100 Hilarious Would You Rather Questions

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Here’s our list of the 100 most hilarious would you rather questions! This game is easy to play with family and friends and will definitely keep you laughing!

The Most Hilarious Would You Rather Questions

Do you ever have those nights with your friends or family where you want to do something fun without much effort? I sure do! I love spending quality time with family, but sometimes after a long day, I just don’t have the energy to get a game out or plan an activity!

Well, I’ve found the best activity to play that takes no preparation and is so much fun. My family’s new favorite thing to do is to ask each other Would You Rather questions

And guess what? I’ve come up with 100 hilarious would you rather questions so you don’t even have to think of any! 

How to Use Would You Rather Questions? 

Playing this game is easy. 

All you need to do is take turns asking each other the questions below… and get ready to laugh at everyone’s answers!

You can really play this however you’d like. Each of you can answer each question or you can each answer different questions. The fun part of this game is hearing each other’s answers and starting funny conversations.

If you’re looking for something that takes almost no thought but still brings everyone together, this is it! Take a look and try out these most hilarious would you rather questions

Grab Your Hilarious Would You Rather Questions Now 



Would you rather…

  1. Be forced to sing every time you hear music or dance every time you hear music?
  2. Only be able to speak in rhyme or only be able to speak in alliteration?
  3. Have no one laugh at any of your jokes or not be able to laugh at anyone else’s jokes?
  4. Narrate someone’s life or have your life narrated by someone else?
  5. Dress in bright orange for the rest of your life or dress in bright green for the rest of your life?
  6. Have a giant unibrow or a full back of hair?
  7. Always stink but not know it or always smell stink that no one else can smell?
  8. Have all you can eat of mediocre food or have a small portion of amazing food?
  9. Have hair that goes to your knees or no hair at all? 
  10. Look strong but be really weak or look weak but be really strong? 
  11. Be a broke genius or a rich person with no smarts?
  12. Have to eat all your food with your hands or use utensils with only your non-dominant hand?
  13. Be a clown or be a lion tamer? 
  14. Have a giant nose or giant ears?
  15. Eat ice cream with every meal or never eat ice cream again? 
  16. Have the head of a horse or the head of a fish? 
  17. Be able to sneeze chocolate or cry your favorite soda?
  18. Have to shout “HOORAY” every time you hear your name or do 5 jumping jacks whenever you see a baby?
  19. Be 2 inches tall or 20 feet tall? 
  20. Win every game you play or lose every game you play?
  21. Spend the rest of your life trapped inside or trapped outside?
  22. Eat a food you hate once a week, or never have your favorite food again?
  23. Never need to sleep or never need to eat?
  24. Have no sense of smell or a super strong sense of smell?
  25. Be a giant mouse or a tiny elephant?
  26. Live somewhere where it’s always freezing or always super hot? 
  27. Never be able to close your eyes or never be able to close your mouth? 
  28. Have unlimited tacos or unlimited ice cream? 
  29. Be able to talk to animals or be able to talk to your favorite celebrity? 
  30. Never stop singing or never stop dancing? 
  31. Wear clown shoes forever or a clown nose forever? 
  32. Jump like a rabbit wherever you go or crawl like a baby? 
  33. Drink a cup of ketchup or a cup of mustard?
  34. Eat a ghost pepper or eat 5 jalapenos? 
  35. Have a burnt tongue for a week or a brain freeze for a week? 
  36. Have all gold teeth or be missing half your teeth? 
  37. Have a live band follow you everywhere or have someone narrating your life? 
  38. Stand all day or sit all day? 
  39. Switch bodies with a sibling or switch bodies with a grandparent? 
  40. Eat the oldest thing in your fridge or drink from your toilet? 
  41. Have your bed be half the length or half the width? 
  42. Only be able to whisper or only be able to shout? 
  43. Trip and fall every time you use the stairs or go to the wrong floor every time you use the elevator? 
  44. Lose your luggage or get your flight delayed by 10 hours? 
  45. Have a third eye on your forehead or a third eye on the back of your head?
  46. Not have lights in your house or never be able to turn your lights off?
  47. Have to wear a tuxedo everyday to work/school or have to wear pajamas everyday to work/school? 
  48. Be famous and have no privacy or be a hermit and have no one care about you?
  49. Have one song chosen by you played over and over all day or 5 songs chosen by your friends played over and over all day?
  50. Always be too cold or always be too hot?
  51. Eat a handful of sour foods or a handful of spicy foods?
  52. Have no elbows or no knees? 
  53. Never stop getting taller or stop growing when you turn 10? 
  54. Have a fancy car or a fancy house?
  55. Have a pet elephant or a pet monkey?
  56. Fight a squirrel-sized rhino or a rhino-sized squirrel? 
  57. Pass gas and have everyone in the room laugh or be the only one laughing when someone else passes gas? 
  58. Have bad breath or smelly feet? 
  59. Have your hand stuck in a jar or your foot stuck in a bucket? 
  60. Have your hands turn green or your feet turn purple?
  61. Get sprayed by a skunk or poked by a porcupine? 
  62. Have bananas for fingers or bananas for toes?
  63. Forget all your passwords or post all your passwords online? 
  64. Not understand what anyone else is saying or not have anyone understand what you say?
  65. Watch all your movies and TV shows in half speed or double speed?
  66. Have no eyelashes or no eyebrows? 
  67. Only be able to watch 1 TV channel for the rest of your life or watch anything but only before 10 AM? 
  68. Have no fingernails or fingernails that are 5 inches long?
  69. Embarrass yourself on national television or in front of your school/work?
  70. Ruin the surprise for a surprise party or show up in costume to a black tie event? 
  71. Walk around all day with a nose plug or with ear plugs? 
  72. Have a never ending thanksgiving dinner or never ending Christmas presents? 
  73. Have a rewind button for your life or a fast forward button? 
  74. Be allergic to the sun or allergic to chocolate? 
  75. Have the talent of Beyonce or the smarts of Bill Gates?
  76. Wear the same socks for a month or the same underwear for 2 weeks? 
  77. Get a paper cut whenever you touch paper or a brain freeze whenever you eat something cold? 
  78. Have a food fight or a water fight?
  79. Win 100 dollars or have your friend win 500 dollars? 
  80. Start your life over or skip the next 20 years? 
  81. Have super strength or super flexibility? 
  82. Have nothing but spoons when you need a knife or nothing but knives when you need a spoon? 
  83. Only be able to pay for things in pennies or only receive money in pennies? 
  84. Give up Thanksgiving pie or Halloween candy? 
  85. Have a really bad haircut or a really bad sunburn? 
  86. Have something stuck in your teeth or have something in your eye? 
  87. Have the power to erase your memories or someone else’s memories? 
  88. Have a rap battle with someone or a dance battle? 
  89. Find a $100 dollar bill in the toilet or a $10 bill in your shoe? 
  90. Eat something barely undercooked or super burnt? 
  91. Always have wet socks or always have wet hair? 
  92. Always sneeze 10 times in a row or never be able to sneeze when you feel the urge? 
  93. Say everything that pops into your head or never be able to say what you feel?
  94. Have everyone around you talk like a baby or you talk like a baby?
  95. Be on a dating show or be on the Survivor? 
  96. Be able to predict the winner of sports games or the winner of elections? 
  97. Babysit a crying baby or turn into a crying baby for an hour? 
  98. Shave your head or dye your hair orange? 
  99. Be reincarnated as a hippo or a snail? 
  100. Be a magician or a clown? 


What are some other hilarious would you rather questions? Share in the comments!

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