  109. Wear dirty clothes or be naked?
  110. Win the lottery or have an island of your own?
  111. Be able to eat anything you wanted or be able to predict the future?
  112. Walk on the moon or be able to walk barefoot anywhere?
  113. Listen to music or watch movies?
  114. Spend the weekend with your mom or your dad?
  115. Go for a walk or go for a run?
  116. Have no hair or have crazy hair?
  117. Have a big house or a little house?
  118. Never be able to chew or never be able to see?
  119. Never be able to hear anything or never be able to touch anything?
  120. Get ice cream or get cookies for desert?
  121. Be able to change the past or change the future?
  122. Be able to speak to animals or speak with aliens?
  123. Forget who you are all the time or forget your wallet every time you left the house?
  124. Be a famous movie star or a famous rock star?
  125. Be able to drink really hot liquids or really cold liquids?
  126. Live life without your phone or without your middle finger?
  127. Have something great happen on a bad day or have a bad day turn into a good day?
  128. Spend every day eating the same thing or spend every day listening to the same song?
  129. Be completely fat or be tall?
  130. Only be able to speak to a translator or only be able to speak the truth every time you spoke?
  131. Be in a car accident or never be able to sleep?
  132. Be able to live a happy life or a rich life?
  133. Go out to dinner or cook at home?
  134. Only be able to watch Netflix or YouTube for the rest of your life?
  135. Go on a date during the day or at night?
  136. Eat a dead rat or eat live spiders?
  137. Have a date night at McDonalds or Burger King?
  138. Never wear underwear or never wear shoes?
  139. Only be able to listen to one song or only be able to watch one movie for the rest of your life?
  140. Be able to change the day or the month you were born?
  141. Take the bus to school or drive yourself?
  142. Eat food with your feet or have to eat food with a knife?
  143. Have a super power or be president of the United States?
  144. Only be in love once or never be in love?
  145. Know when you’re going to die or know when your parents are going to pass?
  146. Fail every test in school or have to go to school naked every day?
  147. Carry a flip phone or only use a desktop computer?
  148. Never play video games again or never use your favorite mobile app again?
  149. Spend a day without your phone or a day with no people at all?
  150. Read only e-books or read only physical books?
  151. Live without a microwave or live without a toaster?
  152. Have no air conditioning or no heating?
  153. Never use a GPS or only be able to drive stick shift cars?
  154. Only use Netflix or only use Hulu?
  155. Win an Oscar but not get to attend the ceremony or present an Oscar but not win anything?
  156. Be a famous rapper or a famous singer?
  157. Be a famous songwriter or a famous drummer?
  158. Have to switch closets with your dad or only wear the clothes your grandma buys for you?
  159. Be an only child or have ten siblings?
  160. Have your grandma or your grandpa follow you around school for the day?
  161. Own a restaurant with your family or own a retail clothing store with your family?
  162. Take care of all your family’s pets or have no pets at all?
  163. Wear winter clothes all year long or summer clothes all year long?
  164. Cover yourself in peanut butter or ketchup?
  165. Only use dog shampoo or never cut your toenails?
  166. Eat moldy bread or eat moldy cheese?
  167. Have your dog kiss you or your grandma kiss you?
  168. Teach a class in high school or have your parents teach one of your classes?
  169. Clean the bathrooms at your school or clean up after lunch in the cafeteria at your school?
  170. Have access to the teacher’s lounge or be able to drive a school bus?
  171. Be Prom King/Queen or valedictorian?
  172. Eat spicy wings or bite into ice cream?
  173. Work at Chick-fil-A or work at the fanciest restaurant in town?
  174. Be a famous baker or a famous barbeque master?
  175. Eat steak for a week or ice cream for a week?
  176. Do all the grocery shopping for your family or do all the cooking for your family?
  177. Eat condiments again or put them on everything you eat?
  178. Be allergic to chocolate or allergic to bread?
  179. Break everything you touch or get shocked every time you touch something?
  180. Have super strength or super hearing?
  181. Have a pet dragon or a pet unicorn?
  182. Ride a bike to work or a horse to work?
  183. Go to your dream college and have a lot of debt or an okay college and have no debt?
  184. Be a surgeon or be a college professor?
  185. Take every vacation to Disney World or New York City?
  186. Have a mansion or a private jet?
  187. Join choir or band?
  188. Always be first in the school lunch line or always be first out of the school parking lot?
  189. Go on a double date with your parents or with your significant other’s parents?
  190. Sit on ice or sit on fire?
  191. Wave to walk on ice or walk on hot coals?
  192. Spend one night in jail or be dumped by your crush?
  193. Hold hands or have someone touch your back?
  194. Do something dirty or do something clean?
  195. Never be able to shower again or never be able to wear clothes again?
  196. Be in love or be married?
  197. Have one child or five children?
  198. Have a large diamond ring or a small diamond ring when married?
  199. Have a banquet wedding or a destination wedding?
  200. Get to spend the rest of your life with your soul mate or fall in love with an animal?
  201. Be trapped in a woman’s/man’s body or be trapped in an animals body?
  202. Never be able to drive or never be able to speak?
  203. Have to work out for two hours or eat food non-stop for two hours?
  204. Be in a pie eating contest or be in a beauty pageant?
  205. Do 100 push-ups or 100 jumping jacks?
  206. Have to streak naked or fail the next two tests in class?
  207. Live in space or live underwater?
  208. Live on Mars or live on Jupiter?
  209. Be in a foot race or a car race?
  210. Get in trouble for shoplifting or stealing money?
  211. Get fired from your job or lose all your money?
  212. Get punched in the face or the stomach?
  213. Have to say swear words every hour or tell the truth every hour?
  214. Have to babysit on the weekends or do homework on the weekends?
  215. Wash your car or wash your body?
  216. Go through a car wash naked or have to step on nails?
  217. Buzz your hair or have really long hair?
  218. Never be able to go to the gym or never be able to eat meat?
  219. Eat broccoli or eat sprouts?
  220. Lick someone’s hand or lick their cheek?
  221. Get grounded or fail two of your upcoming tests?
  222. Pee your pants in public or fart in public?
  223. Be great at sports or be great at betting?
  224. Be talented in football or talented in soccer?
  225. Go to the beach or go to the mountains
  226. Go camping or go hiking?
  227. Go to a trendy restaurant or a concert?
  228. Eat fast food or eat fine dining?
  229. Super handsome or super smart?
  230. Win a trophy or win a small lottery?
  231. Play golf or play tennis?
  232. Get water spilled on you or wine?
  233. Wear black clothes or white clothes?
  234. Do arts and crafts or make a scrapbook?
  235. Journal or take photographs?
  236. Have your parents read your text messages or have access to social media?
  237. Have a lazy eye or miss a finger?
  238. Walk with a limp or have to walk backwards?
  239. Jump out of an airplane or bungee jump?
  240. Play twister or play truth or dare?
  241. Make a cake or make cupcakes?
  242. Bake or cook?
  243. Live in suburbs or live in a big city?
  244. Have a career or be a stay-at-home mom?
  245. Work at Starbucks or Chipotle?
  246. Eat burritos or tacos?
  247. Eat pancakes or waffles?
  248. Invent airplanes or never invent telephones?
  249. Invent a rocket or invent electricity?
  250. Do manual labor or have a desk job?
Looking for a fun activity for your teens to enjoy? Share this list of 100 would you rather questions for teens and they’ll have a blast playing with friends!


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100 would you rather questions for teens

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