The Best Trivia Games to Play In-Person or Online

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Searching for the best trivia games to play with your friends and family? This is the ultimate list of Trivia Games to keep kids and adults entertained while learning about all kinds of fun topics!

Trivia games are always fun no matter if you have others to play with or you want to test your own knowledge. We are so excited to share the best trivia games that you can play over zoom, over the phone or in person with your friends, family or strangers! 

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The Ultimate List of Trivia Games

Test your knowledge or build new knowledge  in all different sorts of categories. Trivia games are a fantastic way to pass some time while learning and having fun all at once! Because trivia games are so simple, you can play them in the classroom, on a road trip, at home, or even sitting around the dinner table. 

How Do You Play Trivia Games? 

Start by choosing which trivia game you want to play. Check back to this page often as we are always adding new trivia games to the list. 

You can play in teams, with just two players, or test your own trivia knowledge. Decide if there are any time limits per question or round. Take turns asking the trivia questions to each other, or have a designated question reader. You will get a point for each question you answer right. 

The great thing about trivia games is that they can be super simple (just ask each other questions), or you can make it into a full-blown competition, or anywhere in between. However you play, everyone is sure to have a great time practicing their knowledge in sports, movies, school subjects, and so on! 

How to Improve Your Trivia Skills

Having a healthy curiosity about all kinds of subjects can help your players improve their trivia skills. Just start playing trivia games, even if you don’t know many of the answers yet. As you play, you’ll gain more knowledge to use for future trivia games.  

Don’t Forget to Add Prizes Too!

You can play these games just for fun, but who doesn’t love a good competition? Up the stakes by adding a prize for the winner(s). The prize could be anything – a book of stickers, a yummy dessert, small toys, books, a gift card, etc. Whatever you think will entice the players! 

Benefits of Playing Trivia Games With Your Kids

There are so many benefits to playing trivia games. First of all, it is a great way to test and reinforce their knowledge. Think of a more fun version of flashcards. Trivia also helps increase memory and learn facts about all sorts of topics.

And most important, playing trivia games encourages a love of learning! Y’all can see firsthand that learning can be fun and intriguing!

Fun Trivia Games For Everyone

With so many trivia games to choose from, and more coming all the time, you will be able to enjoy learning more about all different topics.

Middle School Trivia Questions: These Middle School Trivia Questions cure boredom while practicing and reinforcing what your kids are learning at school. Not only that, but they are great to use in the classroom as well. 

Funny Trivia Questions For Kids: Get your kids laughing with this list of Funny Trivia Questions for Kids. There are plenty of silly questions to keep the smiles going and the laughs coming.  

The Best Trivia Questions: This list of the Best Trivia Questions covers a broad range of topics from movies to geography and more. So if you want lots of different categories this is the trivia game you want to grab. 

100 Trivia Questions For Teens: These Trivia Questions For Teens put into practice what they are learning at school, while also throwing in some fun pop culture references and more! Teen trivia is a huge thing kids love! In fact some even test their knowledge over text with their friends. 

Harry Potter Trivia Questions: This list of Harry Potter Trivia Questions is perfect for the Potterheads in your life. Test your knowledge of the wizarding world with this fun game. Do you know the answers to all the Harry Potter trivia questions? Only time will tell!

Sports Trivia Questions For Kids: These Sports Trivia Questions for kids are perfect for testing your kids’ knowledge on the details of various sports including football, basketball, golf, and more. These questions are a bit easy for adults but can totally work for the novice sports fan as well. 

State Trivia Questions: This list of State Trivia Questions are perfect for those interested in geography, history, and other fun facts about the states.  This is another great way to learn about our country on a deeper level. 

National Park Trivia: This National Park Trivia is perfect for your National Park vacation, or for kids who are interested in the details of various National Parks. You might be surprised about our national parks as you learn all about them!

Bible Trivia Questions And Answers: Help your kids to better understand Bible stories with this list of Bible Trivia questions. This game is the perfect Sunday activity. It is perfect to  use in Sunday School classes as well to break the ice or to fill time. 

New Years Trivia Questions: Learn some new facts while waiting for the ball drop at midnight with these New Years Trivia questions. Do you know who sponsored the first ball drop? Play and find out!

Geography Trivia For Kids: This Geography Trivia game includes questions ranging from the states, to other countries, and even the solar system! Grab these for loads of fun.

4th Grade Trivia Questions: This 4th Grade Trivia game, although designed for 4th graders, provides fun for the whole family! The knowledge needed is specific to 4th grade but perfect for kids older to help them remember important facts as well. 

Christmas Trivia for Kids: Get the cousins together and play a round of this Christmas Trivia. Trivia games are easily adaptable to large groups, which is perfect when extended family comes to visit!

Christmas Movie Trivia Questions: Movie trivia games are always a blast, but the Christmas version is extra fun! This list of Christmas Movie Trivia questions is perfect for those cozy evenings at home. It asks questions from all your favorite Christmas movies! 

Baseball Trivia Questions: Dive into your kid’s baseball knowledge with these All-Star Baseball Trivia Questions. Do your kids know what a full count is? Grab these questions and find out?

Animal Trivia Question For Kids: Learn more about animals with this fun Animal Trivia game. It is great for all ages! 

Halloween Trivia Questions: This Halloween Trivia game is perfect to play at your next Halloween party or classroom party! It ensures some spooky fun. 

Football Trivia for Kids: Practice your knowledge of football teams, players, rules and more with this Football Trivia for Kids.

Trivia Questions For Kids: These Trivia Questions For Kids include a variety of topics to quiz your little ones. This trivia game is perfect for the whole family. So grab it for your next game or family get together and get started having fun quizzing one another. 

These trivia games provide fun for all ages, all the while encouraging curiosity and learning!  What trivia games do you want us to make next? Share in the comments and we can try to add it to the list! 

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