100 Animal Trivia Question for Kids

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You’ll feel like you are out in the wild with these fun trivia questions! You and your family can test your animal-loving skills with 100 Animal Trivia Questions for Kids!

Kids Animal Trivia Questions

I’ve got some seriously competitive kids in my family so we have been loving playing trivia lately! 

We are always itching to see who can get the most answers right, and since we all love animals this list of animal trivia questions is right up our alley. 

Whether you want a game to play for your next family game night or you just need something fun for when you are on the go, animal trivia is the way to go!

Why Trivia is the Best Kids Activity

Trivia is also a total win for moms! 

It can help boost your kids’ memory skills, teach them how to follow simple directions, and encourage cooperation between siblings. 

They’ll be learning without realizing their learning! What could be better than that? 

How to Play Animal Trivia 

You won’t believe how sweet and simple trivia can be, especially with these 100 questions all ready for you!

All you need to do is print out the trivia questions, or you can just read these straight from this post. With the questions in hand, you can either pick someone to be the “host” and read all the questions, or you can take turns reading them. 

Since we love to compete, we always keep track of who gets the most right. Just keep a simple scorecard to see who wins!

You can choose to play in teams or you can play alone. If your kids love these animal trivia questions as much as mine, you can grab some buzzers to keep around for trivia night to make it extra special!

100 Animal Trivia Questions for Kids

Here they are! I’ve got 100 animal trivia questions that your kids will love!

