60 Would You Rather Questions for Kids

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Looking for a great way to entertain your kids or bond as a family? Download our would you rather questions for kids and watch your kids have fun!.

We’ve put together an awesome list of would you rather questions for kids that they are going to love! We know you might have kids that are different ages and different levels of understanding so we’ve made sure to include would you rather questions perfect for all different age groups. 

Try not only playing our would you rather questions for kids at home but in the car on a long road trip, when you’re waiting at the doctor’s office or in a line at an amusement park. 

How to Use These Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Playing this game is super simple!

Have your kids take turns asking each other these questions, or you can as a parent play these with your kids too! Go through the whole list or just pick a few interesting questions and play for a little while.

However you like to use these questions, you are sure to have so much fun with your kids and lead into some great conversations!

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Would You Rather Questions For Kid

  1. Would you rather be the fastest swimmer or the fastest runner? 
  2. Would you rather be able to control water or fire? 
  3. Would you rather be as small as an ant or as big as a giant? 
  4. Would you rather be paid to do homework or never have homework again? 
  5. Would you rather be a cheetah or a bird? 
  6. Would you rather eat broccoli or brussel sprouts? 
  7. Would you rather eat a grasshopper or a worm? 
  8. Would you rather eat a cupcake or ice cream? 
  9. Would you rather go on a rocket into space or in a submarine to the bottom of the ocean? 
  10. Would you rather ride a scooter or a bike? 
  11. Would you rather get stung by a bee or get 5 mosquito bites? 
  12. Would you rather be able to understand animals or have them understand you? 
  13. Would you rather stay up really late or get up really early? 
  14. Would you rather lick the toilet seat or the garbage can? 
  15. Would you rather be super hot or super cold? 
  16. Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly? 
  17. Would you rather have all brothers or all sisters? 
  18. Would you rather go to the dentist or to the doctor? 
  19. Would you rather go sledding or ice skating? 
  20. Would you rather always have to be dressed up or always have to wear your pajamas? 
  21. Would you rather never be able to eat pizza again or never be able to eat chicken nuggets again? 
  22. Would you rather see a unicorn or a dinosaur? 
  23. Would you rather fly with the birds or swim with the dolphins? 
  24. Would you rather have a pet kangaroo or pet giraffe? 
  25. Would you rather it be your birthday every month or Christmas? 
  26. Would you rather it be snowy or rainy? 
  27. Would you rather be a famous dancer or a famous singer? 
  28. Would you rather never have to sleep or never have to eat? 
  29. Would you rather get up early or sleep in? 
  30. Would you rather never get sick again or never have nightmares again? 
  31. Would you rather have one hand or one leg? 
  32. Would you rather have no teeth or no hair?
  33. Would you rather have a pet tiger or a pet elephant? 
  34. Would you rather eat a whole carton of ice cream or an entire cake by yourself? 
  35. Would you rather never be cold or never be hot? 
  36. Would you rather stay up all night or skip a day of school? 
  37. Would you rather be a cat or a dog? 
  38. Would you rather hold a snake or a tarantula? 
  39. Would you rather play outside or play a video game? 
  40. Would you rather be a firefighter or a police officer? 
  41. Would you rather always feel like you have to sneeze or always have the hiccups? 
  42. Would you rather be the strongest person in the world or the smartest person in the world? 
  43. Would you rather stand up for a full day or sit down for a full day? 
  44. Would you rather have to eat with your feet or walk on your hands? 
  45. Would you rather brush your teeth with mustard or ketchup? 
  46. Would you rather live in a tent or a treehouse? 
  47. Would you rather have the superpower to never get sick or to never get hurt? 
  48. Would you rather have a water balloon fight or a food fight? 
  49. Would you rather be hot or cold? 
  50. Would you rather have no hair at all or hair that is so long that it touches the floor? 
  51. Would you rather go back in time or travel to the future? 
  52. Would you rather be the youngest sibling or the oldest sibling? 
  53. Would you rather ride in a train or in an airplane? 
  54. Would you rather eat vegetables that taste like a dessert or water that tastes like your favorite soda?
  55. Would you rather only be able to see or only be able to hear? 
  56. Would you rather have 100 spiders in your room or have to eat 5 spiders? 
  57. Would you rather drink soapy water or muddy water? 
  58. Would you rather drink spoiled milk or eat a rotten apple? 
  59. Would you rather wear shoes that are too big or too small? 
  60. Would you rather have antennas or a tail? 

Do you have any other awesome would you rather questions for kids? Let us know in the comments so we can add them to our list! 

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  1. This game sounds very interesting and fun. We normally have a family movie night on Friday and Saturday. But I think we will be added this would you rather game into the routine. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We usually have game nights on Saturday but I think this “would you rather” activity would be fun and exciting. It is also a great way to know more about our family members. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. What a great list of ‘Would you rather’ questions. My son is a bit too young for them however they would still be fun for the rest of the family.

  4. This is perfect for my family! We are going on a 15 hour road trip this weekend and will need something to help entertain the kids. They love playing this game.


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