100+ Fun Would You Rather Questions for High School Students

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If you are a parent, teacher, grandparent, or anyone else around teens, you need these 100+ Would You Rather Questions for High School Students! This Would You Rather High School version is the perfect appropriate but still so fun party game for teens. Just download, print, and play!

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Would You Rather Questions for High School Students

Is it just me or does it feel impossible to find games made for teenagers that are appropriate but still fun and silly? But not anymore! Since we love playing Would You Rather so much, I decided to come up with 100+ Would You Rather Questions for High School Students!

To be honest, these questions are just as much fun for me as they are for my kids, but they are geared toward teenagers and anything that might be relevant to them. There are plenty of questions about social media, parents, teachers, friends, homework, and more, all ready to go with these printable cards. You can also grab out Would You Rather for Teens, our Would You Rather Halloween and our Would You Rather Valentines Day for even more ideas!

If you spend any time around high school kids, you’ll definitely want to keep these on hand for any hangouts you have coming up!

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How to Play Would You Rather High School Game

Using these would you rather questions for high school students is so simple. The first step is to scroll down so you can access the questions. I highly recommend downloading the cards because they make it so much easier, but you can also see a full list of the questions below.

Once you have the questions ready, you can read them off and answer them. You can do this one at a time by picking a question from a bowl, you can answer as a group, or even ask each other in partners.

The more debates the better, because that’s when it gets really funny!

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Benefits of Would You Rather Questions for High School Students

Okay, yes, the main purpose of these would you rather questions for high school students is to have fun! But I wouldn’t be a mom if I didn’t also want it to have some benefits for my teens too!

Something I really like about playing Would You Rather is that it builds debating skills in a healthy and non-threatening way. My kids can practice discussing contrasting opinions with their friends and family about things that are more trivial so that when bigger topics come up they are more prepared!

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It also helps build more perspective, improve social abilities, broaden awareness of different topics, and strengthen friendships.

Playing a game like these Would You Rather Questions for High School Students that is fun for my kids and also beneficial is always a good way to go!

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Ways to Have Fun With Would You Rather Questions For High School Students

You could easily have fun playing with Would You Rather high school questions right at home for a family game night, but here are a few other fun ways to play!

  • use them as a conversation starter on the first day of school
  • bring them to a youth activity for church
  • have them as a sleepover activity
  • have a family debate and split into teams to prepare speeches (this is so funny!)
  • package them in a cute box and give them as a gift
  • bring them out for a birthday dinner
  • send them in your kids’ lunches to ask their friends
  • laminate them and bring them to the pool all summer long
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Download Your Would You Rather Questions for High School Students

You can download your Would You Rather Questions for High School Students right here!

100+ Would You Rather Questions for High School Students

  • Would you rather get banned from Twitter or Instagram?
  • Would you rather never play video games again or never use your favorite mobile app again?
  • Would you rather only use email to communicate or only use voice calls (no video calls)?

  • Would you rather be able to only send text messages or only receive them?
  • Would you rather be grounded for a month or not be allowed to come home for a month?

  • Would you rather get nose hair extensions or armpit hair extensions?
  • Would you rather read only e-books or read only physical books?
  • Would you rather live without a microwave or live without a toaster?

  • Would you rather have a huge pimple on your face on senior picture day or at prom?
  • Would you rather graduate but not have a ceremony or not graduate but be required to attend the ceremony?
  • Would you rather take an extra math class or science class each semester?
  • Would you rather get an internship or get a job?
  • Would you rather have no air conditioning or no heating?
  • Would you rather only charge your phone once a week or not have a camera on your phone?

  • Would you rather never use a GPS or only be able to drive stick shift cars?
  • Would you rather only use Netflix or only use Hulu?
  • Would you rather communicate only by hand signals or by smoke signals?

  • Would you rather be a teenager forever or never get the chance to be a teenager?
  • Would you rather wash your hair with bar soap or wash your body with shampoo?
  • Would you rather take a shower outside every day or never take a shower?
  • Would you rather get a pedicure or give a pedicure?
  • Would you rather have to listen to only Justin Bieber or only Ariana Grande for the rest of your life?
  • Would you rather read a book with no pictures or a book written in a different language?
  • Would you rather win an Oscar but not get to attend the ceremony or present an Oscar but not win anything?

  • Would you rather watch a foreign film with subtitles or a silent film with subtitles?
  • Would you rather be a famous rapper or a famous singer?
  • Would you rather only watch animated movies forever or never watch an animated film again?