Q. How many legs does an octopus have?

A. 8

Q. What is a group of chickens called?

A. Flock 

Q. How many bones does a shark have?

A. 0

Q. What is the slowest animal in the world?

A. The 3-toed sloth 

Q. How is the largest mammal in the world?

A. Whale 

Q. What is a panda’s favorite food to eat?

A. Bamboo

Q. What animal has the longest lifespan?

A. The Arctic Whale 

Q. What animal has the shortest lifespan?

A. Mayfly 

Q. What is the smallest mammal in the world?

A. Bumblebee Bat 

Q. What is a group of geese called?

A. Gaggle 

Q. How many legs does a caterpillar have?

A. 6 

Q. What is the tallest mammal in the world?

A. Giraffe 

Q. What is a fear of spiders called?

A. Arachnophobia 

Q. What are female elephants called?

A. Cows

Q. What are baby goats called?  

A. Kids

Q. A group of lions is called what?

A. A pride 

Q. How many heart chambers does a cockroach have?

A. 12

Q. What type of bird is considered a symbol of peace?

A. A Dove 

Q. What animal never sleeps?

A. A Bullfrog 

Q. What is a group of hedgehogs called?

A. Pickles 

Q. What animal does not drink water?

A. Kangaroo Rat

Q. What is a group of young pigs called? 

A. A Drift 

Q. What is the fastest animal on Earth? 

A. A Cheetah 

Q. How many legs does a lobster have? 

A. 10

Q. How many noses does a slug have?

A. 4

Q. What is a group of giraffes called?

A. A Tower

Q. What is another name for a guinea pig?

A. A Cavy

Q. What is the only known animal that cannot jump?

A. An elephant

Q. A horn of a rhino is made up of what? 

A. Hair

Q. A dog can hear how many times better than a human?

A. 4 times

Q. What bird only eats bones?

A. Bearded Vulture

Q. What animal has 0 vocal cords?

A. Giraffe

Q. What is the most poisonous type of snake?

A. Inland taipan snake

Q. How many legs does a mosquito have?

A. 6

Q. What animal has eyes bigger than its brain?

A. Ostrich

Q. A bird with webbed feet is called what?

A. Palmipied

Q. How many teeth does a cow have?

A. 30 teeth

Q. What is the smallest reptile in the world?

A. Leaf Chameleon

Q. What is the fastest bird in the world?

A. Peregrine Falcon 

Q. What animal continually grows until it dies?

A. Lobster

Q. What is the world’s most poisonous spider?

A. Brazilian Wandering Spider

Q. How many hearts does an octopus have?

A. 3

Q. What bird has the largest wingspan?

A. Wandering Albatross

Q. What is the United States national bird?

A. The Bald Eagle 

Q. How many compartments does a cow’s stomach have?

A. 4

Q. What is the heaviest type of monkey?

A. The Mandrill  

Q. What is the scientific name for an elephant’s trunk?

A. Proboscis

Q. What are the only two mammals that lay eggs?

A. The Spiny Anteater and Duck Billed Platypus

Q. What is a male swan called? 

A. A Cob

Q. What animal was called “Horse of the River”?

A. Hippopotamus 

Q. What is the largest species of shark in the ocean?

A. Whale Shark 

Q. What is a group of zebras called?

A. A Dazzle 

Q. Which insect has the best eyesight?

A. Dragonfly 

Q. What bird can fly backwards?

A. Hummingbird

Q. What do squids, snails, and oysters have in common?

A. They’re all mollusks 

Q. Which animal has the most powerful bite in the world?

A. Hippopotamus

Q. Which dog has the best sense of smell? 

A. Bloodhound

Q. What one country are lemurs native to?

A. Madagascar

Q. A newborn kangaroo is the size of a…?

A. Lima Bean 

Q. How far away can a wolf smell its prey?

A. Up to 2 miles away

Q. How many years can a snail sleep for?

A. 3 years

Q. How old was the oldest giant panda? 

A. 114 years 

Q. What is a female deer called?

A. Doe 

Q. What is a male turkey called?

A. Tom or Gobbler

Q. What is a rabbit’s favorite food? 

A. Lettuce

Q. A group of buffalo is called what?

A. Obstinacy

Q. Sparrows are a symbol of what?

A. Hope 

Q. Where is the heart of a shrimp located? 

A. The head

Q. How many ants are there for 1 human?

A. 1 million 

Q. How long does an alligator live for?

A. Between 30-50 years

Q. What is a group of owls called? 

A. A parliament 

Q. How many species of fleas are there? 

A. 2000 species

Q. What is the closest living relative of the Hippo?

A. Whale 

Q. How heavy is an ostrich egg?

A. 3 pounds

Q. How long is a giraffe’s tongue?

A. 18 inches 

Q. How many muscles are in an elephant’s trunk?

A. 40,000 muscles 

Q. What color is a polar bear’s skin under their white fur?

A. Black 

Q. What is a group of fish called?

A. A School

Q. Where do dogs sweat?

A. Their paws

Q. What color is a flamingo when it’s born?

A. Grey

Q. How do snakes smell?

A. Using their tongue

Q. What animal holds hands while they sleep in water?

A. Otters

Q. What is the longest recorded flight of a chicken?

A. 13 seconds

Q. How many glasses of milk will a cow give in their lifetime?

A. About 20,000 glasses

Q. How long does it take a hen to produce 1 egg?

A. 24-26 hours

Q. How much honey will one honey bee produce in its lifetime?

A. 1/12 teaspoon

Q. About how long does a pig live for?

A. 15 years

Q. What is the smallest dog breed?

A. Chihuahua

Q. How many dog breeds are there worldwide?

A. 400

Q. How old was the oldest cat to ever live?

A. 34 years old 

Q. Who invented the cat door?

A. Sir Isaac Newton

Q. How do butterflies taste?

A. Using their hind feet

Q. How long can a great white shark go without eating?

A. 3 months

Q. How many flowers does it take for a bee to make 1 tablespoon of honey?

A. 4000 flowers

Q. A hamster’s native habitat is where?

A. Deserts of Asia 

Q. True or False. Hamsters can swim.

A. False 

Q. What animal is the closest living relative to the T-Rex?

A. Chicken

Q. How many different facial expressions does a dog have?

A. 100 expressions

Q. The tallest dog breed is?

A. Irish Wolfhound

Q. What semi-aquatic, egg laying mammal, is native to Australia and Tasmania?

A. The Platypus
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