The Ultimate List of Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens

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Never Have I Ever Questions for teens is a great way to get to know your friends! Grab this ultimate list of all kinds of Teen Never Have I Ever Questions.

Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens

If you are looking to have fun with your friends as a teenager then you will want to download this massive list of Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens. Here you will find out all kinds of interesting facts and philosophies of the people you are playing with. Never Have I Ever questions are perfect for sleepovers or get-togethers with friends! If you run out of Never Have I ever questions for teens be sure to download our free 500 Never Have I Ever Questions for kids!

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How to Play Never Have I Ever

The rules of Never Have I Ever are simple.

  1. Sit in a circle with whoever is playing.
  2. Give everyone playing 10 items that they can eat. Candy works best.
  3. Then the oldest person comes up with the first Never Have I Ever question or reads it off the list.
  4. Any player who has done that has to eat one of the things they have.
  5. The person to the right then comes up with the next question or moves down the list. Repeating the same thing.
  6. The person who eats all their objects first wins!

If you don’t have any edible objects on hand you can always have each person playing hold up all 10 fingers and then lower one when they have done something.

200+ Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens

Never have I ever…

  1. Eaten A whole pizza by myself.
  2. Slept in regular clothing.
  3. Cried in public.
  4. Had a nightmare about zombies chasing me.
  5. Been kissed.
  6. Pretended to laugh at a joke I didn’t get.
  7. Sung karaoke.
  8. Been scared of clowns.
  9. Gone skinny dipping.
  10. Faked being sick so I could play video games.
  11. Finished a Sudoku puzzle.
  12. Scored over 100 while bowling.
  13. Said a bad word.
  14. Won a game of Scrabble.
  15. Cheated on a test.
  16. Made a duck face when taking a selfie.
  17. Cried at a Pixar movie.
  18. Looked out the car’s passenger seat window and imagined it was a scene from a music video.
  19. Stolen money from my father’s wallet.
  20. Actually laughed out loud when typing “LOL”.
  21. Been on Facebook.
  22. Pretended I was running from zombies while on a run.
  23. Bet on something.
  24. Sat in the shower.
  25. Smuggled food or candy into a movie theater.
  26. Thought about what type of dog I would be.
  27. Worn a costume to school.
  28. Tried to look at the sun.
  29. Spoken to my crush.
  30. Seen an elephant in real life.
  31. Put candy on pizza.
  32. Had gum in my hair.
  33. Tried to cut my own hair.
  34. Taken a horrible picture on picture day.
  35. Given money to a homeless person.
  36. Had trouble sleeping after watching a scary movie.
  37. Had a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  38. Been to a sleepover.
  39. Seen a dirty magazine.
  40. Killed ants with a magnifying glass.
  41. Had a fake ID.
  42. Watched Blue’s Clues.
  43. Misplaced a valuable possession of mine.
  44. Shaved my legs.
  45. Been terrified of a theme park ride.
  46. Been to Disney World.
  47. Been to a haunted house.
  48. Eaten food that fell on the floor.
  49. Dressed up as a zombie for Halloween.
  50. Traveled by plane.
  51. Done an Easter Egg Hunt.
  52. Sang in the shower.
  53. Built a fort with blankets.
  54. To repeat an action scene in the house.
  55. Played video games all day.
  56. Tried to see how many marshmallows can fit into my mouth.
  57. Been on a family road trip.
  58. Been late to class.
  59. Named a stuffed animal.
  60. Watched an R-rated movie.
  61. Used training wheels.
  62. Lied in this game.
  63. Stayed in character all day.
  64. Dropped my phone in the toilet.
  65. Lied about being related to someone on TV.
  66. Wished something from a meteorite.
  67. Written notes on the desk to use during a test.
  68. Been out of state.
  69. Tried to sign a permission slip for my parents.
  70. Recorded video of myself singing in my room.
  71. Stolen a friend’s story and pretend it happened to me.
  72. Dyed my hair and had it turn out terribly.
  73. Lied about staying after school and went somewhere else.
  74. Laughed so hard that I peed in my pants.
  75. Hopped seats on the school bus.
  76. Practiced kiss my hand.
  77. Forgotten the punchline of a joke
  78. Cut someone in line.
  79. Sent a text to the wrong person.
  80. Sang a Justin Bieber song in the shower.
  81. Tripped in public.
  82. Had a crush on a teacher.
  83. Wet the bed after childhood.
  84. Played Spin the Bottle.
  85. Mistaken a man for a woman or vice versa.
