100 Awesome Questions to Ask Your Parents Today!

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Asking your parents meaningful questions can really spark your relationship and start meaningful conversations. Use this awesome list of questions to ask your parents today to get to know them even better!

I have always been super close with my parents, excluding a few trying years while I was a teenager. I have always loved sitting with them and laughing and sharing so many memories. In fact, some of my best chats have been with them late at night.

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When my family moved to Texas 6+ years ago we no longer lived an hour away from them so it became even harder to visit all the time. I longed for those conversations we used to have so that I could remember all the things they once told me.

Everyone has a story to tell, but sometimes it comes down to asking the right questions. That is where this list of questions comes in handy! Use this list to spark deep conversations with your parents or even your grandparents. Now that I only have one grandma still living I long for knowing the answers to some of these questions, but at the same time, I am especially grateful I took the time to ask them the questions I had before they passed. These are even great conversation starters over text if your parents love texting!

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How to use these questions

These questions are perfect to start any conversation with your parents. You can use these over text, over the phone, or in person. These are the perfect questions to break the ice and get your parents talking and sharing.

When they answer some of these questions maybe film them or document them in a journal or on a piece of paper you can tuck away so you can always remember the answers for years to come even after they are gone.

100 Questions to Ask Your Parents

This is the ultimate list of questions to ask your parents and your grandparents even!

  1. How did you meet Mom/Dad?
  2. What was your childhood like?
  3. At what age did you finish school?
  4. What’s the hardest thing about raising children?
  5. How would your parents have described you?
  6. Tell me about the day I was born.
  7. What have YOU always wanted to ask ME?
  8. What happy memory will you cherish forever?
  9. What did you want to be when you were growing up?
  10. What was your second choice for my name?
  11. Who was your first love?  
  12. If you could change one thing about your life what would it be and why?
  13. What have you always wanted to tell me, but haven’t had the courage to?
  14. Has anyone ever disappointed you?
  15. What is your biggest regret?
  16. What were you going to name me if I was the opposite sex?
  17. Best trip of your life?
  18. What was your favorite band growing up?
  19. What were you doing when you were my age?
  20. Were you ever scared of anything?
  21. Who was your first girlfriend/boyfriend?
  22. What was dating like back then?
  23. What was your first car?
  24. What did your mom do for work?
  25. What did your dad do for work?
  26. What’s your fondest memory in your first car?
  27. What was your favorite way to spend your time?
  28. What is the best decision you have ever made?
  29. Did your family have money growing up?
  30. What did your house look like?
  31. What is your best investment?
  32. What were my siblings like when they were young?
  33. What was I like as a baby?
  34. What’s your best advice when buying a new home?
  35. Have you ever wasted your money on anything?
  36. Describe to me the day you started your first job.
  37. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  38. Have you ever met anyone famous?
  39. Tell me about your grandparents.
  40. If you could change your name to something different what would you pick?
  41. What is your favorite movie?
  42. Where did you go on your first holiday?
  43. Did you play any sports growing up or participate in any extra-curricular activities?
  44. Where did you go on your honeymoon?
  45. Where have you traveled the furthest?
  46. Have you ever gotten into big trouble for something?
  47. How old were you when you had your first drink?
  48. What are your fears?
  49. Were you ever bored as a child?
  50. What do you think the greatest invention has been during your lifetime?
  51. What games did you like to play?
  52. Were you ever naughty?
  53. Did you ever get arrested? If not, what did you do that you should have been arrested for?
  54. Is life harder or easier now?
  55. What did you love doing as a kid?
  56. How much money does a person need to love life?
  57. Have you ever lost something you love?
  58. Is there anything you still wish you could do?
  59. What is your most embarrassing moment?
  60. What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?
  61. What was the best gift I ever gave you?
  62. What makes you happy? 
  63. How would others describe you in middle school, high school and/or college?
  64. How did you decide on your career?
  65. What are your fears?
  66. How many times were you in love?
  67. What does success mean to you?
  68. Were your parents strict? Was your Mom or Dad the strictest?
  69. Have you ever had a health scare?
  70. What are the 3 happiest times in your life?
  71. How many countries have you visited?
  72. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
  73. What do you wish you knew more about?
  74. Do you think money can buy happiness?
  75. What do you wish you made more time in your life for?
  76. What advice do you wish you could give me?
  77. What did I do as a child that frustrated you and what did I do that you loved?
  78. How do you like to spend your spare time?
  79. What is your dream job?
  80. How much was your first pay-check?
  81. What would you like your funeral to be like?
  82. If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?
  83. If you could be invisible for a day what would you do?
  84. What’s the hardest/easiest thing about being an adult?
  85. How did you spend your Christmases?
  86. What is the best Christmas present you ever got?
  87. If your life was a reality show, what would it be called?
  88. Could you tell me a story or a special memory about your brothers and sisters?
  89. When you were young, did you ever collect anything?
  90. What do you miss most about the ‘old days’?
  91. What is the hardest thing about raising children?
  92. What is the hardest age when raising children?
  93. What do you like/dislike about your generation?
  94. What is the difference between smart and wise?
  95. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  96. What is your wish for your children/grandchildren?
  97. What was most rewarding about being a parent?
  98. Where were you born?
  99. Who is someone you admire? Why?
  100. What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?

What questions would you add to the list? Share in the comments so we can add them!

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  1. These are great questions to get to know your parents better. I bet that there will be some surprising answers there, hehe.


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