  • Would you rather win American Idol or American Ninja Warrior?
  • Would you rather combine breakfast and lunch or combine lunch and dinner?
  • Would you rather tour with a famous band or tour with a famous comedian?
  • Would you rather sleep standing up or walk lying down?
  • Would you rather always be looking in a mirror or never look in a mirror again?
  • Would you rather have to switch closets with your dad or only wear the clothes your grandma buys for you?

  • Would you rather be an only child or have ten siblings?
  • Would you rather live in the same house for your whole life or live in a different house every day?
  • Would you rather have a famous family member or be the famous family member?

  • Would you rather have your great-grandfather’s name or his haircut?
  • Would you rather be the oldest child or the youngest child?
  • Would you rather have a fake tan only on your face that’s too orange or too brown?

  • Would you rather have your grandma or your grandpa follow you around school for the day?
  • Would you rather switch bodies with your mom or your dad?
  • Would you rather have to do laundry for your family or cook meals for your family?
  • Would you rather trade heads with the person on your left or the person on your right?
  • Would you rather eat out by yourself or eat at home with your family?

  • Would you rather accidentally walk into a glass wall or a brick wall?
  • Would you rather take care of all your family’s pets or have no pets at all?
  • Would you rather store all your food in your cheeks or in a hump on your back?
  • Would you rather teach a class in high school or have your parents teach one of your classes?
  • Would you rather clean the bathrooms at your school or clean up after lunch in the cafeteria at your school?
  • Would you rather ride the bus to school or walk to school?
  • Would you rather have access to the teacher’s lounge or be able to drive a school bus?
  • Would you rather say the morning announcements or be the school sports commentator?
  • Would you rather go to school four days a week for 10 hours or five days a week for eight hours?
  • Would you rather sing in front of the whole school or be in a spelling bee in front of the entire school?

  • Would you rather be Prom King/Queen or valedictorian?
  • Would you rather handwrite all your homework or use the computer to do it, but you always get one letter grade lower than you usually would?
  • Would you rather get the highest score on the SAT at your school or be the best athlete at your school?
  • Would you rather sound like a sheep or a chicken when you laugh?
  • Would you rather believe you have a spider-sense or are a wizard?
  • Would you rather bring a wand or a marshmallow gun to a fight?
  • Would you rather work at a summer camp or lifeguard at a pool?
  • Would you rather join choir or band?
  • Would you rather never lose a sports game or never lose an argument?
  • Would you rather be the school quarterback or have the lead role in the school musical?
  • Would you rather become a centaur or a mermaid?
  • Would you rather be terrified of pillows or terrified of blankets?
  • Would you rather see a squirrel wearing a scarf or an urchin wearing underwear?

  • Would you rather slap a seal or get slapped by a seal?
  • Would you rather become a pet rock or own a pet rock?
  • Would you rather be made of silly putty or made of play dough?
  • Would you rather get lost in a book or lost in a maze?
  • Would you rather get caught in an ant trap or a mousetrap?
  • Would you rather eat a banana with the peel on or peel a banana and find it has already been eaten?

  • Would you rather revert to being a baby or advance to being 100 years old?
  • Would you rather eat a spider or be eaten by a spider?
  • Would you rather find poop and not be able to smell it or smell poop and not be able to find it?
  • Would you rather eat food that’s five months old or food with no expiration date?
  • Would you rather drink your own blood or your own snot?
  • Would you rather live inside a grave or inside an urn?
  • Would you rather clean the toilet with your hand or with your foot?
  • Would you rather shave your head or have hair down to the floor?
  • Would you rather get tagged by your parents on social media or tag your parents on social media?
  • Would you rather make your own bed every day or make your own dinner every day?
  • Would you rather drink only soda or drink only juice?
  • Would you rather be stuck as a tween forever or skip the tween years of your life?
  • Would you rather only be allowed to watch Disney Junior or only be able to watch the news?

  • Would you rather be your sibling for a day or have them become your twin for a day?
  • Would you rather be famous at your school or be famous in another country?
  • Would you rather eat cookies for breakfast or for dinner?
  • Would you rather live with your mom forever or live with thirty cats?
  • Would you rather marry the person on your left or the person on your right?
  • Would you rather spend all day on the toilet or spend all day in the shower?
  • Would you rather smell like an onion or smell like garlic?
  • Would you rather skip cleaning the bathroom or skip cleaning the kitchen for a month?

  • Would you rather have an extra finger or have an extra toe?
  • Would you rather marry a stranger or never get married at all?
  • Would you rather save your pet or save your important financial documents?

  • Would you rather have really loud gas or really stinky gas?
  • Would you rather walk around with your pants zipper down or two middle shirt buttons undone?
  • Would you rather carry a flip phone or only use a desktop computer?

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