  86. Pretended to be a college student.
  87. Called the wrong person, but pretended I meant to call them.
  88. Hated a present but told someone that I loved it.
  89. Gone into the wrong restroom.
  90. Ridden a skateboard.
  91. Had diarrhea at a friend’s house.
  92. Met someone famous.
  93. Broken a piece of furniture by sitting on it.
  94. Been on stage in front of a crowd.
  95. Had food stuck in my teeth all day.
  96. Watched children’s cartoons I’m too old for.
  97. Walked around with my zipper down.
  98. Counted the number of electric poles from a moving train.
  99. Greeted someone I thought was someone else.
  100. Flown in a plane.
  101. Played on my phone, trying to look like I’m doing something important.
  102. Kissed someone on the bus.
  103. Tried to impress a crush by seeming knowledgeable about things they liked.
  104. Been scared of the dark.
  105. Pretended to text while you secretly take a million selfies.
  106. Forgotten about a friend’s birthday.
  107. Been obsessed with One Direction.
  108. Played poker.
  109. Eaten a carton of ice cream by myself.
  110. Wished to be a superhero.
  111. Eaten something cold because I was too lazy to heat it up.
  112. Believed my toys had feelings.
  113. Dipped french fries into a milkshake.
  114. Tried a banana and mayonnaise sandwich.
  115. Tried pickles with peanut butter.
  116. Chatted with a stranger online.
  117. Stuck gum under a desk.
  118. Tried baby food.
  119. Bragged about something I have not done.
  120. Burnt my mouth willingly because I was too hungry to wait.
  121. Wanted to try out for a TV talent show.
  122. Baby spoon to eat ice cream so it would last longer.
  123. Been behind the wheel of a car.
  124. Eaten a spoon full of frosting.
  125. Flown in a helicopter.
  126. Tried eggs with runny yolks.
  127. Licked a frozen pole.
  128. Snuck out of the house.
  129. Been detained in a class.
  130. Lied to a police officer.
  131. Seen a picture of someone naked.
  132. Been in violation of a school dress code.
  133. Learned how to play a musical instrument.
  134. Drank alcohol in front of my parents.
  135. Seen or felt a ghost.
  136. Toured a brewery.
  137. Peed in a pool.
  138. Passed notes in class.
  139. Had a smartphone.
  140. Asked a friend to let my crush know I liked them.
  141. Challenged an animal to a fight.
  142. Tried to sit next to my crush in class.
  143. Been to a school dance.
  144. Eaten a bug.
  145. Been French kissed.
  146. Been chased by a dog.
  147. Been on a date.
  148. Played Truth or Dare.
  149. Wanted to try out for a TV talent show.
  150. Worn Crocs.
  151. Dated someone in college.
  152. Thrown up on a roller coaster.
  153. Looked at dirty photos online.
  154. Pulled a push door.
  155. Failed a driving test.
  156. Stayed up all night.
  157. Kissed someone under the bleachers.
  158. Spilled pen ink in my pocket.
  159. Regretted sending a Snapchat.
  160. Accidentally dialed someone’s phone number.
  161. Forgotten about a test and studied the period before.
  162. Given someone a black eye.
  163. Asked someone out.
  164. Pretended to be sick so I could miss school.
  165. Gone to a college party.
  166. Done something I thought I would never do.
  167. Gone sky-diving or bungee-jumping.
  168. Made a wish at a fountain.
  169. Had a credit card.
  170. Woken up someone with my snoring.
  171. Worn a padded bra.
  172. Farted while squatting in the gym.
  173. Stolen money from parents.
  174. Pranked my parents.
  175. Been called to the principal’s office.
  176. Used the 5-second rule for food that fell.
  177. Googled something so I’d know how to spell it.
  178. Dropped my phone in the toilet.
  179. Broken a bone playing sports.
  180. Woken up with bruises and not know how they got there.
  181. Dropped Mentos into Coke or Pepsi.
  182. Not cleaned my teeth for over 48 hrs.
  183. Lied to a teacher.
  184. Sang out loud in a friend’s shower.
  185. Tried to pass a silent fart, but it came out loud instead.
  186. Been locked in a room.
  187. Been jealous of my friends.
  188. Dropped a phone on my face.
  189. Refreshed over and over to see if I have any new messages.
  190. Been chased by a cat.
  191. Cried in the school bathroom.
  192. Watched Spongebob Squarepants.
  193. Used the bathroom in complete darkness.
  194. “Cleaned up” by piling everything into a closet.
  195. Embarrassed myself in front of my crush.
  196. Scared myself in a mirror.
  197. Had a bad allergic reaction.
  198. Blamed farts on an animal.
  199. Tried to look like a celebrity.
  200. Secretly wished I was a wizard at Hogwarts.

There you have it! The best Teen Never Have I Ever Questions~ What would you add to the list? Share in the comments!

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